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Best Car Alarm Reviews

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Best Car Alarm

Wanting to have the best car alarm system means wanting to protect your car, because every vehicle owner will always want to protect his or her valuable investment, and car alarm systems are just the perfect thing. While newer car models already come with built-in alarm systems, the older models, on the other hand, might need a good replacement.

So, if you need such equipment for your vehicle, then you’re on the right page! These systems can incredibly and effectively deter thieves from breaking into your vehicle or from stealing some valuable items like the stereo, for instance. It also gives you an extra benefit, considering the insurance companies that offer low rates on cars with alarm systems.

Without a doubt, car alarms have become a necessity for vehicle owners nowadays, protecting the passengers, possessions, and the overall investment simultaneously. As a probable buyer, here is helpful information, surrounding the technology, giving you the best options through the car alarm reviews and buying guidelines, provided in this article.

Best Car Alarm Reviews

1. Avital 4103LX Remote Start System

Avital 4105L 1-Way Remote Start System with 4-Button Remote
  • Avital remote start system includes two 4-buttom remotes with up to one and a half mile range
  • Lock, unlock, trunk release, and remote start
  • Fault-proof starter interrupt - Keep your car where you parked it with this layer of protection against “hot-wiring” by car thieves.
  • Dual-Zone impact sensor - Detects blows or impacts to your vehicle with this 2-stage sensor that can react either with chirps or the full wrath of the siren.
  • Directed SmartStart Compatible

The Avital 4103LX Remote Start System garners a top customer rating. This car alarm comes with 2 4-button remotes while requiring a BYPASS Module for its installation. It is a remote start car system that includes two remote transmitters with an optional panic mode that will sound the alarm and flash the parking lights.

It is one of the top-rated auto alarms today, featuring a valet mode, which tends not to arm the entire security system with its remote transmitter. The valet take-over mode will allow the car to remain running once the key has been detached from the car. The remote start setting, on the other hand, lets you remotely start your vehicle and operate it for a certain period.

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Unlike the sub-standard systems, the Avital 4103LX requires professional assistance throughout its installation, while requiring additional accessories for most 2007 models or newer models. Featuring a keyless entry design, the Avital 4103LX is the smallest-sized remote ever. It is suitable for OEM keyless remotes that have been included in the factory key. It is also a long-range remote in a very compact package.

This is the best car alarm for many actual users, considering its exclusive A-to-D converter that eliminates the necessity for any tachometer wire connection. Hence, it boasts the latest Virtual Tach technology. Its amazing design quickly connects your system to other devices through D2D cables.

The two remotes with separate AUX outputs lets you perform not only remote start, but also lock, unlock, and trunk release capabilities. The Avital 4103LX is certainly a worth considering car alarm system. Read our detailed review of the Avital 4103LX here.

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2. Viper 5305V Car Security

Viper 5305V Way Car Security system, which also includes a remote start system, plus a 5-button sidekick LCD transmitter. It is a 4-channel security system, featuring trunk and door triggers and a one-mile range.

This Viper car alarm claims to be a complete security system with a user-friendly interface, text screen, and icons on the LCD display. Such a feature allows you to monitor and command your car with simple buttons. The 5-button sidekick LCD transmitter also allows you to control 24 different functions.

It has the slimmest display remote ever but is packed with no less than the latest technology. Besides being a security system, the Viper 5706V is also capable of functioning as a remote start. Once you’ve activated the Active Temp Check mode, this equipment displays the temperature in your vehicle. The Runtime reset, on the other hand, allows for extending the runtime and reaching the perfect condition.

The Revenger siren tone will notify you of any suspicious acts with your car, alarming instantly within range. All the more, it features a Micro-USB charging port for charging additional devices when necessary. As per customer reviews, the Viper 5305V indicates satisfied customers, saying that the system is amazing, unlike any other.

It is one of the most reliable alarm systems for cars, considering its extreme range, making it perfect especially during the winter. The convenient screen instantly notifies you of what is happening with your car, while the battery lasts longer than others.

The levels of arming include the silent arm, sensor bypass, defogger switch, temperature request, and more. Surely, there are lots of advanced commands that you can use with the Viper 5706V for added and utmost convenience. Read our Viper 5706V review.

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3. Viper 4105V 1-Way Remote Start System

Viper 4105V 1-Way Remote Start System
  • Remote Start And Keyless Entry System Remote Start Function Is For Fuel Injected, Diesel, And Hybrid Vehicles With Automatic Transmissions Only
  • Two 4-Button 1-Way Transmitters - Up To 1500-Foot Range Car Finder Flashes Lights Five Times Slowly
  • Panic Mode Requires Horn Circuit To Be Connected Clone-Safe Code-Hopping For Added Security - Two Auxiliary Channels For Adding Functions
  • Clone-Safe Code-Hopping for added security

Next up is the Viper 4105V is a one-way remote start system and a keyless entry system that functions in diesel-injected, fuel-injected, and hybrid cars with automatic transmissions.

Also from Viper, this auto alarm features 2 4-button one-way transmitters that can reach a maximum of 1500-foot range. The car finder mode slowly flashes lights five times, while offering clone-safe and code-hopping features for additional security. However, the panic mode needs a horn circuit in connecting the latter settings.

With a simple push of a button, you can customize the temperature in your car, based on your personal preference. The buttons also let you lock or unlock your car, while allowing you to either arm or disarm a factory alarm in most cars. Moreover, the two auxiliary channels lets you add functions like opening your trunk or lowering your windows.

The Viper 4105V model is compatible with other Smart Start modules from Viper, making it very flexible equipment as you can use your Smartphone in starting your car without a limited range.

Similar to the previous car security from Viper, this model has also created a lot of happy customers, saying that the price is fair, even considering the affordable cost of installation. While the cold weather timer seems to be a small feature, it is among the selling points of this system, including the shutdown security mode.

Indeed, the Viper 4105V is an amazing system at a fair price, while considered a trusted company in terms of alarm systems and remote starts. It is a highly-recommend product by actual and happy customers worldwide. Read our Viper 4105V review here.

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4. Pyle PWD701 4-Button Remote Door Lock Vehicle Security System

This advanced system from Pyle secures your car as how you want it to, enjoying the endless benefits through wireless security technology via remote control.

The Pyle PWD701 is the best car security system as the entire kit includes 2 4-button transmitters, a valet or override switch, an LED status indicator, a dual-stage impact detector, and an anti-carjack function. You will enjoy all these features of a modern system, alerting you, while scaring off burglars through its 120dB 2-tone siren.

Furthermore, activating the remote chirp lets you find your vehicle within a crowded garage. You can also choose between active and passive arming, depending on your situation. This system is certainly extendable, allowing a remote keyless entry, power windows, and automatic start, although such features are optional.

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Without a doubt, the PWD701 is the latest line-up from Pyle, offering an integral relay for the parking lights and other reliable performance at an affordable price. This system lets you enjoy more features without shelling out extra cash, securing your car through the remote transmitters, anti-carjack feature, and ignition controlled locks.

Surely, this model is worth considering when it comes to the best car alarm on the market due to its jam-packed features that you can enjoy for a long period without paying more. Unlike other alarms out there, the PWD701 offers the highest levels of alert for optimum security. Read our PWD701 detailed review.

5. Python 5706P Responder LC3 SST 2-Way Security

Python 5706P Responder LC3 SST 2-Way Security with Remote Start System
  • LCD 2-way security & remote-start system
  • 1 Responder LCD SuperCode 2-way remote & one 5-button 1-way remote
  • Remotes operate up to 1-mile range with SST
  • Stinger DoubleGuard Shock Sensor
  • Neo Revenger Soft Chirp 6-tone siren

Finally, the Python 5706P Responder deserves its 4.5-Star rating. This LC3 SST 2-Way Security is also offering a remote start system. Also functioning as a pager car alarm, this equipment features a one-mile range like many other models on the market.

Its 5-button remote control is very slim, making it very convenient to carry around. Undoubtedly, this model is one of the best car alarms today that boasts Stinger and DoubleGuard Shock sensors. It also features Neo Revenger and Soft Chirp 6-tone siren, unlike any other.

The Python 5706P is a Guaranteed Protection Plan for many vehicles, both on the road and in the garage. Its Data-to-Data or D2D feature allows hybrids and remote starters to flawlessly communicate with their compatible XpressKit interface. The exclusive SuperCode feature, on the other hand, defines the functionality and versatility of the Python 5706P Responder, replacing the hardware-based Clone-Safe and Code-Hopping modes.

Among the top car alarms on the market, this model is a multi-car operation, allowing users to enjoy virtually all the promising operations for two cars, controlled by a single remote. The two-way notifications and confirmations allow for various commands and events.

Being a piece of Smart Start-compatible equipment, the Python 5706P allows for Smartphone controllability in locking or arming, unlocking or disarming, remote start, panic mode, trunk release, car finder feature, and its 2-way ability and multi-user capacity.

Indeed, this is the best auto alarm with a rugged and user-friendly remote with a convenient, built-in rechargeable battery, impressive range, and many other useful functions. Read our Python 5706P review here!

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Car Alarm Buying Guide

The modern car security systems offered on the market today are very powerful, providing intelligent and sophisticated options. As a probable buyer of such equipment, it is wise to equip yourself with accurate information, surrounding this product. By doing so, you’ll determine the exact model and features you’d want in protecting your car. So, here are the major factors to consider when buying alarm systems.

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While many car alarms tend to go off once the driver’s door is opened, there are models that go off if any of the doors is opened. An impact sensor is a very good additional feature to such systems, triggering the alarm when someone tries to break in the car or the trunk.

This option is wise to install in the most vulnerable areas, allowing the glass break sensor in triggering the alarm once it senses a breaking window. A radar sensor, on the other hand, makes use of radar both outside and inside the car so as to detect movement, and such an option is independently adjustable.

Thief Thwarts

Another thing to consider will be thief thwarts or a door deadlock that stops the car doors from being opened. While thieves try to find their way through your car illegally, this helpful feature will surely thwart a thief. Perhaps, you might want to consider getting dynamic codes that change constantly, frustrating the thieves to use a code grabber.

The best car alarm systems may also offer a driver-side priority function, integrating a biometric fingerprint reader that only allows the owner or driver of the car to start it.

Remote Control

Of course, the remote control is a top priority. Having a keyless entry system, such as the reviewed products above, will let you enjoy the utmost convenience like locking and unlocking the doors, setting the alarm, deactivating the alarm, and so on.

It offers a panic button, which is very useful in busy parking lots and other emergency situations. It is also wise to have a remote with auxiliary channels that allows you to add optional sensors.


The interface is primarily the go-between for the new and the factory security system. The interface communicates with your vehicle’s computer, allowing you to perform some customization with it. Optionally, the immobilizer feature lets you shut down the ignition once the alarm goes off.

Moreover, the interface module lets you eliminate hours of installation, resistors, and relays. Modern interfaces allow you to install them on different vehicles, giving you control over factory-installed systems.

Remote Start

The best car alarm features a remote start, offering the utmost convenience to any car owner. This feature also requires installation and integration with the entire alarm system. The remote start also lets you configure it with your Smartphone for added comfort and convenience. Modern models allow you to use your Smartphone in starting your car or finding it within a certain range. However, make sure that the model is compatible with your Smartphone device.

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The range is also a top priority when shopping for top car alarm systems. It is a very important factor, and choosing the longest range is always the best option. To date, the farthest range of security systems offers a maximum of one-mile, an impressive feature that surely gives you optimum convenience, regardless your location or your car’s location.

Automatic Rearm

The auto rearm option functions for a certain period of inactivity, rearming the car automatically in case you forget to set the alarm. Hence, this feature is significantly helpful for forgetful people.

Ignition Controlled Locks

Once the ignition is activated, the system will lock the car doors automatically. Such option in alarm systems prevents car jackers and thieves from taking over your car, keeping you safe, while moving or parked.

Trunk Opener

Functioning as a keyless entry system, a car alarm may also be used in opening the trunk of your car. It offers convenience and protection to whatever it is stored in the trunk without having to use your car keys or manually opening the trunk through a button inside the vehicle.

Car Finder

The car finder option lets you push a button through the remote, triggering your car’s alarm so as you can find its exact location. While it is not a necessity in most cases, this feature can still become useful in certain circumstances. This feature is most useful when you parked in a crowded or public space, especially when there are lots of identical models as your car.

Alarm Type

Depending on your personal choice, you can choose between two types of alarm system for cars. These types include the passive and the active type, whereas, passive alarms tend to activate automatically once the car doors have been closed and the engine has been shut down.

Active alarms, on the other hand, require you to manually arm the entire system. While both types can be effective, choosing a passive system offers wide ranges of benefits, convenience, and additional options.


Over and above, you should examine all the available options of auto alarm systems on the market. It is sensible to identify your needs or preferences, while searching for such car equipment. It is also wise to read about product reviews and descriptions, taking note of the product’s customer ratings. By doing so, you will have an adequate idea of the most reliable tools, based on the experience of actual users.

In a nutshell, car alarm companies are now offering consumers with high-performance and versatile security systems, meeting the needs and requirements of every car owner in protecting their vehicles from burglars, thieves, or carjackers.

Top rated car alarms do not only provide protection, but also convenience, safety, and peace of mind for the car owners and their family members, making it a sensible investment in protecting another valuable investment.

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