Advantage And Disadvantage of Using a MIG Welder

advantage disadvantage of Mig welder

MIG or GMAW Welding involves an electrical arc welding process that includes the use of a spool of wire fed continuously. This process is used for making a different length of stretches with metals and you don’t need to stop during the process of joining.

Wire feeder is held by the welding machine and a wire electrode goes in at an appropriately set speed level for welding. The welding zone is protected from contamination with the use of inert argon gas. This welding process works well for different materials including nickel, stainless steel, aluminum and more.

A user can handle material of different thickness with MIG welder. Different kinds of MIG welders are available and using one typically depends upon nature of the task. The first step for making the most out of this tool is to select a MIG Welder that you find most appropriate for use.

Benefits related to a particular type of MIG Welder:

As said earlier MIG Welders come in different styles and types and thus it is important to know highlighted benefits of each of the type in order to make out which one suits your requirements best.

Different MIG Welders include:

  • 1-Phase
  • Combination 1 & 3- Phase
  • 3-Phase

1-Phase MIG Welders: They usually have a power 115 or 230 VAC. These welders are usually used in home garages, for art and light fabrication work and for other average level maintenance and repair work. These welders are considered most suitable for simple welding jobs.

1 & 3-Phase MIG Welders: These welders offer increased versatility in comparison to 1 phase. These welders are capable of performing all the functions that a 1 phase welder offer but these can also be used for light construction and fabrication work.

MIG Welder Advantages and Disadvantages:

In order to evaluate pros and cons of this equipment, you should have a clear idea of what you need and what kind of welder would be most suitable for you. A MIG welder offers varied benefits for its users including:


Saves time and give more productivity: More productivity is ensured with the use of MIG welders. Many of the welders do not need you to change rods continuously or chipping away slag. You also would not need to brush the weld constantly that saves time and gives you quicker and cleaner production of welds. With the aid of continuously fed wire, the user would have both his hands free for working. This offers improved speed and gives you good quality welds in shorter turnaround time.

With the aid of continuously fed wire, the user would have both his hands free for working. This offers improved speed and gives you good quality welds in shorter turnaround time.

Easy to operate: You can easily learn how to use a MIG weld? This is one of the benefits of having this tool for welding. It is really simple to operate and once you buy this machine, you can learn to use it within few hours by following your product instruction manual and through basic training that you can get with some trainer or from the internet. Other welders would take a considerate amount of time for learning.

Efficiency of Work:A shielding gas is used with this machine that gives you reduced loss of elements during transfer of metal through arc. It protects arc and there will no slag that you may need to remove with other typical welding jobs. You will find only minimum weld spatter in the process and thus it gives you more efficiency.

Moreover, MIG welders offer improved visibility that makes the welding process even simpler and quicker. You get more control over work with auto feed wire. You can execute a perfect weld with the use of this tool.

Minimal Cleaning Requirement: As there will be only minor spatter so it will take only a breeze to clean up the place. With easy and quick cleanup, you will be back to work with your MIG welder.

MIG Welder can be used for a variety of applications: This tool is really versatile and thus can be used for welding different alloys and metals. You can even operate it in different ways for varied applications such as in full automatic form or semi-automatic form. You can use mig to weld cycle's frame ! To know more about cycling you can visit mountainbikeslab.

A MIG welder can be used for substances like stainless steel, magnesium, copper, aluminum, iron, nickel, other steels and alloys of many of the metals. Many welders use this tool for welding applications at home and even for large scale use in industries.


No doubt the advantages of this tool overweight some of the disadvantages that it carries but here we have mentioned some of those cons:

Expensive: MIG Welders are surely some of the complex equipment and thus they are more costly in comparison to other similar machines.

Portability: Portability has to be compromised if you choose to use a MIG welder for welding jobs.

Not favorable for Outdoors: As mentioned this machine is not really portable so for those welders who will be working outside, this one would not be suitable. These machines use a shielding gas that gives you purity and when used outside.

The wind would prove to be a hindrance with this gas and thus would affect welding quality. So for all the welding work that you need to do in a workshop or garage, a MIG welder would be the most suitable tool.

Not suitable for welders changing positions: Changeability of positioning must be considered before you think to opt for this device as its high input of heat and welding puddle flexibility may give you only limited positions.

So think what positions suits you best in the welding process and consider whether the welder you are buying is suitable for working in that position.

Difficult to deal with thick material: Thin materials are not an issue with MIG welder but for thicker pieces of steel. You may not experience proper penetration of heat for welding through a material with this tool.

Quick Cooling: The metal that you would be welding with a MIG would cool down quickly as it isn’t slag covered so the rate of cooling is higher.

Time for Preparation: Before beginning the process of welding, you need to make sure that the metal is in correct form and that there is no dirt or rust over it in order to get a perfect and safe welding. Moreover, the shielding gas bottle would also need some time for

Moreover, the shielding gas bottle would also need some time for the replacement. This could be an interruption during welding but this down time is important for proper maintenance of your MIG welder.


Now that you have understood all the pros and cons of using a MIG welder, you need to make out if a MIG welder has all the key features that are requirements of your job.

The advantages surely are more considerable than some of the drawbacks of this tool but it typically depends upon individual requirements and preferences of a welder/user.

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