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BAFX 34t5 Scan Tool Review

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BAFX 34t5 Scan Tool Review

Are you having trouble with your car’s Bluetooth scan tool? The BAFX 34t5 Bluetooth Scan Tool is the perfect solution to your problem. Its brand already speaks for itself. It is one of the few scan tools that are compatible with all US car models starting from 1996 and up to the present.

If you are not yet convinced to buy and use this product, it is best to keep on reading and discover all of its awesome features and specifications.

Cost-Efficient, Durable, and Compatible with Most Vehicles

The BAFX 34t5 is not the cheapest scan tool in the market today. However, it can easily be pinpointed to be the quality scan tool with the most reasonable price.

Also, most scan tools available in stores aren’t compatible with J180 and CAN protocols. This limitation gives a lot of users a headache, leading them to go back to the store to buy a BAFX 34t5.

Its cost efficiency, durability, and compatibility with all car models 1996 and up to the present are just some of the many things to prove that it is the best option when looking for a Bluetooth scan tool for your vehicle.

User-Friendly and Specialized

While it is true that functionality and durability are the first considerations to check when buying any item, a product’s user-friendliness is also a major factor. Even first-time users of Bluetooth scan tools won’t have a hard time figuring out how to set it up and use it accordingly. There is no need for any technical background for you to get it up and running in no time.

This item also connects to your smartphone, tablet, or the likes just by using a third-party application. This makes its operation easier than usual. You can even choose specialized third-party apps according to your needs as a user. You can also ask for a recommended app from the customer care of BAFX.

This can help you a lot in your decision-making as they know which app is the best for a certain user, depending on their preference and needs.

With every purchase comes a demo software package for personal computers. While there is no doubt that it is easy to use, this demo software will be a great material for a starter user in figuring out how to use this scan tool properly.

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BAFX 34t5 Bluetooth Scan Tool Specifications

  • It certainly works on any vehicle in the USA, 1996 or newer.
  • It easily reads trouble codes in your diagnostic. You do not have to guess the meaning of these codes as their meaning will also be displayed. Whether the code is manufacturer-specific or general, it will be shown on this Bluetooth adapter.
  • It connects to your smartphone or tablet using a general or specified app.
  • It turns off the Check Engine light.
  • Graph sensor readings
  • It features a great air flow rate.
  • Long fuel trim
  • Short fuel trim

BAFX 34t5 Bluetooth Scan Tool Reviews

Rating BAFX 34t5 based on its overall output and functionality, I will score it 9 out of 10. Most buyers and users have also given it a high rating. This just goes to show that it offers complete satisfaction to most users.

This tool is well-loved by buyers and users because it is among the most affordable, high-quality standalone Bluetooth scan tools out on the market. Its accurate data transfer is really something to look forward to. On top of that, the apps you can connect with are not limited at all.

Things to Improve

While the BAFX 34t5 works on all vehicles 1996 and newer, this item only functions on Android gadgets. However, this is only a minor issue considering that this product is really targeted that way. Aside from this, almost everything is great about this product.


One gets a lot with BAFX 34t5 as it is cost-efficient, durable, functional, and user-friendly at the same time. It is an all-in-one treat for users. It does not work with iOS, but it is one of the best Bluetooth adaptors for those who are Android users.

It is completely compatible with J180 and CAN protocols. It lets you enjoy a lot of features and specifications without robbing your wallet and without needing to buy a new one every after few months. This is definitely built to last. Check out more Bluetooth scan tool reviews here.

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