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Best Brake Pads For Car

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Best Brake Pads

The brake pad is the main component of a car’s brake system and is extremely important for safety purposes. Without the brake pads, the braking power of the car will be reduced. Thus, the wheels will easily wear down and the braking system itself might suffer some damage.

This is why choosing the best brake pad brand for your car is important. Brake pads have different types which are also designed with specific characteristics to fit into various types of vehicles. The specifications of certain vehicles also affect the type of brake pads to use depending on the vehicle’s weight and speed.

Best Brake Pads Review

1. StopTech 309.10010 Street Performance Brake Pads

StopTech 309.10010 Sport Brake Pads with Shims, Black
  • High max operating temperature to eliminate fade
  • Excellent actuation, modulation and release
  • Para-Aramid composites for linear response
  • Ideal for autocross and light track day use

StopTech has been one of the leading manufacturers in the industry for years. It has produced best brake pads through time and its StopTech 309.10010 Street Performance is no exception.

This low-dust composite front brake pad is well-suited for both light track and street use. With its scorched type pad surface, it can deliver an excellent bite even if the brake pads are cold.

The StopTech 309.10010 Street Performance brake pads can be an excellent choice for a brake pad replacement upgrade for vehicles that do occasional track events. It features a Para-aramid system to provide the needed dependable linear response. This is regardless of the temperature the brake pad has.

It can also be used with various types of rotors such as Slotted, Stock or Cross-Drilled rotors.

StopTech Street Performance is manufactured using Para-amid composite type of material which is asbestos-free. It also uses 100 percent positive mold process to achieve the uniform friction and material density. Its low-dust formulation is rotor friendly ensuring that you have cleaner wheels.

The StopTech Street Performance’s factory-style shims also eliminate any vibration noise on the brake pads based on brake pad reviews.

This front brake pad set from StopTech is specifically manufactured to be used for the 2007-2012 Shelby GT500, 2011 to 2014 GT Mustangs that has Brembo front calipers, and the 2012 to 2013 Boss 302.

The StopTech 309.10010 Street Performance is a brake pad set that includes both the driver side and passenger side front brake pads.

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2. Bosch BP1108 QuietCast Brake Pad Set

BOSCH BP1108 QuietCast Premium Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Pad Set - Compatible With Select Audi A3, A4, A6, TT, Quattro; Volkswagen CC, Eos, Golf, GTI, Jetta, Passat, R32, Rabbit, Tiguan; REAR
  • The Bosch QuietCast line draws on over 77 years of OE braking excellence; promising the highest quality performance, industry-leading strength and durability, and exclusive innovations including Molded Shim Technology (MST)
  • The industry's best pre-attached OE style multilayer rubber core shims ensure the highest quality bond between rubber and steel, resulting in lower noise, increased strength, and corrosion resistance
  • Rigorously formulated and tested by Bosch's engineers, the Semi-Metallic friction material in the QuietCast line is meticulously engineered to achieve superior performance, exceptional stopping power, and quiet operation with low dust
  • Powder-coated backing plate prevents rust and corrosion for increased product life of the brake pad; Slots and chamfers ensure premium quality, fit, and function
  • Set includes pads for 1 axle (2 wheels), hardware kit (where available), and synthetic lubricant for reduced resistance on sliding contact points

For years, Bosch has been a key player in the braking system industry who makes the best brake pads. It is behind the Antilock Braking technology as well as the design of the Electronic Stability control systems.

With its OE braking expertise throughout the decades, Bosch has come up yet again with another best brake pads for trucks that has a whole new level in it.

The new Bosch BP1108 Premium Disc brake pads have the latest Bosch QuietCast technology. It is designed with one of the best in the industry’s pre-attached and rubber-core shims with the Molded Shim Technology.

This Bosch brake pad set model can deliver a quiet braking operation. More than that, the BP1108 Premium Disc brake pads have durability and long life which are trademarks of every Bosch product.

The good price of this brake pad set is backed with value and quality you need in a brake pad. The Bosch QuietCast brake pads offer high quality, availability, and full coverage to fit every type and model of Domestic automobiles as well as the Asian and European vehicles. Its formulations include semi-metallic, non-asbestos organic (NOA), and platform-specific ceramic.

The pre-attached rubber core shim of the Bosch QuietCast brake pad set is exclusively offered by Bosch, the secret science behind the silent technology. This rubber core shim can effectively dampen the noise as well as increase the strength and the corrosion resistance of the brake pad system.

The Molded Shim technology of the Bosch QuietCast Premium Disk brake pad provides you with maximum stability. The shim will not slide and will stay attached to the backing plate throughout the pad life giving every driver the complete brake pad solution.

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3. Wagner QC465A ThermoQuiet Pad Set

Wagner Brake ThermoQuiet QC465A Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set
  • QUIETER OPERATION -- Application-specific design and a unique laser-shaped friction spreads out heat, sound and vibration to reduce noise opportunities
  • LONG LIFE -- Superior formulation design dissipates heat for long-lasting friction performance and reduced brake fade
  • CLEANER WHEELS -- Proprietary formulation provides superior braking performance and reduced rotor wear, helping to cut down on brake dust
  • ONE-PIECE DESIGN -- IMI technology integrates friction material, backing plate and insulator into the brake pad for select applications
  • HARDWARE INCLUDED -- Premium stainless-steel hardware included for select applications

Wagner has been a top innovator of top rated brake pads and in the whole braking technology for all types of vehicles from passenger and medium-duty to commercial vehicles. It provides all the necessary components to deliver superior performance through its high-quality materials which undergo latest applications.

The Wagner ThermoQuiet brake pad set has 35 percent much quieter braking compared to other brake pads. It features an IMI or the Integrally Molded Sound Insulator that can help integrate the friction material, insulator, and the backing plate in a high-strength single component.

The ThemoQuiet brake pad set has a specific application-specific design that can spread out the sound, heat, and vibration on a much wider surface to create a quieter braking performance.

It also has an increased 15 percent stopping performance than other brake pads. This is made possible because of its unique and specific laser-shaped friction that optimizes the pad to-rotor interface to achieve that higher braking performance.

The OE21 formulation of the Wagner QC465A ThermoQuiet pad set gives it the much-needed NVH control, higher stopping power, durability, and dusting characteristics. This also gives it 40 percent of reduced fade on the wheels.

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4. ACDelco 17D785CH Professional Brake Pad Set

ACDelco Gold 17D785CH Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set
  • Tested to SAE J2784 for braking effectiveness, along with Noise/Vibration/Harshness (NVH) and durability/wear testing for assurance of quality.Material:Ceramic
  • Ceramic, semi-metallic, and organic formulas provide safety and reliability for a range of vehicle applications
  • Integrally molded - friction material molded to backing plate for bond integrity
  • Premium shims, slots, and chamfers help to diminish noise, vibration, and braking harshness
  • Stamped backing plate allows for proper pad movement within the caliper assembly, reducing noise, brake pulsation, and helps to protect against premature wear

ACDelco is one of the known producers of top-rated brake pads for over the years. Its products boast of high-quality standards and the best brake pads and rotors. It has a wide range of brake pad series specifically made to fit every performance need and budget.

With its ACDelco Professional brake pad set, you get a semi-metallic brake pad set that is designed to meet and even exceed the OE standard for all features such as form, fit, and function.

This Professional brake pad set is specifically engineered to be corrosion-resistant and to resist any premature wear. It is also independently tested using the standard SAE J2784 to offer excellent braking performance with additional noise-dampening shims.

In making the ACDelco 17D785CH Professional brake pad set, the NVH or the noise, vibration, and harshness tests, along with other durability tests, make sure that the set only offers the highest quality assurance of their products to the customers.

The ACDelco Professional brake pads are flat pads which are equipped with frictional materials. It has a high-quality design, durability and braking performance under the name of ACDelco.

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5. Akebono ACT905 ProACT Brake Pad Set

Akebono ACT905 Disc Brake Pad Kit
  • Ultimate upgrade for OE semi-metallic, organic and low-metallic brake pads
  • Ultra-Quiet - controls noise, vibration and harshness levels
  • Superior initial effectiveness with no required break-in period
  • Extremely rotor friendly for longer rotor life
  • Vehicle optimized ceramic formula for superior performance

Akebono is a top name in the Japanese automobile industry and has also earned its top spot in domestic and overseas brake experts. It is specifically committed to giving precision through its time-tested approach.

With the Akebono’s Original Equipment standards, it has created the Akebono ACT905 ProACT ceramic brake pads. These pads are designed to provide maximum braking experience for the majority of vehicles with the use of vehicle-optimized friction formulations to help eliminate the NVH or the noise, vibration, and harshness. These pads also work to minimize wheel dust and increase durability and smooth braking performance.

The Akebono ACT905 brake pad set is made to assure you of smooth and quiet brakes. Aside from the quieter braking, the ProACT is made with ceramic pads to give enhanced initial effectiveness with no break-in required, high fade resistance, and an ultra-low dusting to ensure you of much cleaner wheels. It is compatible with the modern aluminum and open-wheel designs which effectively help minimize dusting.

The smooth braking properties of the ProACT brake pads offer a consistent and smooth braking power that can work just as well under various types of driving conditions.

These pads are also equipped with panic stops. These ultra-premium brake pads have the Akebono’s braking expertise being one of the largest suppliers of OEM friction brake pads.

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Types of Bike Brake Pads

In choosing a replacement top brake pads, it is important to know the basics about brake pads. This will help you to find what exactly it is that you need in your vehicle, what fits exactly, and what right type of brake pad to use.

The first important thing to know about brake pads is that they have at least two main types.

1) Rim Brake Pads – Rim brake pads have mounted ends at the brake’s two pivoted cantilever arms which use the wheel’s rotating wheel as the braking surface. Rim brake pads are commonly used on road and city bikes, and BMX. It is mostly preferred because of its lightweight design and mechanical simplicity.

Rim brake pads also have two brake types which are the caliper and the cantilever brake pads.

2) Disc Brake Pads – While rim brake pads use the rim as the braking surface, disc brake pads use a disk-like metal that is mounted at the hub of the wheel at its braking surface. This disk rotates through the caliper which is what contains the brake pads. The resulting friction from the pads to the rotor is what slows down the bike.

Disk brake pads are widely used in MTB bikes and other road bikes.

Types of Car Brake Pads

The braking system of a car is not a single component. It is a system of collective car parts that have to work together in order for the car to either slow down or stop. Using an incorrect brake pad which is not fit will affect the car’s stopping distance and will sometimes cause unnecessary accidents. This is why using the right type of brake pad is essential.

It is important to know the 3 best types of brake pads commonly used in a car.

1) Metallic Brake Pads – The most common type of brake pads that you can find in most cars today is the metallic brake pads. It is created through a unique blend of various metals. Metallic brake pads are also affordable and durable enough to offer an excellent performance.

This type of brake pads is well-suited to be installed in small types of cars which are not used for aggressive driving.

2) Organic Brake Pads – Organic materials such as rubber and glass are used to make organic brake pads along with resin that serves as the binding agent. Asbestos was the main material used for organic brake pads in earlier years but since it has the tendency to create dust and is not good for the health and our environment, it has been long been replaced with more natural materials. Compared to metallic brake pads, the organic type of brake pads are much lighter in weight and produce little to no noise.

Organic brake pads are the best brakes for cars that are small. These brake pads are extremely smooth which means they can wear out even faster.

3) Ceramic Brake Pads – The best ceramic brake pads are designed for the type of vehicles that work under high performance such as high speeds, sharp turns, and frequent stops. Because of the much higher performance the ceramic brake pads can offer, they often come a little more expensive compared to other brake pad types.

This type of brake pad is commonly used for performance cars or racing cars.

Brake Pad Buying Guideline

It is very important to choose what are the best brake pads based on your car’s requirements. Choosing the best brakes for cars will also depend on the type of car you are using.

1) Light and Compact Cars – Light and compact cars do not require much force to stop compared to heavier vehicles such as trucks. Having the organic brake pads on this type of car will just work fine. Organic brake pads just have enough power to stop light and compact cars. They are also quieter than the other types of brake pads and are more inexpensive.

However, organic brake pads can somehow get dust build-up over time, so you can then choose to substitute them ceramic brakes.

2) Medium-Sized Cars – Because of the increase in dimensions of medium-sized cars as compared to compact cars, the former cars will require slightly beefier brake pads, such as the low metallic brake pad set. The additional metal component in this type of brake pad has just the stopping power required to stop a medium-sized car. However, this can somehow create a little noise.

3) Sports Cars – One of the features of a sports car is its high speed that can go from 0 to 60 mph in just seconds. This type of car also needs the same power to go from 60 mph back to 0 mph just as fast. Sports cars more often need a semi-metallic kind of brake pad to effectively work alongside the characteristics of the car.

4) SUVs, Vans, and Trucks – SUVs, vans, and trucks are heavy-duty vehicles which also require an equivalent heavy-duty type of brake pad sets. Also, the weight of this type of cars needs the type of brake pad which has high breaking power. This type of car more likely needs semi-metallic brake pad sets or those with higher metal content.

Although the metallic type of brake pads can be a little noisier, the general rule about braking power is that the more metal content a brake has, the higher is its braking power.

Warning Signs to Change Brake Pads

Brakes are among the main components of a car as well as the car’s safety system. Problems in brakes can give a lot of hassle and inconvenience which more often lead to mishaps that are otherwise avoidable. Thus, it is important to maintain and have good brake pads all the time.

Doing a regular maintenance check on a car is required no matter what the type of car you have. This includes checking if the brakes work excellently and if not, they should then be replaced immediately. Hearing an unusual noise in your brakes whenever you use them is one of the early warning signs that they already need to be replaced.

Another warning sign whenever the brakes malfunction is when applying brakes to the car, the car pulls to the side. This can mean either a leakage of brake fluid or the brakes are already worn out and need to be replaced with the best aftermarket brake pads.

Bad vibrations on either the steering wheel or the brake pedal whenever you apply the brakes should not be taken for granted. This often happens when the brake rotors are already damaged and need to be replaced. Some pedal problems such as when the brake pads become hard to press down is another warning sign of brake malfunction.

Practice regular maintenance check up on the brakes to make sure they are under excellent condition. Consulting a qualified technician is also necessary at some point, especially for a more thorough check. Inspections and regular maintenance procedures can help prevent any potential problems on the brakes of the car.


When driving whatever type of car, it is always important to practice and maintain safety. This includes having regular maintenance checks to know if the car and its components work well. As one of the safety pillars in a car, the brakes should always be in good condition.

Whenever there are signs that the brakes malfunction and are damaged, changing it immediately is necessary. Choosing a brake pad replacement will depend on the requirements of the car you are using. The ceramic brake pads, although they can be quite expensive, have the most excellent features for brake pads and even meet the requirements of high-performance vehicles.

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