Knock Off Decor Inspirations

To create a Knock Off or not?  That is the question!

I can spend hours looking in stores like West Elm, Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Z Gallerie, and many more! I love seeing the new merchandise each season, but I don’t always like the prices. I’m usually thinking…”could I create something similar to that for a fraction of the cost?”

Many times I believe I can recreate the look, but then I have to pose the question, “Is the money saved worth the time spent?” Sometimes it is, and sometimes it is not! Even if you love DIY projects, which I do, we all have lives outside of DIY, so we have to carefully pick and choose what we DIY!

The following are examples of Knock Offs that seem “worth it” to me because they do not take an insane amount of time, and not only are they worth DIYing because of the money saved, but the end result of these Knock Offs are ones that I would love having in my home!

Horchow Window Pane Pillow:
horchow 005 Knock Off Decor Inspirations
Knock Off Version:
horchow 001 Knock Off Decor Inspirations
Twigg Studios

Ballard Designs Drying Rack and then the Knock Off Version:
enhanced buzz 14839 1365442698 9 Knock Off Decor Inspirations
Impatiently Praying for Patience

Pottery Barn Console:
Capture Knock Off Decor Inspirations
Knock Off Version:
IMG 2255 Knock Off Decor Inspirations
East Coast Creative Blog

Restoration Hardware Map:
prod690151 av1 Knock Off Decor Inspirations
Knock Off Version:
decoupage map title Knock Off Decor Inspirations
From Gardners 2 Bergers

West Elm’s Pintuck Duvet:
img81b Knock Off Decor Inspirations
Knock Off Version (made from a $25 sheet):
DIY pintuck duvet Knock Off Decor Inspirations
View Along the Way

Find items in your favorite stores that you feel like you just can’t live without.  Then ask yourself if you could recreate that same look in a reasonable amount of time without completely pulling your hair out!  Sometimes the answer might be “no”, and you should just save up for that item you are dying to have in your home.  But then sometimes if you feel it will be “worth it”, then give it a go!  If it turns out great, you will feel WAY more fulfilled than if you had spent the money for the actual item!

Beware…creating Knock Offs can become addictive!

Have you created a Knock Off that you are proud of? Leave me a comment because I would love to hear about it!

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2 thoughts on “Knock Off Decor Inspirations

  1. Bryn melo

    Awesome diys!!
    I saw a cute pillow in a catalog I HAD to have! It was a white knit cable pillow. So I went to the 2nd hand store and found a white cable knit sweater and cut out a square from the front and the back and sewed up the sides leaving a spot for stuffing and turning. It turned out great!

    1. Traci Post author

      Thank you so much for sharing, Bryn! That sounds awesome. I love the cable knit sweater pillows! That knock off was definitely “worth it”!


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