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Best Bow Saw For Cutting Trees: Reviews

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Best Bow Saw

A bow saw makes every woodworking project easier and more enjoyable. This is more so if you are intending to add curves in your designs. Every woodworking shop and even ordinary garages need this necessary tool in their kits, making it very useful when cutting trees and branches and a wide array of wood projects.

From its ancient origins, bow saws have become very versatile. Previously, these tools consist of wooden frames with 2 vertical members joined by a stretcher. But, now they are available with a hollow metal frame and are reasonably lightweight than before.

A wood bow saw has a similar characteristic, which is a bow-shaped frame, including a long and straight blade. These tools are mostly intended for cutting green wood like shrubs and branches, and sometimes, sawing logs to a specific size. Also, these tools are widely used in applications where speed is the priority, rather than a neat finish.

With that said, here are the top-rated bow saw reviews that will certainly meet, if not exceed your expectations from such a tool. Included in this review is a buying guideline for all probable buyers of bow saws, giving you adequate information in order to make an informed decision later on.

Best Bow Saw Reviews

1. Bahco 30-Inch Ergo Bow Saw

Bahco 10-30-23 30-Inch Ergo Bow Saw for Green Wood
  • 30 inches long
  • Designed to cut through Green wood
  • Designed for demanding applications and tough environments of construction sites
  • Innovative tensioning mechanism for high blade tension and straight cutting
  • Made of lightweight, high quality steel tubing for durability and easy handling

The first item on the list is the Bahco 30-Inch Ergo Bow Saw. Garnering an average customer rating of 4.9 stars, this Bahco ergo saw is perfect for green wood with a ¾-inch by 30-inch blade. It is a very sturdy tool, made of heavy-duty steel tubing frames. It also includes a tension lever that allows for a quick blade change. The hardened steel blade will never need any re-sharpening, according to the manufacturer.

Hence, this Bahco bow saw has been created to cut through lumber and dry wood, including other demanding applications as well as tough environments within construction sites. It has an exclusive tension mechanism that results in high-blade tension, plus straight cutting.

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Aside from the ergonomic handle, this model from Bahco provides a knuckle protector that provides comfort and safety at the same time. Made from high-grade steel tubing, it ensures durability, while the overall lightweight design results in ways of handling. This bow chainsaw also boasts a high-impact enamel paint that is rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant, unlike ordinary bow saws.

Measuring at 30 inches in length, the Bahco Ergo Bow Saw is an epitome of strong blade fitting; thereby, allowing easy and safe storage of the blade. Indeed, it is sturdy and well-made for a wide array of wood applications. It is highly capable of cutting up to 10 inches of trees with only minimal effort while cutting through a 4-inch tree effortlessly.

Overall, this item has created satisfied customers, expressing their joy mostly on the saw’s tightener feature with the orange handle for easy identification.

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2. Truper 21-Inch Bow Saw

Truper 30255 / AJT-21 - 21" Bow Saw Tubular Steel Frame
  • Ajt-21, 21" handy bow saw for larger branches
  • Cam-lever tension system keeps the blade perfectly tight while you're working in the field
  • Clean equipment after each use and oil for years of trouble free use
  • A must have tool in any gardeners shed or garage
  • Truper 30255, stock up on quality Truper tools for other projects today

Next up is the 4.3-star-rated Truper 30255, which measures 21 inches with a steel handle. This model also offers a quick-release cam lever for easy blade changes. Available in orange color, this 21 bow saw blade is perfect for larger branches and a must-have handy tool for every garage and shed.

This saw’s cam-lever tension system is able to keep the blade in place and perfectly tight as you work in the field. It also allows easy and quick maintenance, requiring regular cleaning every after use, while requiring once-a-year oiling for trouble-free use.

When it comes to the best bow on the market, the Truper brand is certainly a reliable name to count on. It has been manufacturing hand tools for more than 40 years now, whether for residential or commercial use. This Mexican company relies only on the most advanced and efficient technologies, guaranteeing optimum quality, plus valued products and exceptional service for customers worldwide.

Truper 21-Inch Bow Saw saw is also making noise, generating a lot of happy customers, not only nationwide, but also worldwide. Product reviews are proof of this since the Truper 30255 has created several positive reviews. The actual owners and users of this bow saw said that it is ideal for clearing downed wood, processing firewood, and for gathering a bush crafting pack for many purposes.

Additionally, people maximize the efficiency of this tool in many other applications, saying that it is excellent without any complaints or issues. It is not a large bow saw, but its small and lightweight designs still manage to accomplish necessary tasks.

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3. Irwin 12-Inch Combi-Saw

Irwin 218HP300 12-Inch Combi-Saw with Wood Cutting and Hacksaw Blades
  • Knuckle guard protects you hand
  • Package Weight: 2.25 pounds
  • Included components: Handsaw
  • Package Dimensions: 30.734 L x 13.97 H x 41.402 W (centimeters)

On the other hand, the Irwin 218HP300 garners an average rating of 4.0 stars. This is a 12-inch combination-sew, featuring hacksaw and woodcutting blades. This could be the best bow saw in the market today, considering these combined features of hacksaw and bow saw blades.

It comes in a compact design that allows for easy handling and storage at the same time. It boasts a unique handle design that tends to provide convenient blade replacement. Irwin Tools made use of premium tubular steel for the handle, adding a pro-touch and non-slip grip design. It has 8P/18 teeth per inch (TPI) measurement with a universal tooth shape.

Using a bow saw has never been easy with the Irwin 218HP300, considering its 14×28 standard high frequency welded frame that offers exceptional stability, unlike other models out there. The metal blade and high-grade wood offer flexibility that is necessary for cutting wood or metal, while the knuckle guard is perfect in protecting the user’s knuckles during operation.

The welded frame does not only offer stability but is also faster and no-flex cuts. It also boasts a deep-throat design, which enables easy cutting of larger diameter plastic pipes and metal. Similarly, the Irwin 218HP300 has created a lot of satisfied customers, saying that this tool is highly portable with a high capacity of cutting invasive vines from the trees.

The actual owners of this bow saw also say that while it is lightweight and compact, it is durable and capable of fast-cutting tasks, despite the thickness of objects. The color and the overall design are very noticeable when the tool is not in use while requiring minimal cleaning and maintenance. Other users also indicate that the Irwin 218HP300 provides a shock-absorbing handle, making it one of its most sought-after features over other bow saws.

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4. Bahco 24-Inch Ergo Bow Saw

Bahco 10-24-23 Bow Saw with Ergo Handle, 24-Inch, Gray
  • Designed for demanding applications and tough environments of construction sites
  • Innovative tensioning mechanism for high blade tension and straight cutting
  • Ergo handle with knuckle protector provides comfort and safety

Lastly, but definitely not the least is the Bahco 24-Inch Ergo Bow Saw. Garnering an average rating of 4.9 stars, this 24 bow saw blade is great for cutting lumber and dry wood. It is manufactured from high-grade steel with rust and corrosion protection through high-impact enamel paint for its coating.

In addition, this bow saw is made of lightweight tubing that allows for easy handling. It also features Bahco 24-Inch Ergo Bow SawBahco 24-Inch Ergo Bow Saw an innovative tensioning mechanism, resulting to high blade tension, making it perfect for straight cutting. It claims to have a stronger and better blade fitting than others while allowing for safe and quick blade change.

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This Bahco saw has an ergonomic handle, including a knuckle protector for added safety and reduced user fatigue. Certainly, it has been engineered to cut through lumber and dry wood, as well as other demanding applications in different construction sites.

Bahco bow saws, including the Bahco 30-inch are the epitome of durability and efficiency. This is evident through the feedback of many consumers that actually use this model of a bow saw. A lot of Bahco bow saw owners say that this tool is a big boast, which has been created for serious cutting tasks. The same tool has allowed people in bringing down trees with 20-inch diameters, while others say that this tool is not as effective in taking down smaller branches.

Nonetheless, the Bahco 24-Inch Ergo Bow Saw is still ideal for cutting green and dry wood, regardless of the size or diameter of the object. On top of the bow saw’s decent look, it is certainly effective in cutting small to medium-sized wood, while allowing comfort to the user. Some users say that the innovative tensioning mechanism of this saw sets it apart from other models, including its pegged tooth blade.

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5. Fiskars 21-Inch Bow Saw

Meanwhile, the Fiskars 7029 is also a 21-inch bow saw with an average rating of 4.3-star from its customers. This hand bow saw is perfect for pruning, cutting thick branches, and for clearing brush. Although it is lightweight, it is an ultra-sharp saw, featuring a blade that is hardened carbon-steel with rust inhibitor.

Moreover, this model of bow saw has a safety tension lever, adding control, Bahco 24-Inch Ergo Bow Saw is unlike other models on the market. The frame is a light tubular steel that allows for convenient use while reducing user fatigue. Replacement blades are also available, keeping this saw functioning at its best all the time.

However, the manufacturer guarantees that the new and completely hardened steel blade can stay sharp, despite heavy use. On top of that, the precision-ground blade also features a rust-resistant coating, similar to most of the products in this review.

As per bow saws reviews, Fiskars 7029 has equally created a lot of positive feedback from customers. Satisfied owners of this bow saw said that the Fiskars 7029 seems to last forever, considering its overall built and construction. This hand tool has made pruning and other gardening projects an enjoyable task because it offers control and convenience simultaneously.

Many of the actual users highly recommend this bow saw. It could be a cheap bow saw, but is very reliable, while allowing the user to be highly capable of accomplishing tasks that exceed the bow saw’s price tag. Indeed, the Fiskars 7029 is a versatile bow saw used in a wide array of purposes, from gardening to hunting, camping, and more.

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Bow Saw Buying Guideline

Product descriptions and reviews of bow saws are equally helpful for every probable buyer of such tool. These articles provide useful information about every model of such tool in the market. However, these details may not be sufficient for some. So, the following section provides additional information, allowing every reader to make an informed decision by the end of this review.

Design Characteristics

While all bow saws have a similar characteristic, which is a bow-shaped frame, each model or brand still varies over the other. These differences are evident in the overall design of the tool, including the blade, the tooth blade, and more. So, this section discusses each of the design characteristics you will find in every model of bow saw.


All models, be it a small bow saw or a large one always have a long and straight blade. Typically, this portion of the saw is detachable from the frame. The main purpose is to effectively and quickly cut through branches, shrubs, or any wood. But, keep in mind that there are some bow saw models, which are also capable of cutting through metal like the Irwin 218HP300 Combi-Saw.

Blade Types

It is also helpful to take note that the bow saw blade may differ from one another. You can choose between two blade types as follows:

  • Peg Tooth – The main purpose of the peg tooth blade is to cut hard and dry wood, instead of wet wood. Pegged-tooth blades are triangular in shape and are usually arranged in a group of 3s with large gaps between every group.
  • Peg and Raker Tooth – The basic purpose of peg and raker tooth blades is for cutting wet wood. Such blade type has a group of four triangular teeth, followed by one raker tooth, looking like a regular tooth, which has been split into 2, and splayed outwards. Hence, the triangular teeth tend to cut through woods, while the rakers chip the wood out.

Cutting Stroke

The cutting stroke of the bow saw blades is another factor to consider when shopping for such tool. Keep in mind that not all of the bow saw’s teeth are angled in a single direction, and so are all the types of bow saws. This is mainly because each tool has been designed to cut through a ‘push and pull’ stroke. Please take note that the cutting stroke varies on the model and make of each bow saw.

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Teeth per Inch

Pegged-tooth blades usually have between six and eight TPI, while the peg and raker blades have four to six TPI. Most bow saws have large teeth combined with deep gullets that allow for fast and aggressive cutting. Models with fewer TPI tend to cut or remove more materials in every stroke and leave a rough finish.

Overall Finish

The overall finish of a bow saw chainsaw should be considered as well. This is basically attributed to the materials used for the tool’s overall design such as the paint coating. Choosing a model with rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant coating will be the best choice, allowing te tool to last for years. The entire finish of a bow saw also affects the maintenance process, requiring minimal cleaning every after use.

There are models that always need to be oiled or lubricated before every use. But, choosing one that requires at least once-a-year lubrication helps you save time and money, simultaneously.


Furthermore, the handle of a bow saw plays a crucial role throughout your decision-making. Bow saw blade types that are longer and the larger models usually have a closed-pistol grip handle type. This handle design allows for faster and more aggressive cutting strokes.

A large handle is highly capable of supporting the blade with the user’s hand less likely to slide or slip out during a quick motion. The closed-grip handle design is also helpful in protecting the user’s hand from injuries, in cases when the saw’s end abruptly hit something. Thus, such handle design reduces user fatigue all in all.

Key Benefits

Having the best bow saw allows many benefits and opportunities for every woodworker or any DIYer for that matter. This tool greatly helps in making cuts through small, medium-sized, and large branches, but is more focused on working with dry and green wood. It allows you to cut wonderful shapes that are suitable for décor and furniture, provided that you know the proper techniques.

This tool is also useful in making straight cuts, regardless of the size or thickness of a branch or wood. The thin design of the blade results in less pressure and smooth strokes, regardless of the saw’s angle. Hence, it results in an enjoyable sawing rhythm, unlike any other sawing tools. This manual tool is also used by many people who prefer a quieter way of cutting down trees or branches, and those who do not want the smell of gasoline or the noise from powered saws.

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Having the best bow saw blades should always come with proper and adequate safety precautions. Every user of such tool should wear protective gear before using such equipment like working gloves, safety goggles, a helmet, and sometimes a pair of chainsaw chaps or pants. This tool really comes in handy in a wide array of sawing tasks, whether for leisure or otherwise.

All in all, it is essential to find the best bow on the market, ensuring the quality and reliability of your purchase as this tool could be a lifetime investment. Considering the above-mentioned products guarantee no less than the trusted names and brands of bow saws, equipping yourself with some sawing techniques will equally help you go a long way.

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