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Best 6×8 Car Speaker Reviews

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Best 6×8 Car Speaker Reviews

When the time to purchase new 6X8 speakers comes, may it be for an upgrade or replacement, selecting the right one can be quite difficult because of the many brands and models to choose from. Each speaker brand offers something different, but it is important to know that not every model fits every need. Some aim to offer affordable and budget-friendly products, others focus on quality or specialized ones.

Homing in on the right brand or model that would perfectly fit your need is fairly easy as long as proper research and comparison is achieved.  In finding the best 6×8 speakers that would suit your requisites, the internet is the best tool to use.

And to make the search easier for you, we have indicated a list of products that comes highly rated in Amazon reviews. Added to this, we also included a buying guide for you that will certainly help make any purchase much easier.

Best 6×8 Car Speaker Reviews

1. Rockford Fosgate Punch P1683 3-Way Speakers

Rockford Fosgate P1683 Punch 6"x8" 3-Way Coaxial Full Range Speaker - Black (Pair)
  • The Punch P1683 is an impressive 3-way full-range speaker designed for fanatics who need a high quality factory replacement in an easy to install package
  • The P1683 6”x8” 4-Ohm black speakers come as a pair, have a power handling of 65 Watts RMS/130 Watts Max and include mounting hardware and OEM adapter plate
  • Featuring a PEI dome tweeter with built-in crossover and injection molded mineral filled polypropylene cone with butyl rubber surround that provides high output and accurate frequency reproduction
  • FlexFit basket design utilizes slots instead of single screw sized holes that allow for a slight adjustment of the speaker when aligning with OEM mounting holes for a better fit
  • Famous Rockford Fosgate build quality with a full 1-year warranty

First on the list is, the Rockford Fosgate Punch P1683 3-Way Speakers that got a 4.4-Star customer rating in Amazon. Sound fanatics consider it great sounding speaker that is a perfect replacement or upgrade to factory installed speakers. Considered as one of the best 6×8 component speakers available today, the Rockford Fosgate Punch P1683 certainly provides high quality sound.

The P1683 features Rockford Fosgate’s Flex Fit basket technology that ensures compatibility even with odd shaped locations of factory speakers. The Flex Fit basket utilizes easy slots, when feasible, rather than holes with single screw sizes, allowing some slight adjustment options when the speaker is being mounted.

It also utilizes ICC (Integrated Concealed Crossover) that eliminates the need of using any black boxes. ICC also decreases and significantly simplifies installation. This is by concealing the speaker’s passive crossover (capacitor).

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The construction of these P1683 6×8 component speakers compose of Butyl rubber surround material, PEI dome tweeter, a molded cone that is mineral-filled and injected with polypropylene. It is considered to be one of the easiest to install because of the company’s Multi-OEM Adapter option. It features a plate that allows full-range speakers or round components to easily fit OEM openings.

The P1683 is certainly not only considered one of the best 6×8 car speakers available today because it is easy to install. Though it is a major plus for DIY installers, it also offers clear and satisfying bass sounds that significantly increase sound quality in any car entertainment system. The P1683 is perfect for any install, from a simple replacement of busted factory speakers, to major upgrades and setting up competitive systems.

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2. Pioneer TS-A6886R 4-Way Speaker

Next in line is the Pioneer TS-A6886R 4-Way Speaker, it garners an impressive 4.6-Star customer rating average on Amazon. These A-Series 4-way speakers (6X8) have a maximum power of 350 Watts and made with Elastic Polymer Surround (Lightweight) and Mica Matrix Cone (Multilayer). It is considered as one of the top and best 6×8 speakers on the market today by many satisfied owners.

The TS-A6886R 4-Way Speaker is part of Pioneer’s newest generation in their TS-A series lineup that offers higher power handling, better dynamic range and improved bass capabilities, and an all new cosmetic design. These speakers are primarily designed to replace installed factory speakers in vehicles with the goal of improving overall sound quality, thus, resulting in producing an excellent and well worth-it 4-way speaker for any vehicle.

The TS-A6886R 6×8 speaker features Pioneer’s new Multilayer Mica Matrix Cone, a highly rigid structure that results to wider sound dispersion. This leads to deeper bass sounds, and is greatly complimented by a new tweeter that is primarily designed to deliver improved ranges from mid, up to high frequencies. The new tweeters produce optimized sound quality even at higher volumes.

These new technology improvements provide better performance and greatly enhance sound quality. This allows users the capability of playing greater popular music variety that is filled with heavy bass sounds, including dubstep, hip hop, and even alternative rock. And with the TS-A6886R speakers, clarity and deep bass sounds are guaranteed. It is certainly one of best 6×8 speakers for the money and worth

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3. Kenwood KFC-C6865s 2-Way Coaxial Speakers

Getting a 4.5-Star customer rating average,Kenwood KFC-C6865s 2-Way Coaxial speakers are also considered as one of the best sounding 6×8 car speakers available in the market today. It can easily handle maximum power of 250 Watts, 500 Watts per 4-pack, and RMS power of 30 Watts, 60 Watts per 4-pack. The Kenwood KFC-C6865s features 2 inch balance dome tweeters and a PP cone (6×8). Its steel black basket significantly reduces noise cancellation that leads to far superior sound.

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These Kenwood speakers are great for upgrading any factory-installed speakers and promises higher quality sound. Kenwood USA has always been one of the leading developers and manufacturer of such consumer electronics and even communications equipment. And since the company was founded in the U.S. in 1961, there is no doubt that Kenwood USA has Kenwood Corporation Japan’s largest sales subsidiary.

Because of this, consumers and even industry professionals recognize Kenwood’s vast experience and ability of providing the best products. Particularly, when it comes to the best 6×8 car speakers, the company is known in providing high class, good performance, and well valued products.

These Kenwood 6×8 car speakers without a doubt sound way much better compared to old and outdated factory speakers. The Kenwood KFC-C6865s in particular is real value for money and should be part of any top list.

For its price, as many Amazon reviews would state, the sound quality they get is more than they expected. So if improving the overall sound quality of your car is your goal, the Kenwood KFC-C6865s is certainly worth considering.

4. KICKER DS68 2-Way Coaxial Speakers

Last, but not the least is the KICKER DS68 2-Way Coaxial Speakers as it gets an impressive 4.6-Star Amazon customer rating. The Kicker 6×8 car speakers can easily handle 140 Watts power at maximum, and RMS power of 70 watts per pair. These are perfect drop in speakers that would easily fit factory standard locations, a great and easy fitting upgrade for any vehicle.

It features extended voice Coil Technology (EVCT) that provides ultra-clean bass. It also utilizes UV-treated ribbed surround material for more precise linear excursion added with optimum sound. And for outstanding definition, balanced-dome tweeters are also present.

These KICKER DS68 6×8 component speakers are primarily designed and built for high performance and reliability. The balanced-dome tweeter provides amazing and realistic detail even at intense frequencies. The polypropylene woofer’s surround foam assures that car vibration will not affect sound quality. And because it only has 90dB sensitivity, it provides lots of sound without the need for too much power.

Many Amazon customer reviews state, that the bass response of these 6 x 8 car speakers are very impressive. Perfect for upgrading factory speakers, the high fidelity sound it gives, is amazing. It really shines in both, mid-range and high-range frequencies, giving superb music detail only expected from more expensive speakers today.

It is not surprising that the KICKER DS68 is considered by many as the best 6×8 speakers on the market today. It is a great product from Kicker, it does not only provide great sound, but are also reasonably priced.

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5. Infinity KAPPA 300W Two Way Car Audio

Next is the Infinity KAPPA 300W Two Way Car Audio that also gets an impressive 4.4-Star Amazon customer rating average. When it comes to high-fidelity speakers that deliver great sound, this speaker is considered as one of the best 6×8 car speakers being offered in the market today.

Measuring at 6”x8” / 5”x7” these two-way coaxial 6×8 car speakers easily fits in common factory speaker locations in most vehicles. It features Infinity’s iCGM (Injected Carbon Glass Matrix) frames and the company’s patented Plus One formed-glass-fiber woofer cones, to complete the mix, a 3/4-inch UniPivot™ tweeter that is coaxially mounted. It is driven by a prime soft-dome edge with a fabric diaphragm. This leads to more power handling plus a wider range of high-frequency dispersion.

Adding to this, the Infinity KAPPA 300W also features high-grade polypropylene low-hysteresis capacitors plus air-core low-loss inductors. This premium speaker is engineered not only to fit flawlessly factory spots, but also delivers incredible musical detail. As many contented Amazon states in reviews, this 6×8 speaker is the way to go if one aims to achieve a great in-car sound experience.

The Infinity KAPPA 300W Two Way Car Audio is perfect for any install, from simple systems that are only powered with a head-unit that uses factory amplifier power. It can also handle aftermarket amplifiers used in full competitive setups.

Its great power-handling capabilities increase reliability of the speaker. This is why Infinity’s Kappa Series speakers are considered by many as one of the best 6×8 speakers in the market today, because it can withstand environmental extremes it can encounter.

6×8 Car Speaker Buying Guide

The current best 6×8 car speakers available have been discussed already, but the  quest for the greatest that will best fit your needs is far from over. There are actually several things needed to be considered before purchase. Here are some common information and terminology that can help in your search.

  • Power Handling – Manufacturer provide power handling measurements to rate the maximum power the speaker can manage. This is essential for proper operation. It is provided in two measurements, Peak or MAX and RMS, RMS rating is the total amount of continuous power that is controlled by the speaker. The Peak or MAX rating is the maximum power amount it can carry when it comes in short bursts. In comparing speakers, the more relevant rating to consider is the speaker’s RMS Power.
  • Sensitivity – The sensitivity rating of the speaker is the total amount of sound emitted by the speaker from its power source. The higher level the sensitivity is the more efficient power is given. For low powered systems, a high sensitivity rating is advisable. For higher powered systems, lower sensitivity rating would work best. Lower sensitivity speakers can handle higher power supply.
  • Frequency Range – The frequency range of the speaker are the frequencies of emitted sound that are measured in Hz. They are normally given from low to high frequency. As an example: 20 to 22,000 or 22k Hz. This is a measurement that will show how low and how high the sound it can actually emit.

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Advantages of Coaxial Speaker Use

In-car stereo systems are essential in making any drive more comfortable and less boring. Some even consider it a status symbol, shedding much cash to achieve clear and crisp sound. Some go for heart jumping explosive bass sound that can easily rock the whole neighborhood. Sadly, there is only so much you can cram in the small interior space of any vehicle. And as the saying goes: the more the merrier.

Opting to install the best 6×8 coaxial speakers not only promises premium sound, but a lot more working space. Component setups need separate enclosures that would take up more plots, a separate space to worry about the subwoofer for bass, a door panel for midrange speakers, and a corner for tweeters in order to achieve high quality and complete sound. Normally this would work on open areas, but not in the interiors of a vehicle.

Overall Woofer Construction

Wear and tear will certainly affect the speaker’s performance, the older and used it gets and with the humidity, cracks and breakage can occur. The speaker’s rubber cone surrounding typically would last long as long as high performing materials were utilized. Foam and cloth materials are often used on cheaper component speakers, providing lower performance and of course shorter life spans.

After understanding the terminologies used in selecting the best 6×8 car speakers, it is also essential to consider the materials fastened in its construction. This will significantly affect the product’s reliability and quality.

Not only on the quality of the sound it produces, but also how rigid it would be. Aside from the stress it encounters from a moving vehicle, the constant use, especially on loud volumes. Here are common bits and pieces used that helps assure of purchasing a long lasting speaker.

  • Woofer Material – The speaker’s woofer determines its overall responsiveness, and the quality of the said speaker. The stiffer the construction and lighter it is, that would highly depend on the material that is used, the better the speaker would perform. Commonly, Polypropylene is used for the speaker cone, and some use woven fabrics like Kevlar. Higher end speakers at times use titanium and Aluminum.
  • Woofer Surrounding Material – The woofer surrounding is also an essential aspect to consider when it comes to the speaker system’s overall sound effect as well. It is crucial to select speakers that utilize lightweight, durable, and unobstructed moving materials to allow it to move without the need of too much energy. Materials used are essential to assure long lasting use without the fear of losing performance in the long run.

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Design Aspect

In setting up any in-car sound system, aside from considering the technical capabilities of the speakers to be used, the design and overall aesthetics of the product is very important. Some may prefer to place such speakers wherein it is hidden and out of plain sight, but some prefer to show it off and display what they got.

This is where the design aspect comes in, making sure that the speakers blend well with the vehicle’s interior design, or if it highlights the overall aesthetic design of the system is important. Fortunately, most of the best 6×8 car speakers available in the market today not only offer superb sound quality, but also beautiful and cool designs that would match any taste.

From different color cones, tweeter casings, and speaker grills, some even have different color illumination, finding not only the best performing, but also the best fitting and best looking speaker is a breeze.


In summary, the featured best 6×8 speakers in this review do have their own individual features that boast impressive designs, technologies, and of course construction. This is why it is crucial that before any purchase, in order to cite the advantages and disadvantages of any product, proper research and comparison should be achieved. It is necessary to remember that the product’s price is not the only thing to consider, as there are many important factors that would make it perfect.

All those previously cited do demonstrate amazing features attested by many Amazon consumers. The above-mentioned products won’t be considered by many as the best 6×8 car speakers available today if it doesn’t promise efficiency, durability, and maximum performance.

These speakers provide the best sound quality, perfect for every car enthusiast. All in all, the best 6×8 speakers for the money were listed above, and choosing from these options will take you a step further in achieving the best in-car sound experience you are searching for.

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