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Best Boat Cover Reviews

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Best Boat Cover Reviews

Start protecting your boat while it is in storage with the use of the best boat covers. You do not necessarily have to compromise the quality of your fleet by using the scraps from your house. Not all covers for boats are expensive since others even have high quality at a lower price.

Moreover, newer models of boat covers come in a variety of styles. The material choice for the product is even resistant to UV rays, constant heat, acid rain, and dirt, among others.

Similar to a car cover, you also have to select the most suitable boat storage protection wisely. There are standards to be followed and there are top-rated products available.

Best Boat Cover Review

1. MSC Heavy Duty Boat Cover

MSC® Heavy Duty Trailerable Boat Cover, Grey (Model B - Length:14'-16' Beam Width: up to 90")
  • Made of marine grade polyester canvas with double PU Coating
  • Designed for both long-term storage, mooring and highway travel
  • Includes adjustable straps and storage bag; 2 Year limited warranty
  • Recommend use boat cover support pole system
  • Model B - Length:14'-16' Beam width: up to 90"

The boat cover is designed for fleets having a length of 12 to 14 feet. It is a marine-grade cover that could fit to almost any type of boat. The product comes in two colors: light grey and black.

Among the fleets, it could cover are bass boats, basic V-hull fishing boats, V-hull runabouts, V-hull fishing boats, tri-hull boats, and ski boats. The product has various features to offer, starting with its waterproof material. You could also ensure that it will not degrade in quality despite frequent UV exposure.

MSC boat cover also has resistance against mildew. Even if it tightly fits onto your fleet, it will remain breathable with its vent feature. It also has tie-down straps for securing the boat.

The product has an elastic cord that guarantees a snug fit on any type of boat. It has seams that are sewn using the double stitching style. The thread used for the stitching could resist premature rotting.

Aside from protecting the exterior of your boat, MSC cover could also safeguard your windscreen, seats, trim, interior accessories, and electronics. In case you need to detach it, you may use its quick release buckles. Furthermore, the package comes with a free storage bag for your extra accessories, food, or gear.

As proven by boat cover reviews, it has heavier made. It could withstand outdoor use and will remain tear-free.


  • Thick material
  • Feels like a custom-made boat cover
  • UV-resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Classy design


  • Does not fit boats with a sharp bow

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2. Brightent Heavy Duty Boat Cover

Brightent-Boat covers Waterproof Heavy Duty 420D Trailable 17-19 Ft (BH2M), Blue
  • This item is made by 420 D woven polyester material with PU coating, which is water-proof.
  • BH2M:fit the boat length 17-19" Beam 95 ft boat
  • Elastic bottom hem
  • Double stitching(Sewing), which makes the cover stronger.
  • A same material bag free of charge.

The product is made of top-of-the-line 420D polyester. The woven material is perfected with PU coating for extra durability and resistance. The product is also meant for marine environments and has extra protection against harmful rays of the sun.

Brightent boat cover also has a bottom hem that is stretchable, making the fit more manageable. There are nine belts for tightening. Four of these securing devices are found on the lower boat area, another four on the upper part, and the last one is an extra with a length of 18 meters.

Double stitching is used to keep water from flowing into the seam. The sewing makes it stronger than its counterparts. The package also comes with a bag made of the same material as the cover.

You can install Brightent cover effortlessly because you simply need a rope to tightly cover your fleet. You could select from three sizes offered. The Beam 90” fits over 14 to 16 feet boats, Beam 95” for 17 to 19 feet fleets, and Beam 100” for 20 to 22 feet.


  • Made of durable fabric
  • Tensile strength straps
  • Easy installation
  • Designed with an elastic band around its edges
  • Protects from sun and rain


  • Connectors that can pull apart quickly

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3. Taylor 456712 Boat Cover

Taylor Made Products Taylor Made Boat Cover Support System with Adjustable 24"-48" Pole, 50' of 1" Polypropylene Webbing Strap for Boats up to 23' Long, Prevents Water Pooling and Pocketing - 55741
  • Boat cover support pole 28" -48"
  • 50' of 1" polypropylene webbing
  • Quick release adjuster buckles
  • Ideal for boats up to 23'
  • Creates a slope in your boat cover to prevent water from pooling or pocketing

This boat cover is a support system that guarantees to extend the life of your fleet. It has a dimension of 5.25 inches by 1.75 inches by 1.75 inches. The product is as light as 0.04 pounds.

The main objective of Taylor 456712 boat cover support system is to prevent collection of water that may damage your fleet’s exterior and interior. It includes a 50-feet webbing structure for wider and better coverage. Moreover, it has a support pole and quick-release buckles for the fast adjustment of the fitting.

You may also use the product’s dual hooks to attach the support system to the window at the top of your fleet’s door. It provides sufficient support, especially when there is a heavy rain coming. It sheds water efficiently without collecting it.

Compared to other boat covers, Taylor 456712 has a simpler construction. Even the installation of the support system could be done by a single person.


  • Simple design but not cheap-looking
  • Ideal for rainy season
  • Fits snugly
  • Keeps water from pooling
  • Cheap


  • Not a heavy-duty boat cover

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4. Classic Accessories StormPro

Classic Accessories StormPro Dark Grey Heavy-Duty Deck Boat Cover, Fits boats 22 Foot - 24 Foot L x 116 Inch W, Marine Grade Fabric, Water-Resistant, Fits V-Hull Runabouts OutBoards and I/O
  • For rounded blunt-nose shaped bows or deck boats 22'-24' long, up to 116 inch beam width including Yamaha 24 foot Sport boats without wakeboard tower and similar shaped hulls
  • Heavy-duty 600D boat cover designed for both long-term storage and highway travel
  • Integrated buckle and strap System for easy fitting and trailering, adjustable straps snap into quick-release buckles on the cover
  • Includes stuff sack storage bag, cover support pole to prevent water pooling, and trailering straps
  • WIDE VARIETY OF COVERS: Looking for more ways to protect your boat? Classic Accessories offers a wide range of boat covers, from fishing boats to center console boats to support poles and more.

This boat cover is constructed for both highway transportation and the long-term keeping of your fleet. It could fit over 14 to 24 feet. The cover comes in various models depending on the fitting, but all are made of linen.

Alongside Classic Accessories Strompro boat cover is a set of accessories tested for heavy-duty protection. The fabric making up the product has extra strength side panels for added durability. The top panel is designed with Lunex fabric for protection against UV rays, moisture, and other harsh weather elements.

To keep water from pooling, the boat cover also has a support pole. This also assists in preserving the quality of the cover material. Two air vents are also built for the cover to put out moisture and eliminate pressure from winds.

Classic Accessories Stormpro boat cover will easily fit since it has a custom design. The strap system and buckles that come with it are also adjustable. Other inclusions in the package are the storage bag and a five-year warranty.


  • Works like a custom-fit boat cover
  • Does not remain stretched after use
  • Mildew protection available
  • Effective securing straps
  • Does not tear easily


  • Poor quality support poles

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5. Budge B-621-X7 Boat Cover

Budge B-621-X7 600 Denier Hard/T-Top Boat Cover Gray 22'-24' Long (Beam Width Up to 106") Waterproof, UV Resistant
  • MARINE GRADE PROTECTION: Waterproof to repel snow, hot sun and heavy rain, the 600 denier polyester material is UV treated for maximum sun and heat protection to protect your boat's upholstery and paint
  • WATERPROOF AND BREATHABLE: Material designed to prevent condensation build-up
  • BUILT TO STAY SECURE: Heavy shock cord hem gives cover a semi-custom fit. Top and bottom strap system makes it exceptionally durable when trailering, so you can tow your boat to the shore without having to worry
  • SIZED TO FIT: Our custom-like design Budge 600 Denier Boat Cover fits Hard Top / T-Top Boats. This boat cover fits Hard Top / T-Top boats 22'-24' (264"-288") Long, beam width up to 106"
  • Our covers will not fit over outboard motors or ski towers

This boat cover promises to deliver the utmost protection for your fleet. It has a waterproof material that could repel rain, UV rays, and snow. The material is made to fit boats that are 22 to 24 feet long.

Budge B-621-X7 boat cover boasts a 600D polyester material that guarantees its durability. The entire construction of your boat will certainly be protected. Your fleet’s paint will also not fade easily.

Budge B-621-X7 boat cover also comes with a heavy-duty shock cord, providing the product a custom-fit attribute. It makes trailering easier since it is packaged with stitched-in straps.


  • Multiple fitting
  • Stitched-in straps and buckles
  • For trailer use
  • Provides easier access to the boat’s interior
  • Strong attachments


  • Poor quality latches

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Types of Boat Cover

There are many types of boat cover depending on various features. You could begin with the different attachments of the material. Moreover, there are boat covers that are best used against the harmful rays of the sun, weather changes, and dust.

  • Complete Boat Cover –This is a type of boat cover that could protect your fleet completely. It must be the exact size as your boat to ensure fitting. The measurement considerations include the mast and rails.

To get the best complete boat cover, many people prefer to have custom-made ones. The exact build of their fleet would be considered to sew the material accordingly. They may even select the type of material for the cover.

  • Aft Curtain –This is not the most ideal boat cover if you want general protection for your fleet. The curtain may have windows and simply attaches at the rear part of the fleet. It extends to the back to ensure that the fleet’s protected.
  • Waterproof Boat Cover –This boat cover type is specifically made with protection from water in mind. If your boat is usually exposed to rain, this is a good buy. However, not all water-resistant boat covers could keep the fleet from damage brought by excess moisture.
  • Bimini Top Boat Cover –It is meant to block the harmful rays of the sun. The boat cover has a frame that you can disassemble. Generally, it only covers the console area and the windshield.

You will find bimini top boat covers in different styles, sizes, and materials. Bimini tops are usually made for specific types of fleets such as ski boats, fishing boats, cuddy cabins, and v-hull runabouts. Materials often used in manufacturing bimini tops are vinyl and nylon.

  • Bow Cover – From the name itself, it is only made to protect the bow of the fleet. Most bow covers are designed with a release feature. You could open the bow area easily and close it when necessary.
  • Convertible Top Boat Cover –This is the cover protecting the windshield snaps. This component has frames for support. The type of boat cover commonly provides shade for the entire windshield.

If you need protection from foul weather, this is a good choice. This may somehow be similar to the bimini top, but it attaches differently, specifically to the windshield. Bimini tops could be regarded as free-standing covers.

  • Canopy Boat Cover –These are attachable and removable from the boat. You may select this type of boat cover for both rain and sun protection. There are times that canopy boat covers could be attached with the use of a drill.

Alternatively, different models of canopy boat covers could also act as freestanding protection. You simply need to clamp it.

  • Drop Curtain –This boat cover could be fixed to the back of the boat. It extends up to the floor of your fleet. Other times, it may also come with windows for visibility and extra ventilation.
  • Mooring Cover –This type of protection could protect the stern and bow of your fleet from harsh elements while it is out on the water. The cover extends up to the rub rail of your boat.
  • Cockpit Cover –The cover is designed to protect the storage area of your boat. It can protect the area from the windshield’s base to the area covered behind it. The material could be secured with the use of attached snaps.

What to Look For When Buying

In purchasing a fleet protection, you should not concentrate on the best boat cover for the money. Not all expensive fleet covers are of high quality. Alternatively, not all cheap covers are must-buys simply because the products meet your budget.

The best cover for your boat is a product that will not put your fleet at risk of premature damage. The main objective of the item is to keep your property usable for a longer period. Moreover, a boat cover eliminates the need to clean your boat frequently.

  • Tightness –The fit must be prioritized when buying a boat cover, especially if you need a complete one. It has been advised that you consider a custom fit so that every part of your boat will be covered as necessary. If you are using a universal boat cover, the snaps or straps may not be sufficient to keep moisture away from your fleet’s exterior.
  • Material –The material used for the boat cover is also a crucial factor to consider. Not all fabrics are effective in keeping your fleet protected since others cannot repel all kinds of harmful materials. It is an advice to avoid lightweight materials for you are dealing with a larger fleet.

Light fabrics are known to have tons of exposure and stress points. If you can, select 600D polyester. This is a material that is heavyweight and ensures lasting service.

Alternatively, you may also consider acrylics. This type of material will help maintain the color of your boat or avoid fading of paints. However, take note that acrylics are not as tough as polyester.

Other than the standard polyester, you may also buy a dyed version of the material. Solution-colored polyester is tested to be more durable. This coating somehow adds UV protection to it.

  • Stitching –You should also inspect how the boat cover is sewn. It is the most ideal to find one that has a French-style seam. Top stitching is not a great choice for it still delivers water over the seam.

In a stitch inspired by French sewing, the fabric layers are attached against each other. The water will not flow over, but into the seam.

  • Securing Features –These are crucial for the transportation and storage of the boat cover. If you could find a boat cover with various tie-downs and straps, you should do so. High-quality products often have straps stitched over the entire expanse of the cover’s top.

The straps should also have heavyweight fasteners. To keep the cover from flapping onto your boat, there must be a hem cord to prevent wind movements and insects. Rear vents are also essential to keep the fleet from moisture and air.

Safety Tips

Even the best boat cover material requires careful and appropriate use. Remember that your way of using the boat cover also determines how long it can be used.

  • Protect the boat cover –You are protecting your fleet, which is why you are purchasing a boat cover. However, you should also play the part of keeping the boat cover safeguarded as well. You must prevent snow, water, leaves, dust, sticks, and other materials from staying on the cover’s material.

You could do a lot of things to protect your boat cover. For instance, you may use straps, poles, and bows to keep water from accumulating on the material.

In addition, not all boat covers are water-resistant. Even if these materials are waterproof, these could not keep moisture from sticking, particularly during winter. If you will leave the cover over your boat during cold seasons, you should also use a tarpaulin as extra protection.

  • Use the cover accordingly –Not all boat covers are meant to protect your entire fleet. You should understand its main purpose and use it accordingly. For instance, there are boat covers that could only protect the hull’s top area.
  • Secure boat cover always –You should take advantage of the straps, snaps, and ropes available with the boat cover. If the product you have bought has poor quality ropes, replace it with heavy-duty ones that are better than bungee cords. There are cords that could stretch considerably, leading to damage of your fleet’s exterior.
  • Add padding –Prior to putting the boat cover, you should consider padding for the trolling motors, windshield, and hulls, among others. If the material gets caught on the edges of these areas, tearing may take place.
  • Brush the boat cover regularly –To get rid of the dirt on the cover’s material, you should brush the exposed layer as regularly as possible. Alongside this step is rinsing the cover with water. It is your option to mix mild soap with water for a better cleaning solution.

You are not advised to use detergent in washing off dirt from the boat cover. It may reduce the effectiveness of the water-resistance feature added to the material. Detergents could also promote further growth of mildew.

If you can use a fabric guard formulation, you should do so. This is essential so you could keep the boat’s paint and protection intact.

  • Dry the cover before storing –You should air-dry the boat cover after washing. This should be done prior to folding and keeping in your garage. The practice will prevent the development of stains, spots, and mold.


For the best boat cover, you should consider buying MSC Heavy Duty Boat Cover. It complies with the strictest standards for boat covers. Relatively, it is made of marine-grade materials, such as 600D polyester that is PU-coated for extra resistance.

Apart from the cover itself, it has extra accessories for further protection of the material. MSC is too generous to add a storage boot where you could store other accessories. Though it is framed, you can ensure that it is made of durable material.

You could use it in harsh weather, making it all-season protection. You also have various options in sizes and colors to complement the aesthetics of your boat.

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