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Best Blow Off Valve Reviews

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Best Blow Off Valve

A blow off valve, referred to as BOV, basically gives a car the ‘whoosh noise’ and the main device is responsible for releasing high-pressure air once the driver stops throttling. This device is also accountable for the prevention of ‘surge loading’ of the engine and turbocharger.

Today, blow off valves are used in many applications and are not only limited to racing cars. It is mainly because this automotive device helps in the improvement of a vehicle’s overall performance while increasing the life span of the turbocharger at the same time.

Having the best blow off valve also saves more money in the future, considering the costly repair works. The best brand will surely hold higher boost levels and improve the throttle response compared to ordinary BOVs.

With that said, this buyers’ guideline will give you no less than the best blow-off valve models on the market. Included in this article is more information pertaining to the overall functions, benefits, types of BOVs, and more.

1. Turbosmart TS02231063 Bov

The first item on the list is the Turbosmart TS02231063 Bov. This turbo blow off valve features dual-port valves that result in a high performance like no other. It has original manufacturer equipment (OEM) fitment that also offers unmatched affordability and versatility.

It is everything that you need in a blow out valve, as the dual-ports tend to vent into the air intake and the atmosphere. This design tends to reduce turbo lag as well as eliminate cavitations. The Turbosmart has been designed for a bolt-on substitute to factory units.

This specific model makes use of sequential timing, allowing for quieter operation in normal driving situations. However, it is still highly capable of delivering unmatched advantages of a vent-to-atmosphere BOV type under race conditions. It also allows for easy conversion into a full bypass or full atmospheric unit through the port blanking plug included in the kit.

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This turbo bypass valve boasts a fixed 50-50 vented valve, making it perfect not only for KKK, EFR, and BorgWarner turbots, but also for other famous Ford Ecoboost engines. Compared to ordinary and plastic valves, the Turbosmart does not make use of unreinforced diaphragms because such materials are prone to cracking under circumstances of an increased boost.

Instead, this model makes use of O-ring-sealed piston with billet aluminum construction for optimum boost handling capacity. All in all, the Turbosmart TS-0203-1061 is a reliable and effective turbo valve that also creates a wonderful sound after hitting the throttle.

2. Go Fast Bits DV+ T9356 Diverter

Next up is the Go Fast Bits DV+ T9356 could be the best blow off valve on the market today It has been engineered specifically for the improvement of the vehicle’s throttle response.

The TMS in the GFB Respons valve stands for the Turbo Management System, which pertains to the diverter valves with special features geared towards the reduction of turbo lag. TMS has been proven effective in bringing an engine to its peak performance with 30% faster efficiency than factory diverter valves during gear shifting.

Besides the TMS benefits, the GFB Respons valve is also equipped with patented venting bias system, which is adjustable and usually found on the Stealth FX. Hence, this exclusive system allows for capacities not found in ordinary BOVs. It allows the amount of vented air to recircle or the atmosphere to be considerably varied to adjust the venting sound similar to a stereo volume dial.

The GFB Respons blow off valve is the perfect choice for those who want noise, alongside their performance. This device also allows you to fine-tune the venting ratio so as to achieve a blow off valve sound without using much fuel, running rich, stalling, throwing a cell, or causing any damage related to atom-venting valves.

This model is also available in a wide array of universal hose-mount and direct bolt-on configurations, especially for popular models. All in all, the GFB BOV offers advanced TMS benefits that are absent in other brands, while features a spring pre-load adjustment that allows for maximum response.

3. HKS 71008-AF013V Super SQV4 Kit

Meanwhile, the  HKS 71008-AF013V valve kit makes use of an exclusive sequential valve structure, plus a pressure control system, which results in a wide operating range, whether low or high boost.

This HKS blow-off valve also features a pull-type relief structure, ensuring a stable operation, regardless of the boost pressure amount. This model is highly capable of supporting new generations of turbochargers and turbocharged vehicles.

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Certainly, the HKS 71008-AF013V is among the top choices of sport compact drivers when it comes to modifications. It is capable of outperforming OEM units, making it a dependable valve, while producing a unique chirping sound. This may not be the latest model from HKS, but surely serves its purpose for over 20 years now.

The HKS 71008-AF013V comes in a universal unit, alongside accessories like a pair of vacuum T’s, vacuum line filter, zip-ties, and a c-clip. Reviews of top performance blow off valve products indicate that this HKS model is authentic, although a separate purchase of a plug and flange is necessary.

Many actual users of this BOV are always happy with the great and loud turbo blow off valve sound that they get every time they hit the throttle. It is indeed, an excellent product that satisfies customers 100% and among the BOVs that require a quick and easy installation process.

4. GReddy 11900442 Blow Off Valve

GReddy 11900442 is the new generation of BOVs from GReddy. The Type FV is the updated series of universal BOVs from the brand, boasting an exclusive ‘Floating Valve’ design, like no other.

This FV design also combines a revised and adjustable dual-spring structure, but still retains the benefits of the push valve structure as well as the silicone diaphragm control from the previous model. The overall improved design of this blow off valve makes the spring pre-load setting less likely to be dependent on the idle.

Under all conditions, the enhanced design also provides better response, more air-flow, increased valve travel, and added resistance towards premature valve lift. The GReddy 11900442 still adopts the previous GReddy RS and RZ models’ mounting, outlet size, and position; thereby retro-fitting onto the current or existing application is always possible. While the flanges are not included in this kit, keep in mind that all BOVs from GReddy are compatible with the standard GReddy BOV flanges.

Based on several reviews, the blow off valve installation of this product is flawless, unlike other brands that require several alterations and modifications. Also, this BOV offers a quick, increased throttle response compared to ordinary BOVs. On top of these benefits, the GReddy is capable of producing a crisp sound without any compressor surge. In a nutshell, this BOV offers high quality and dependability at a reasonable price tag.

5. GFB Diverter Valve

Finally, the GFB Diverter Valve receives a 4.9-star rating from its customers. It is among the top blow off valves that allows for the simplest installation, allowing you to replace what does not work while keeping this solution for the longest time.

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The GFB Diverter makes use of a factory-solenoid coil that results in seamless integration, unlike other brands that require endless alterations. The overall design intends to replace the plastic valve parts into metal for optimal durability, plus strength on chipped engines.

The GFB Diverter also makes use of the TMS, hence, providing the same benefits as the GFB Respons model. It is a direct-fit replacement item with a unique ‘pilot-actuated’ valve structure for a more rapid response, regardless of the high boost. This BOV valve solves the issues on weak valve mechanism through its anodized billet aluminum housing, which is fitted with a machined brass piston to exact tolerances.

Thus, the use of this product results in sharper throttle response, including rapid valve actuation. The GFB Diverter Valve also solves the problems related to the traditional pneumatic valves that require long vacuum hose runs, different solenoid valves, additional parts, ballast resistors, OE wiring loom, and others, which result in a slower effect, lesser response, more expense, and longer installation.

The GFB Diverter Valve is very easy to install, less expensive, while improving performances without compromises. This blow off valve turbo never causes turbo flutter or compressor surge, and does not require frequent re-builds or different springs. Hence, it is a highly recommended product, based on several customer reviews.

Blow Off Valve Buying Guide

After discussing the best BOV valves, it is now time to go further into detail. This section of the article will help you better understand the whole nature or characteristics of BOVs, including the common uses and benefits, surrounding this subject matter.

Included in this section are the types of BOVs, including BPVs or bypass valves. In this manner, you will have a broader knowledge about this automotive device, while helping you narrow down the available choices in the market. Eventually, you will make an informed decision throughout your choice and purchase.

BOV Function

So, the main question here is: what does a blow off valve do? Well, the main function of this device is to release pressure from any intake tract of turbocharged vehicles once the throttle closes. This valve has a vacuum-actuated design, which releases the air into the atmosphere.

BOV Purpose

The blow off valve purpose is attributed to the prevention of what is called ‘compressor surge’, which is caused by the absence of such device. Once the throttle closes, the intake system is surely under pressure, whereas, the high pressure that enters the motor will hit the closed throttle plate. This activity results in a pressure wave, traveling back towards the turbocharger.

The compressor wheel pauses, which are equivalent to the compressor surge phenomenon, slowing down very quickly; thereby, the bearings, will have difficulties handling such activity. And so, the life span of the turbocharger decreases, causing it to spin longer the next time that the throttle is opened.

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BOV Fitment

What is a blow off valve fitment? Primarily, the answer largely depends on your vehicle. BOVs are typically used on vehicles with turbochargers or turbocharged engines, not just the ordinary models, but mostly the racing cars. The wide selections of aftermarket BOVs are ideal to use up to a boost of 20PSI. For applications that make use of higher boost levels, the aftermarket BOVs are great choices.

BOV Types

There are also different types of blow off valves that are offered in the market. As a buyer, you can choose between three basic types. However, keep in mind that manufacturers of this device make use of different methods throughout their designs and production.

  • Aftermarket BOV – The aftermarket BOV has similar functions as the OEM BOVs, wherein 100% of the air intake is recirculated.
  • Atmospheric BOV – On the other hand, an atmospheric BOV has the capacity to vent 100% of air to the atmosphere.
  • Hybrid BOV – Lastly, a hybrid BOV greatly depends on the end user settings as well as the manufacturer. This BOV type is adjustable or can be set by the manufacturer for various percentages of atmospheric or recirculation dumping. Some manufacturer designs their devices that work as recirculation in lower boost conditions, or 100% atmospheric BOV during higher boost conditions.

BOV Downsides

On top of the favorable blow off valve sounds, there are still no known significant amounts of BOV problems to date. Every aftermarket BOV always requires adequate care and maintenance from the user end, maximizing the potentials of such device for the longest time possible. In order for a perfectly working BOV, especially for the hybrid type, an initial adjustment period is required so as to obtain the preferred atmospheric or recirculation ratio. Most aftermarket BOVs also require proper tuning through a screw, washer, or other mechanisms, allowing them to idle precisely in order to blow off at the correct time.

BOV Installation

The answer to the question on how to install a blow off valve also depends on the manufacturer and the type of your vehicle. However, most of these devices require a fairly simple process.

Before the installation of a BOV, it is highly recommended that you remove or disconnect your car’s battery. This is to allow maximum safety as you work inside your vehicle’s engine, even if you can complete such task without doing so. Grab your auto repair manual because it will be very helpful as you continue the process; this is more so in locating the current recirculating valve in your car.

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If your car has a mass airflow sensor, then more work should be done throughout the engine control unit (ECU). Remember that the majority of ECUs can be installed quickly; thereby, helping to ensure that the engine runs properly, following such modification.

Important Notes

While the purpose of a blow off valve has been tested and proven effective, having the best model or type is always crucial. You should consider the output and design of such devices, not only considering the famous brands, but also the fitment or compatibility of the BOV to your vehicle.

Automotive experts highly recommend the dual-drive types of BOVs, especially for fast cars due to the necessary response to different kinds of pressures and situations. These professionals also suggest getting a model with a urethane gasket, ensuring a tight seal of the device for an all-time, safe usage.

However, most BOVs leak, including the religiously-maintained ones, the properly installed, and those from high quality manufacturers. Take note that a leak in its entire essence is equivalent to lesser power and lesser boost or your vehicle will be working hard in producing the needed boosts, which usually decreases reliability.


The most reliable BOV could be the best sounding blow off valve. But, this idea does not always apply to all vehicle types and vehicle owners, considering the different outputs and designs of BOVs from various manufacturers. The vehicle’s engine type may also play a crucial role throughout this process. Surely, there are endless selections of BOVs on the market, especially through online stores.

By now, you should know exactly the characteristics, uses, and benefits of BOVs after reading the above information. And that is the most important thing of all. Being aware of the top-rated devices on the market is a helpful tool throughout your buying decision, making sure that you are getting the most reliable brand and the type of BOV that your car really needs.

Take note of all the information provided in this article, allowing you to narrow down the choices. Make sure to pick at least one of the reviewed products, ensuring that your car will be in good hands all the time. Until next time, enjoy shopping for the best turbocharger blow off valve, enjoy driving your car, and enjoy the turbo blow off sound that this automotive device creates.

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