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Best Wood Splitting Axe Reviews

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Best Wood Splitting Axe Reviews

The best axe for splitting wood should always be sharp, because obviously, sharp things tend to cut better. In order for an axe to efficiently cut wood, the area to be cut should be selected at the very beginning. A wood splitting axe is very rampant in cutting tree trunks, which is geared towards many reasons, ranging from paper production to furniture-making, and so on.

Going through, you will learn about the wood axe reviews as well as the splitting maul reviews that will help narrow down your choices later on. Below are the best wood splitting axe, which have been rated by customers on Amazon, comprehensively explaining each item’s feature and why you should buy them.

Best Axe Reviews

1. Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe, 36-Inch

Garnering an average rating of 5-Stars is the Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe, 36-Inch. This is considered by many owners as the best splitting axe because of its one-strike split design, allowing optimal efficiency. It is perfect for taller users who can split medium up to large logs.

The Fiskars X27 boasts a perfected balance design, including a weight-to-power ratio for an increased swing speed, while multiplying power like that of a baseball bat. This splitting axe also features a patented DuraFrame handle, which is shock-absorbing and lightweight, but still stronger than steel that tends to avoid overstrike damage. It includes a sheath that helps in protecting the user and the blade at the same time.

As part of the X-Series, the Fiskars X27 is an axe that chops wood three times deeper, while splitting wood in a more powerful manner. It can deliver more power at every impact due to its smart design, which distributes most of the weight towards the head of the axe. Thus, this wood chopping axe can get more things done in every swing.

Boasting a premium blade design, the Fiskars X27 is also created with a proprietary grinding method, offering a sharper edge that results in cleaner cuts and better contact simultaneously. The hardened steel blades tend to stay sharp longer, compared to the traditional axes. The blade has a low-friction coating that significantly helps throughout every task.

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This axe for splitting wood also features a superior bevel convex blade, which adds more power, while dispersing wood from the blade, thereby, results in cleaner and one-strike splits. The Fiskars X27 is virtually unbreakable due to its FiberComp handle, which has been designed to be lightweight, yet shock-absorbing.

For the blade to be always secured with the handle, this chopping wood axe features a PermaHead design. It means that the steel blade will never crack or chip. Read our detailed Fiskars X27 Review.

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2. Husqvarna 576926201 Curved Handle Multipurpose Axe

The Husqvarna 576926201 26 Inches Curved Handle Multipurpose Axe is one of the best axes in the world, garnering an average rating of 4.5-Stars on Amazon. It is a production under Hults Bruks, a renowned maker of the finest and the oldest axes in the world. However, it kept the cost down through this model, leaving the axe’s edges rough.

Based on splitting axe reviews, the Husqvarna 576926201 is nicely aligned, while its grain direction is perfectly done. The stiffness of the grain is above average, although its linseed oil finish might require sanding down. Nonetheless, the Swedish steel is always there on the thin blade, making it ideal for felling small trees, limbing, and making kindling.

Users also reveal that the Husqvarna 576926201 is the best wood axe for camping, considering its bargain price. Hence, it is incomparable to traditional axes out there, while surpassing other brands that cost more. This is the best axe for chopping wood with a stylish look and certainly a high-class variety.

It has an added length with a lightweight head, simply a good bite on splitting wood. The sheath is better than others. This axe doubles up to performing most of a traditional axe’s functions, thus, it is an adaptable tool for different functions.

Aside from its comfortable weight and great value, the Husqvarna 576926201 is perfect for light to medium woodworks. All in all, this Swedish-bladed axe is the best wood cutting axe preferred by many carpenters and axe lovers.

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3. Estwing E45A Campers Axe Metal Handle

The Estwing E45A Campers Axe Metal Handle is one of the best axe brands. With a 4.5-Star average rating, this axe is perfect for camping, farm use, hunting, and other purposes. It features a steel head, making it a very reliable log splitting axe.

Its molded and bonded Shock Reduction Grip can reduce shock for up to 70%, hence, it is never coming off. This is what Estwing hammers claim throughout their products. Moreover, the axe’s 4-inch cutting edge can make deeper and faster cuts, plus easier chopping.

It also features a printed leather sheath, making it stand out from its rivals. While the Estwing E45A is ideal for camping, it does not sacrifice its toughness when it comes to chopping and cutting small and medium-sized branches and wood. This ax for splitting wood has a unique design that protects the user’s eyes from flying dust and particles, although wearing goggles is always a precautionary measure.

With an overall length of 26 inches and weight of 4.3 pounds, this is the best splitting maul for long-time owners. Through the years, this tool has performed different jobs, including the trimming of trees, felling, notching timbers, driving plastic and wooden stakes, as well as for splitting wood.

This is the best axe for many, considering its one-piece, forged and solid steel construction, eliminating loose heads. For added comfort and durability, the manufacturer provided a nylon vinyl deep-cushioned grip bonded to the steel handle.

Certainly, Estwing has protected its reputation as a trusted provider of high-quality, durable, and attractive axes for splitting wood, ensuring acceptable standards and true value for both the craftsmen and the tradesmen.

4. Estwing E3-FF4 Splitting Axe, 14-Inch

When it comes to the top-rated and best log splitting axe, the Estwing E3-FF4 Splitting Axe tops the list. It receives an average rating of 5-Stars on Amazon as this tool offers power and leverage for a very easy wood splitting task. Similar to its brother, it also features a nylon vinyl grip that significantly reduces shock.

This is the best wood splitting maul, considering its unmatched strong and steel construction. It has a cutting edge, measuring at 2-3/8 inches, making it perfect for various purposes and jobs. Its blade is very sharp, and it angles out wide. Among the best axes for splitting wood, the Estwing E3-FF4 boasts round back similar to that of a sledgehammer. This makes splitting wood easy, even woods with large diameters.

Its balanced design allows the maximum strength of the blade that goes into the wood. While this tool can be used for many other purposes, its blade shape, shortness, and weight are especially geared towards splitting axe vs maul. Nonetheless, a regular hatchet or axe is not as efficient as the Estwing E3-FF4, specifically functioning as a firewood axe. Hence, it usually stays at home, near the fireplace because it is your fireside best friend.

Over and above, this axe can get jobs done, eliminating laborious tasks that are painful to the elbow. It weighs only at 4 pounds, making it a one-hand tool in chopping small and medium woods without the sledge and wedge issues. There is no guesswork too, as the Estwing E3-FF4 is the best wood chopping axe because it is simply solid and very sharp.

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5. TEKTON 3284 20-Ounce 14-Inch Fiberglass Camp Axe

Among the selling points of the TEKTON 3284 20-Ounce 14-Inch Fiberglass Camp Axe is its heat-treated steel head that also features a fully-polished finish. It garners an average rating of 4.5-Stars on Amazon due to its optimum durability, which is attributed to the 50 percent fiberglass handle core.

This is the best ax for splitting wood because of its rugged poly jacket that protects its handle from unwanted impact damage, thus, also providing a soft and non-slip rubber handle. It has an overall length of 14 inches, surely a compact and lightweight design.

This is a very good axe for hiking, camping, and many other outdoor adventures. Its weatherproof fiberglass handle will never crack or shrink. The grip has an ergonomic shape, keeping the axe in the right hand placement, while preventing injuries and strains. It is a multi-purpose axe that can chop small branches and trees easily and can also drive tent stakes.

According to log splitting axe reviews, the TEKTON 3284 Fiberglass Camp Axe is very well-weighted, along with a good balance, just perfect for its jobs. While the handle looks very durable, the edge needs a moderately quick sharpening, maximizing its purpose until it can cut some tree roots.

Many owners are happy with the durability and overall balance of the TEKTON 3284, meeting and surpassing their expectations. The very strong handle is also loved by most users. Overall, the TEKTON 3284 Axe is one of the most sturdy and reliable wood splitting axes today.

Axe Buying Guide

After discussing the list of highly recommended wood chopping ax, it is now time to go deeper into these top rated wood splitters. Every factor below is crucial if you really want to get the best deal out these tools.


The three major purposes of the best axe include shaping, cutting, and splitting. Therefore, it is very important that you identify the main purpose, before purchasing one, while ensuring that you will get the most suitable axe on the market.


The profile of the axe tends to determine its main function, whether it is a splitting or a cutting axe. The thinness of the blade is equivalent to the maximum power on a low-surfaced area and what the blade cuts across. Thin-bladed axes tend to be perfect for cutting and less good when it comes to splitting. This will also slide in between the wood fiber with a very minimal interruption.

The best axe for cutting wood, on the other hand, is determined on how broad the angle is, having a wedge-like stroke, while forcing the log apart. A cutting axe expends its energy that causes a deep split, which also force the grain apart. Therefore, a wider profile is perfect for splitting, while a narrower profile is best for cutting.

Meanwhile, a shaping axe has a bit shape, having a pronounced curve, which results in a small part that will make contact to the wood. Bit shape axes are very good in wood penetration, either across or with the grain. A rounded bit is known to be more versatile, hence, ideal for general wood purposes.

Head Types

After considering the head shape, it is now time to talk about the head types. Basically, there are two major considerations to keep in mind – the single bit and the double bit.

  • Single BitThe best axe with a single bit type of head is the most common, offering some advantages over its counterpart. It has a design that puts all the torque behind the single bit it possesses. In some axes, the poll is toughened, which can also be used to hammer things. Single bit can be batoned, yet, when combined with wedges of hard wood, even a small ax can split a whole hardwood tree as long as it is in the hands of an experienced user.
  • Double Bit – Double bit axes also provides some benefits over the single bit. Generally, it is symmetrical around a center line, offering balance that is not found in its counterpart. While it can also be batoned, its two blades are ground differently, resulting in a cutting and splitting profile. Thus, the double bit offers an enormous degree of versatility, packed in a single, powerful tool.


Again, keep in mind that each length of an axe is equivalent to a certain purpose, especially when combined with the different head types and shaping parts. Below are some of the choices when it comes to the lengths of best axes for chopping wood, splitting, or shaping.

  • Pocket – Typically, pocket axes are underrated with an ideal size of 12 inches in length. This size of axe can split a 6-inch log with just one hand. Among the advantages of pocket axes is their integrated metal cover, which covers the bit and folds away into its handle. It fits in pockets, making it perfect for light stroll through the woods.
  • Hatchet – A hatchet normally measures at 18 inches and weighs at 1 1/2 pounds. It is perhaps the best loved and most versatile wood splitting ax. It offers the best length for a one-hand use.
  • Limbing – The limbing ax measures at 24 inches and weighs at 2 pounds. This axe has evolved for a certain purpose as it stands on one side of a trunk of a tree, while cutting the limbs on the other. Its profile is mainly for cutting. A quite one-handed ax, its length makes it versatile for general use because it is light enough and long enough for one-hand and two-hand use respectively.
  • Felling – Also referred to as the working ax, felling ax measures at 36 inches and weighs between 3 and 4 pounds. It is considered as a full-sized and a double bit axe. It is balanced beautifully with a broad profile bit.
  • Maul – Also called by many as best log splitting maul, the maul or splitting ax measures at 40 inches and can weigh up to 8 pounds. This is the heaviest of all the axes with usually a big sledge hammer design, ideal for splitting wood rounds, but seldom used for cutting purposes.

Haft Materials

The materials used in the haft of an axe only range between the metal, wood, or GRP. Hence, each material has an advantage over the other.

  • Wood – The wood is very simple, compared to the metal and GRP. When used in an axe as the haft material, it works as a shock-absorber. The main advantage of a wood haft is that it can be replaced once it is damaged. However, it can be damaged more easily compared to metal and GRP.
  • GRP – Known as the Glass Reinforced Plastic, GRP is more robust than the wood. But, it is also subject to chemical damages when not stored or maintained properly. It can be light as the wood haft, but could never be replaced.
  • Metal – Having a metal haft could be very heavy for heavy-duty and long axe. When bent, there is no replacement for a metal haft. Thus, many people do not prefer a hollow metal haft in cheap axes for chopping wood, instead they for the solid bar or the forged steel metal.

Axe Selection

When selecting the best splitting axes or the best chopping axe, there is a whole lot more to consider. Keep in mind every factor below, before making your purchase.

  • Size – Size is a very important factor that you should consider when choosing an ax. As a general rule, the size should match your arm. Try to grasp the axe head, bit forward, and then try tucking it into your armpit. Ensure that the toe of the haft must sit inside your armpit comfortably.
  • Head Alignment – The head alignment with the haft can improve the ax’s efficiency. However, this factor varies in models and makes. Try holding the head and sight down the bit, ensuring a perfect alignment along the haft ad pointing to the haft toe.
  • Balance – Balance is among the selling points of a wood ax for many avid users. The ax must balance in perfect level from the head towards the haft toe. The poll and the bit must not touch your hand. Hence, this will give you balance that you will enjoy while using the axe.
  • Haft Grain – The best ax for chopping wood and the best splitting ax must have the grain that runs straight from the haft toe towards the neck, while the haft shoulder towards the haft heel.

More Pointers

Always bear in mind that you’re using the proper ax for a certain job. It will be hard to remove the wood chips between the V cuts if you’re using an ax that is very small for a specific tree size that you’re cutting.

While your ax is sharp enough but glances off the wood, then the ax might have too broad of a grind. Remember that a wide-profile ax is perfect for splitting with a difficult time biting into the wood.

Finally, apply the same geometry to carving. Approaching the wood at a very steep angle is done very often, and once the axe is dull, it will only glance off, instead of cutting into the wood.


In a nutshell, an axe is an essential tool for all homeowners, especially for outdoor enthusiasts. Having the best axe in the world means you’re always ready for chopping some firewood, making kindling during camping, or clearing trail brush on the pathway, and all the other upcoming wood chopping projects.

A cheap ax can still be of good value, but not all the time. The same is true with any other hand tools. Thus, a careful selection is necessary, specifically with the head and the handle qualities. Nonetheless, you have to pick a design for a specific use. High quality axe will cut well, hold its edge, and last for several years.

All in all, reading about wood axe reviews and ratings will greatly help you narrow down the choices, helping you save time and helping you arrive at the best one possible. Gather as much insight as you can, ranging from customer reviews to product descriptions in order to get the most reliable and high quality axe for home use, camping, wood chopping, and other outdoor adventures.

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