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Create space in your garage!

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Do you treat your garage like another room of the house, or is it piled high with things so that you can barely walk through, let alone park your car in it? All too often our garages become a “catch all”, but with a little creative organization a garage can become much more than a “catch-all” space. It can become a highly functional space that you just can’t live without!

Fortunately for me, my husband is an organizational freak! The garage almost acts as his man cave, so he keeps it pretty functional. The biggest key to an organized garage is to hang as much as you can to free up floor space. My husband uses a peg system on one entire wall. It is an inexpensive system that can be found at home improvement stores, and it works really well.

He also has a system to keep things such as fishing poles, ladders, etc. hung overhead using brackets and poles.

Here is a system very similar using PVC piping.

Another thing my husband hangs in the garage is our bicycles with heavy-duty rubber-coated hooks that sell for around $2 each.

Now with these bikes hung overhead, you have to have a pretty strong set of shoulders. I can get the bicycles down, but I have to get him to hang them back up. If you have the wall space, I would recommend hanging them on the wall with these hooks rather than on the ceiling.

I have seen many more awesome solutions to garage organization online, and I would like to share some of my favorites! Once I show my husband these, I’m hoping he will want to implement some of them in our garage as well!

To see details on how each project is done, click the link below it.


Use PVC pipe to organize tools and small paraphernalia too!

Source: Ashbee Design

Source: family Handyman

Use vinyl rain gutters as storage.

Hang the lid of jars to organize screws, nails, and more! These are peanut butter jars, but you could use any jar with a screw-on lid, such as mason jars!

Source: Chez Larsson

Use bungee cords to create ball storage.

Hang recycle bins.


Source: Family Handyman

Do you have any great ideas for garage organization to share?


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