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Best 18650 Battery Reviews & Guide

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Best 18650 Battery

Any battery-operated equipment relies on batteries to function properly. This is why choosing the best set of batteries should be considered as a top priority. The best 18650 battery is used  for a wide range of equipment including toys, gadgets, and—most recently—vaping.

There are different specifications that need to be considered when it comes to choosing the best 18650 battery that you need. The battery’s capacity, continuous discharge, and voltage are key things to take note of when shopping for batteries.

These specs determine the length of your battery life, so you know when you need to replace or recharge it. There are batteries that need to be recharged weekly while there are those that hold their charge for years. There are also disposable batteries that can only be used once and cannot be recharged.

Another important thing to consider is its compatibility with your device. Some batteries are designed with a flat top that are different from standard batteries. These flat top batteries are only compatible with a specific type of equipment.

Because of this, it’s best to check the kind of battery that you need before buying them. There are also nickel–cadmium batteries, which were standard before the 18650 batteries became available in the market. Some devices may still need to run on the nickel-cadmium batteries to operate.

With so many things to consider, choosing the best 18650 battery you need can be difficult and confusing especially if you are not electronically savvy. Fortunately, this article provides leads to the best 18650 battery available in the market today.

Top 5 Best 18650 Battery Reviews

1. WENSILING 4 Pcs Battery 3.7V 3200mAh Batteries

These batteries come with a 3200mAh nominal capacity and a voltage of 3.7V. The 3200mAh capacity and 3.7 voltage in its specification make these batteries compatible when used with high power tools. They also feature a peak discharge of 4000mA that prevents overheating due to overuse. WENSILING comes with a continuous discharge of 20A that is enough to protect the batteries during use. This kind of protection is best to make sure that your batteries lasts longer and are worth its price.

These are rechargeable batteries that are tested to last through lots of charges. Imagine not having to recharge your batteries all the time. Another benefit is not buying a replacement for years. These batteries are made with lower internal resistance compared to other 18650 batteries. Due to this, these batteries are sure to deliver a higher voltage compared to other batteries. If your device is in need of a higher voltage to perform better, these are the batteries you need.

According to many reviews, WENSILING are one of the best ones you can buy in the market today. The High Drain technology ensures a great battery life for your devices. It is compatible with all kinds of devices and equipment that need flat-top batteries to operate. They are made by LG, which is a company respected for their products. Because of its manufacturer, the specifications are well balanced and are well thought of for its consumers.

2. TANUOYI 18650 Battery for 3.7 Volt 3200mAh Flat top Battery

The TANUOYI 18650 battery is one of the best lithium-ion batteries on the market. These batteries carry a 20A maximum continuous discharge which is enough for most devices today. It also holds a milliampere-hour rating of 3200, which means that they can last a long time before needing to be recharged. These batteries are so powerful that they can be charged over and over without losing power.

The best and most unique feature of these TANUOYI 18650 batteries is that they are considered a hybrid. These batteries feature a cross between the safety of the IMR battery and the longevity common in ICR batteries. Compared to other batteries, these were made to have reduced voltage drops when in use. Because of the reduced voltage drop, the output voltage increases, which creates more power. Customers who need batteries for their power tools are sure to get a kick from this product.

Another good thing is that TANUOYI 18650 comes with four batteries instead of the usual two. This means you don’t have to buy two packs if your device needs three batteries to function. Most LG batteries are proven to be high performing and long-lasting. These affordable batteries are compatible with most devices that use flat-top batteries.

3. CBJJ 18650 Battery, 3.7v With 3200mAh

This set of 4 batteries features 2500mAh and a 3.7 voltage, making it a good choice for any kind of tools. These rechargeable batteries are made for standard and rapid charging, which automatically cuts off upon limit. CBJJ 18650 Battery is made with a 20A continuous discharge, which is normal for most batteries out in the market today. This standard continuous discharge assures you that these batteries are not prone to overheating. These safety features are important to consider, especially if you have kids in the house.

These high performing batteries are also made with high drain technology. This means that they can last a very long time for optimal usage. A full charge should last you a day with constant use of a high power device. If you’re on a tight budget, this set is also a steal as it comes in a set of four batteries in each pack. For compatibility, most devices that use flat top batteries can be used with this product.

CBJJ 18650 batteries are manufactured by Samsung. They are one of the leading electronics brands worldwide. Because of this, you can be sure that these batteries were made by professionals to suit your needs.

These batteries are proven to have a very long battery life with minimal use. Compared to other rechargeable batteries, these batteries are also tested to retain its overall power through multiple charges. It was proven that these batteries last about 800 or more cycles. The battery is widely used for LED Flashlight, Headlamps, Doorbells, Toys, RC Cars etc.

4. MUSIBEAUTY 18650 Battery Charger with Rechargeable Battery 3.7V 3400mAh

This is considered as one of the best lithium ion batteries in the market today. It is another hybrid battery by MUSIBEAUTY, batteries are made with the durability of an ICR battery and the safety of an IMR battery.

You can never go wrong with MUSIBEAUTY as it packs a 3400mAh and a 3.7 voltage. The 3400mAh and 3.7 voltage will surely give you the power that you need for any kind of equipment. It has a normal continuous discharge of 20A for safety. However, it was made with a peak limit of 35A for high power usage. These specifications are not seen on any other 18650 batteries and are therefore considered to be the best of its kind.

Not only do MUSIBEAUTY batteries perform well under high power usage, they are also proven to be long lasting. Like most hybrid LG batteries, these are made with reduced voltage drops. This reduced voltage drop delivers more power to the device.

If you are looking for an all-around, high-performing battery, this is what you’ve been looking for. They are also designed to be compatible with most electronic devices and equipment.

MUSIBEAUTY is one of the leading brands when it comes to lithium-ion hybrid batteries. They are known to manufacture quality products that suit the needs of consumers worldwide. These batteries are rechargeable and can last up to 1000 charges. Although it allows for multiple charging, these batteries are made to not lose its overall power over time.

The battery can be used in Power Tool, Fans, Doorbells, Toys, Flashlights, Camera, Headlamps etc.

5. IMREN 2500 3.7V Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

The IMREN 18650 has a capacity of 2500mAh and 35A maximum discharge current, and these batteries are made to perform very well. The 35A discharge current is unique and provides more protection for your batteries. With its 2500mAh capacity and its high-performance specifications, these batteries are best used with high power devices. This includes emergency lights, radio, and other high-powered gadgets.

According to its reviews, these high-performance batteries were also made to hold their charge for quite a long time. It is proven to last a long time, even if you set your device up to its maximum power setting. This means you don’t have to charge or replace your batteries frequently.

Depending on your usage, these batteries may last a week or longer without being charged. This is good for those people who need to use it for any activity that lasts for a few days. The secret is in the wrapping of the battery, which was made for long lasting performance.

As a bonus, this set comes with four rechargeable batteries while most packs come with two. Some devices need 2 to 3 batteries to power them and that should not be a problem with this set. These batteries can be recharged hundreds of times without losing their quality. This is good for devices that need to be powered continuously like a house appliance. They are also compatible with all kinds of equipment and electronic devices that require a flat top battery.

Things to Consider When Buying

There are four major things to consider when you are looking for long lasting batteries to use for your equipment.

  • First is the high capacity of the battery. This is important because it tells you how long your battery life is. The measurement for batteries is milliampere hours or mAh. Knowing the capacity of your battery will identify the number of milliamp available for use and for how long. For example, a 2500mAh battery can give you 2500mA draws in an hour. These numbers are not always 100% accurate, but it will give you an idea on how to compare the capacity of the best 18650 battery for you.
  • The second is the high current rating. It’s best to choose a battery that can safely generate the current that you need. This is to make sure that the battery doesn’t overheat. A good thing to remember is that you should never sacrifice high capacity for high current rating. Most people suggest a higher capacity and an average current rating for the perfect balance.  The best way to compare the current rating of batteries is by using the continuous discharge rating (CDR). This is the standard rating method used to rate a battery’s capability.
  • Next on the list is the high voltage quality when in use. This is simply the amount of current delivered to the coil to create a good amount of vapor. This quality depends on the kind of device the customer uses. There are mechanical users with devices that sends more current to the coil, and there are regular users whose batteries don’t work as much.
  • The last thing you want to check is the cool running temperature of the battery. This can determine the amount of damage that is done to your battery when in use. Just like most battery-operated equipment, if the temperature gets too high, your device might burst. The best battery is those that run at the lowest temperature possible. This way, you can customize your device’s power settings and coils.

The Best 18650 Battery Buying Guide:

What are 18650 Batteries?

Most consumers are not aware of the different size terms when it comes to batteries. Some people are familiar with the A, AA, and AAA sizes that most batteries hold. However, most people do not understand terms like 18650 in battery size terms. Battery manufacturers created the lithium ion 18650 batteries with a size of 18 x 65 mm. There are 18650 batteries that have a letter D at the end that indicates its shape.

Why Everybody Uses 18650 Batteries

  • Multiple Uses

The major problem with other battery types is that their uses are limited. Because of this,  consumers end up buying different kinds of batteries that cost more.  The 18650 batteries started out with far more uses than the old battery types.

With the help of technology, 18650 batteries promise to do more in the fields of communication. Since 2010, most laptops and media devices were already using 18650 batteries. It also works with camcorders, digital cameras, and ebook readers.

  • Longevity

Aside from its cost, consumers want a battery that can give them long lasting use. Compared to other batteries that can power different products, 18650 batteries perform better and can stand for longer periods of time. Because of this, most consumers preferred 18650 batteries as the main battery to use in gadgets used for rescue and emergency.

Electronic devices such as portable radios and flashlights now use 18650 batteries for long lasting power. In addition to this, a researcher from MIT, Yet-Ming Chiang, discovered how to improve the battery’s shelf life and performance.

  • Low Costs

The demand for 18650 batteries goes up as more discoveries of its uses are found. Leading manufacturers all over the world are trying to get their share of the market by producing their own 18650 batteries. Because of the competition, the consumers can enjoy lower prices while having more options to choose from.

  • Density

Compared to the old nickel–cadmium type of batteries, 18650 lithium batteries provide over 2 times the energy density. The energy density is one of the most important parts of a battery when it comes to quality. The higher the density, the better the performance, and 18650 triumphs over other batteries in this part.

Common Attributes

Even though the attributes of 18650 batteries may depend on their manufacturer and model type, these batteries have enough common attributes.

The typical power for 18650 batteries is 3.7 volts while the current is at 2600mAh. There are also many 18650 batteries that are rechargeable. The round shape of the battery was designed to prevent liquid from leaking out in case of overheating. There are also those batteries that come in a set and a charger. These chargers are usually equipped with a system that automatically shuts down when you reach its maximum of 4.2 volts.

The lithium ion 18650 batteries has taken over the market, and its popularity is increasing every day. The battery’s multiple uses and low cost are what attracts customers to buy this product. Because of its popularity, more manufacturers are making these products. This is beneficial as it will only promote lower costs for consumers. The demand of this product will be higher as more uses for the 18650 batteries are discovered.


According to reviews, the best 18650 battery is the LG 18650HE2 High Drain Li-on Rechargeable Batteries. The long-lasting and high-performing qualities of these batteries prove to be reliable to most users. These batteries pack a 2500mAH and a 3.7voltage, which is perfect for most of the tools and equipment used today. The rechargeable feature is not only environmentally friendly but is also budget-friendly for consumers.

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