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Foolproof Guide on How to Balance a Ceiling Fan

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Balance Ceiling Fan

Have you tried having guests in your house and they noticed how your ceiling fan wobbles? Aside from being an eyesore, an unbalanced ceiling fan will eventually damage its motor parts. If you just leave it be, annoying squeaks will soon add to the distraction due to the problems it causes to the bearings of the motor.

A simple problem now becomes a disturbance in the supposed enjoyable and calming ambiance of your living room. Do not let this circumstance disrupt your moments with family and friends. Learn here the easy steps on how to balance a ceiling fan and have an enjoyable moment with everyone without any disrupting sight and sounds.

What are the Causes of Having an Unbalanced Ceiling Fan?

The shaking of your ceiling fan is a clear indication that something is wrong. A noisy ceiling fan could be scary not only because of the unwanted noise it produces but it might also pose the danger of dropping anytime to your head. What exactly causes this?

Check for any Loose Blades.

If your ceiling fan has worked alright since its installation but has become suddenly wobbly, check the blades. This part of the ceiling fan is the usual cause of any noise and wobbling. See if there are any loose blades and unstable connection between the fan body and the rod.

Make Sure that the Fan is Securely Mounted.

The blades and the rod are tight, but your ceiling fan still shakes. This time, check the screws that secure the fan to your ceiling. See to it that all of them are tightly fixed. The long use of the fan may cause the screws to loosen through time.

See if There are Bent Blades.

Are loose blades and bent blades different? Yes, they are. For loose blades, all you need to do is tightening of some screws. But a different course of action is required for bent blades. The solution on how to balance a ceiling fan relies on this.

A bent blade is easy to fix by bending it the other way where it should be. However, most ceiling fans are made of a material that easily breaks. Be careful when you are bending because you might break the blade. When this happens, you will need a new set of blades for your fan.

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What to Do if the Ceiling Wobbles After Installation?

Most ceiling fans become unbalanced after some time since its first day of use. It is a normal part of the daily wear and tear. However, according to Dan’s Fan City, there are also instances where your ceiling fan is obviously unbalanced right after its installation.

How to balance a ceiling fan if it is new? This does not mean that the fan you bought is defective. There are chances though that the blades that come with it have slight discrepancies in their weight. A weight variation in the blades as little as 0.5 grams could already make the fan to wobble.

Do you need to buy a new set of blades when this happens? No. All you need to do is to swap the blades. For a four-blade fan, you may interchange the neighboring blades and test. How do you swap the blades in a five-blade fan? The easiest way to do this is to switch the opposing blades.

How to Use a Balancing Kit to Balance Your Ceiling Fan

What happens if you have tried all the tips above and your ceiling fan still wobbles? It is time for you to use a balancing kit. According to Today’s Homeowners, balancing kits can be bought online or at physical stores that have home solutions.

Videos on how to balance a ceiling fan using a balancing kit are available online. Is it your first time to hear about balancing kits? Check out the video link to see how to use the kit that would solve your wobbly ceiling fan problem.

This video provides you a step-by-step instruction on how to use the balancing kit. All that you would need is a ladder and a balancing kit. Do not worry if you are not familiar in repairing household fixtures because it does not need an expert skill to balance a ceiling fan.

A wobbly ceiling fan may cause fear to the members of your household and guests that come over to visit you. Do not let this problem trouble you as there are various easy means to balance a ceiling fan. You do not even need an expert to deal with this because easy video tutorials and pictures are available to teach you how to exactly fix a shaky fan. What are you waiting for? Try the easy tips that you learned here and stop that fan of yours from shaking.

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