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Fun Ways to Use Old Ladders

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Fun Ways to Use Old Ladders

There are so many fun and fabulous ways to use old wooden ladders in your home. They can become a work of art and also be extremely functional. You may already own an old ladder, or maybe someone in your family has one they don’t use
anymore. If not, keep a watch at garage sales, flea markets, and antique stores. You could even create your own ladder using bamboo found at craft stores.

I have compiled a list of my favorite ways old wooden ladders are being used. It is on my agenda to find a wooden ladder to use in my home soon. I hope you’ll be inspired to do the same.

Use one in your kitchen to hang pots and pans.


What a unique way to display photos!

Use one on your back porch to hang candles, lanterns, and other décor.

Source: unskinnyboppy

Ladders can be used as a display shelving unit, and then it becomes a work of art and focal point of a room!

Source: diy-enthusiats

Ladders make a fabulous laundry rack for your laundry room.

Make a fun display in your garden.

Source: gardenweb

Use one as a towel rack in your bathroom.

Source; chictoshore

A ladder looks great as a shoe rack for your favorite shoes.

Source: thecoastalview

What a great way to keep your newspapers or magazines tidy!

Source: realsimple

A creative way to display your favorite books.

Source: hethriftymistress

Do you know any other fun and unique ways to use old ladders?

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