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Best Bow Release Reviews 

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Best Bow Release Reviews 

Having the best bow release is the primary key factor of success in bow hunting. This means that you need to have the right type of bow to get a higher probability of getting a perfect shot by minimizing the bow release torque.

Bow releases have the capacity to stabilize the string’s momentum towards the primary target as you release the bow. You need this tool if you have a problem in maintaining momentum in heating the target.

There is a variety of bow releases in the market that makes it even more challenging to choose which one will be fit your style. This buying guide enumerates the top-rated bow releases that can narrow down your search.

Best Bow Releases Review

1. TruFire Smoke Adjustable Archery Compound Bow Release

Tru-Fire Smoke Adjustable Archery Compound Bow Release with Foldback Design - Black Wrist Strap
  • FOLDBACK BUCKLE STRAP - for hands free operation, giving you the ability to secure to wrist with one hand and glass, climb, or rattle with no flopping or clanging
  • FITS LEFT AND RIGHT HAND - Features a 16 position trigger thumb adjustment system ensuring a perfect fit for every hand size
  • RUGGED AND COMPACT – Extremely durable jaws with a dime sized head
  • ADJUSTABLE TRIGGER TRAVEL – Allows for extreme adjustability for an archer’s maximum comfort. Open jaws by pulling back the trigger, let off the trigger to close the jaws
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA - Superior Wisconson to be exact

The Hurricane Extreme Bow Release is considered as the best archery release by most archers. This bow release effectively makes it easier and more comfortable to shoot with utmost precision and accuracy. This brand carries with it a lot of useful and unique features.

The Hurricane Extreme Buckle is useful in targeting your anchor point. Aside from this, it is quieter than the Velcro when you put the release. The reason is the non-stretch nylon wrist strap that contributes to shooting accuracy.

This buckle’s trigger mechanism rotates at 360 degrees. It makes the release comfortable to wear and helps in preventing the strings from being twisted. You will also find this release beneficial in making your up to the tree ladder.

Although this version cannot pivot completely, it can still pivot to the side if you make a minor adjustment to the gear. Aside from this, adjusting the trigger is as simple as making a few turns using an Allen wrench. If you let go of the trigger, the jaws will automatically close.

It only takes 4.5 ounces of pressure for you to release an arrow with Hurricane Extreme. You can feel how smooth the trigger pull is. It doesn’t get tighter even after it’s released.

This bow release also features a ½” web connection system that is not featured in other models. You can also adjust the length as long as you want to. The good thing is that you can do this even without the use of tools.

This spring loader trigger is indeed a must if you love hitting those targets with precision and accuracy.

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2. Scott Archery Legacy Release

Scott Archery unisex adult Scott Archery Legacy Release, Black, One Size US
  • Auto closing, Scott-exclusive modified HyperJaws
  • Compact ergonomic body design provides a more comfortable and repeatable anchor
  • Proven Scott caliper Roller Sear design
  • NCS connector strap system for infinite length adjustment
  • Leather black strap

The Scott Archery Legacy Release is hailed as the best compound bow release among its league. It has gold standards when it comes to the equipment used in archery. It is considered as a top-rated release due to its excellent features.

It features a four-position length adjustment and an adjustable strap. It is not limited to this because the head placement can also be adjusted. To initiate smooth action, it is built with a wider roller sear. These features ensure accuracy and precision.

The Scott Archery Legacy Release features a dual caliper design that spells out sophistication and style. This design promotes an even distribution of friction that results in high bow-tune ability. Most of the archers prefer the dual caliper for this reason.

This bow release has proven itself as one of the bests releases out there, with its rubber grip that contributes to its excellent handling capability. The head is adjustable and capable. You can adjust it with the small screw found at the base of the grip.

The dual caliper configuration is integrated with the jaws. You can observe excellent tactile control when you shoot. Aside from this, the straps make good support for precise aims.

When you push the trigger forward, the dual caliper automatically closes. Its trigger is sensitive, but you can adjust it. The buckle straps are beneficial for those who have target panic. You need to unbuckle it if you want to get your hands out.

Another great thing about this release is you get to choose between velcro or buckles. It depends on your comfort level and preference.

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3. Scott Archery Little Goose Bow Release

Scott Archery Little Goose - Camo, Adult
  • Solid swivel connector with patented 5-hole length adjustment
  • Forward Knurled Trigger maximizes draw length
  • Patented angled jaw design for better string clearance
  • The release that has dominated the hunting industry for years.
  • One of our most durable and popular designs.

As a single caliper, the Scott Archery Little Goose is a top performer in its league. This is probably the best release for bowhunting due to its state-of-the-art built and construction, capability, and excellent performance.

It weighs 3.2 ounces and is built from first-class materials. The wrist strap and adjustable anchor of this release provide a noiseless mechanism compared with the usual Velcro straps. The Solid Swivel Technology features a 5-hole system which contributes to a smoother and better bow release performance.

The trigger of Scott Archer Little Goose has already been offset forward when it comes to design to allow you to shoot at the longest possible range. You will be able to apply more strength and power stroke through this feature.

Aside from this, the trigger of the wrist release features a micro-adjustment screw. This is designed to take control of the sensitivity of each pull. This is one of the most valuable features of this bow release.

For maximum performance, you need to fasten the buckle around the wrist for you to set the distance of the trigger. Once set at your wrist, you can now attach it to the bowstring. You just need to pull it hard to lock the release.

You can adjust the trigger to make it in line with the second knuckle finger. Most of the users noted that the trigger break feels light and crisp. This can help in making accurate shots. You will surely love how smooth the release is.

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4. Tru-Fire Edge 4-Finger Hand Held Bow

Tru-Fire Edge 4-Finger Aluminum Hand Held Camo Archery Bow Release
  • UNDENIABLE COMFORT - Super sleek, comfortable, CNC machined, solid aluminum handle and head
  • UNINHIBITED ROTATION - 360 degrees of uninhibited rotation providing torque-free shooting
  • ADJUSTABLE TRIGGER TRAVEL – For maximum performance and comfort
  • PERFECT FOR EVERY HAND – Adjustable thumb button for a custom fit on either right or left hand
  • MADE IN THE USA – Superior, WI to be exact

The Tru-Fire Edge-4 Bow is one of the best thumb releases on the market. This bow release can provide precision and accuracy in just a single kit. This features a dual caliper release that is manufactured in the United States.

If you are looking for serious craftsmanship, then the Tru-Fire Edge-4 is the name to look for. It has a spring-loaded trigger that controls the bolt release while keeping the string from twisting. You can open the jaws quickly by pulling the trigger back.

The jaws close simply by letting it off the trigger. To maintain consistent smooth and torque-less shooting, the bow release’s head is capable of moving 360 degrees.

You will love how the trigger can be adjusted to your liking. Aside from this, the handle is made from extra-sleek solid aluminum CNC that feels so comfortable to the touch. It uses an extra-small head that performs smoothly to provide comfort.

Most of the archers love how efficient this handheld bow releases when it comes to shooting. They noted that it keeps their momentum stable and consistent. It’s one of the reasons why it’s a winner in today’s competitive market.

Aside from this, many consider this the best hunting release due to its automatic jaws. It is also slim, so it’s easy to carry wherever you go. You can hit the target with one single shot with this bow release.

For safe keeping, you can fold the bow release back. If you value versatility and exceptional grip in a bow release, then the Tru-Fire Edg-4 Bow is the one that can deliver that.

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5. G5 Outdoors Mustang Compact Camo Release

.30-06 Mustang Compact Camo Release Web Stem
  • Instant-Lock trigger
  • Adjustable high-impact web stem
  • Adjustable camo buckle strap
  • Stealth quiet design
  • Adjusts for most small to large wrist sizes

The G5 Mustang Compact is one of the bow release types in the form of a web stem. It features an instant-lock trigger and shooting precision. The buckle strap is also quieter and can be adjusted. Aside from this, you will surely find that the camo style provides a stable release.

One of the best features of this compact camo version is the adjustable high-impact web stem. Even if you have a larger wrist, this is no problem with G% Mustang Compact because it’s very versatile when it comes to wrist size.

It measures 1.5 inches in height, 3.5 inches in Width, and 8.0 inches in length. The good thing is that it only weighs 0.23 pounds, so it’s easy to carry it around. Most hunters and archers value this feature that’s why they consider is as the best bow release for the money.

Most of the users commended it for its excellent performance, especially for the left-handed people. They found the 360 degrees swiveling of its head very helpful. The auto-close of the trigger is also praised by the users.

People find the spring-positive closure re-assuring whenever they draw. They also find time to trim the webbing every time they can adjust it. You can locate the length adjustment that works to your liking.

One of the things that they consider fantastic with the G5 Mustang Compact is the very smooth wrist release. It is highly recommended for precise and accurate shots. Indeed, this is a bow release to be utilized by left or right-handed people.

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Best Bow Release Buying Guide

When it comes to modern archery, shooters have many accessories and shooting equipment that archers need. These accessories include armguards, targeting scope, and bow releases. Of all the accessories, the release is the most important especially when it comes to accuracy and precision.

It is proven that when you have a trigger release, the more likely you will hit the target. Shooting can gain superior results with a release.

Types of Bow Releases

1) Caliper Bow Release – There are two kinds of bow releases. It can either be a mechanical or non-mechanical type. Most archers prefer the mechanical type of bow release.

This mechanical bow release is used through a looped string. It can also be operated using the back pressure. There’s a lot of choices in the market, and they come in varieties of designs.

The most famous among shooters is the Caliper. This is often called as a wrist release that comes with a trigger, wrist strap, and rod.

2) Handheld Bow Release – This is a different type of bow release. This is used with a thumb-trigger or a back tension. Thumb triggers can improve your shooting skills. Executing a proper shot is the primary job of this type of release.

Wrist Release Vs Hand Release

To know which type of release is best for you, here are some thing to consider.

1) Mechanism of Release – The great wrist release is operated by an index finger trigger. These are the small calipers where the d-loop is being published by a squeeze of a trigger. Your thumb is utilized by a hand release to make a shot.

If you pull, there will be tension on your shoulder muscles. Hunters feel that this is a smoother option of drawing a shot. They don’t experience any jumpiness of the index finger release.

2) Anchor Point – This is the point of liberation of your bow. This wrist strap style can be adjusted based on how long you would want it to be. This is used to change the angle of your hand or even for changing the reference point.

Through a handheld release, your consistency is improved, and you will be able to shoot more accurately than the usual.

3) Attachments – You need to wear the wrist bow on your arms at all times. This can be convenient, but it can also be cumbersome. You can also fold it away, however, you can’t avoid the head to dangle on your arm.

On the other hand, the handheld bow release can be stored in any of your hip pockets. You can also put it in your backpack anytime. The good thing about it is that you can clip it on your d-loop.

4) Adjustment – The wrist release featured Velcro straps and buckles as well as other methods of adjustments. You can make these adjustments to the angle trigger and tension. On the other hand, hand releases are more customizable than the wrist release type.

The trigger pull force can be tweaked, and you can set it at a different angle for your release position.

5) Compatibility of the String – You should take note that the line should be compatible with your bow’s serving. The D-loop strings and string fasteners should be following your release style.

6) Noise – Archers consider this as a critical consideration. In hunting, a bow release should not make any noise for you not to disturb the primary target. If you are a hunter, choose a bow that won’t make any noise when shot.

7) Target Panic – In this case, the handheld bow release can alleviate your target panic by using back tension. This is because you don’t rely on the pulled trigger.

Considerations When Buying the Best Bow Release

1) Type of Trigger Release – In obtaining a release, you should determine first the kind of statement that you need. The most famous nowadays are the wrist type of liberation.

If you prefer more comfort, then you ought to choose the wrist-mounted release. The pressure is spread if you pull back the string. This stays on your wrist, so you will not lose it.

The handheld release is a little hard on the fingers. It needs to conform to your fingers to give it a better grip. This type is preferred by hunters.

2) Adjustments and Customization – When searching for a bow release, you need to consider a lot of mechanisms that are adjustable to your preference or liking. Choose a model that allows you to set the trigger to a more sensitive state for better control.

Note that the ability to adjust the trigger results to better precision and accuracy most of the time.

3) Comfort Level – Wrist releases are proven to be more comfortable rather than the hand-drawn releases as it is easier to draw using your fingers. They also come with a padded material for utmost comfort on your arms and fingers.

4) Compatibility – There is some bow release that is only compatible with a particular type of string. Most of them come with a high-tension wire. However, there are also some that have a D-string for attachment. Make sure that you’ll buy a release that will work on your bow.

Who Needs Bow Releases?

Everyone can benefit from the use of bow releases. If you are a beginner in sports or just a hobbyist, having an archery release can help you to be more accurate or precise in aiming your shots.

Hunters can utilize the benefit of releases by providing better accuracy when shooting. They always aim for a kill shot so the ability to kill the arrow with one shot can mean a success to them.

Archers are using these releases to help them draw a winning shot. They can also shoot more accurately in 3D through the use of trigger releases. Aside from this, they are also protected from hand and finger damage.

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