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Best Car Battery Charger Reviews

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Best Car Battery Charger

Cars require regular and specific maintenance in order to function. A dead car battery can be a huge inconvenience. Turning the key in the ignition but then nothing happens; this can surely ruin a day and all the travel plans for that day.

If you are a smart car owner, you will probably have an auto battery charger with you. This will save you the time in waiting for someone to jump-start your car.

However, in choosing the best car battery charger, there are factors to consider in making sure you get the best battery charger there is. This includes the type of battery charger you need, the right size, and the specific features of the best auto battery charger that you need.

Best Car Battery Charger Review

1. Schumacher SC-1200A SpeedCharge Battery Charger

Schumacher SC-1200A-CA SpeedCharge 12Amp 6/12V Fully Automatic Battery Charger
  • 12A Rapid Charger
  • 6A Charger
  • 3A Maintainer for Premium Charging Applications
  • 12 Amp fully automatic microprocessor controlled battery charger
  • Automatically adjusts the amperage rate to charge and maintain batteries

The Schumacher Electronic Corporation has been on the top list of the makers of high-quality car battery chargers for years. Aside from being one of the most popular in the industry for many consumers, they have also become the NASCAR’s official supplier of jump starts, inverters, and battery chargers. This speaks highly of their reputation in the industry.

The SC-1200A SpeedCharge car battery charger is one of the highly rated chargers in Schumacher battery chargers reviews.

One of the great features this Schumacher battery charger can offer is its broad range of batteries. It has 2-amp for slow charging, 8-amp for medium charging, and a 12-amp for the fastest yet safe battery charging.

The Schumacher SC-1200A SpeedCharge also comes with an automatic microprocessor control to help monitor and prevent overcharging.

It also includes other multiple functions such as multi-state charging, testing, and maintenance for ensured safety and longer battery life. This battery charger is also designed with an electronic push button switches for easy control of the functions and processes.

With the built-in advanced technology of the Schumacher SC-1200A SpeedCharge, you can charge your car’s battery twice faster than other conventional chargers. This can work very well on conventional automotive, AGM, deep cycle, or gel-cel types.

This battery charger is equipped with a retractable handle for easy and quick transport. This retractable handle also doubles as a very convenient cord wrap for the power cord and clamp cables.

50-amp clamps are also included in the Schumacher SC-1200A battery charger for both the top and side-mounted posts. With all its features in a full-proof design, it definitely earned its spot on the list of the best automotive battery charger.

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2. NOCO GENIUS 6V and 12V Portable Car Battery Charge

NOCO Genius G3500 6V/12V 3.5 Amp Battery Charger and Maintainer
  • The most versatile all-in-one battery charger any vehicle owner would need to quickly recharge its battery in hours, including cars, boats, trucks, RVS, tractors and much more up to 120 amp-hours.
  • Perfect for keeping your vehicles fully charged and maintained during year-round battery maintenance or long-term storage for improved performance and longevity.
  • Works with all types of 6-volt and 12-volt lead-Acid batteries, including wet, gel, and AGM, or any common automotive, deep-cycle, marine, or maintenance-free battery.
  • Keep your battery fully charged without worry or overcharge. Simply plug-in and let our advanced charging technology automatically monitor and maintain your battery.
  • Use our advanced repair mode to reverse the damaging effects when batteries are left uncharged for extended periods to improve battery performance and longevity.

When it comes to a car battery charger, the bigger one is not always the better. One that is considered as a best portable car battery charger is the new Noco Genius.

It is 97 percent smaller compared to some conventional car battery chargers but is 98 percent more efficient.

The battery is the next-generation smart car battery charger, designed through the latest battery-charging technology. This is built in a high-efficiency and high-frequency platform that can convert up to 30,000 times faster compared to the traditional chargers.

The G3500 is extremely compact, lightweight, and portable because of its efficient energy consumption. This also complies with the regulations of the California Energy Commission.

Ultimate versatility is something the Noco Genius car battery charger is proud of, which makes it top-rated in most car battery charger reviews. It is the ultimate version of seven car battery chargers in one.

Conventional battery chargers can only do some specific function and will require a separate charger for another. However, with the NOCO GENIUS5, you get a multi-purpose battery charger for your car.

The NOCO GENIUS5 is one of the best 12-volt battery chargers with 12V Small, Norm, and Cold/AGM mode that are designed to charge small battery applications which are perfect for motorcycles and ATVs.

It also has a 6V norm mode for charging deep cycle 6V lead-acid batteries, gel-cell, and wet cell. Its 12V Lithium mode is designed for lithium-ion batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries.

The NOCO GENIUS5 also comes with a 12V Repair Mode which is a progressive recovery method for sulfate and 12V batteries.

This NOCO GENIUS has a smart battery charger technology that can monitor battery activity without any user intervention. This smart technology makes the battery even safer to leave connected without the risk of overcharging the battery.

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3. Black and Decker BC15BD Battery Charger

BLACK+DECKER BC15BD Fully Automatic 15 Amp 12V Bench Battery Charger/Maintainer with 40A Engine Start, Alternator Check, Cable Clamps
  • 15 amp bench battery charger maintains and charges any AGM, GEL, or WET automotive or marine 12V battery .AC Low-voltage compensation ensures maximum performance when used with extension cords 40 amp Engine Start: re-start most vehicles in up to 90 seconds keeps the battery at optimal capacity during off-season
  • Fully automatic high frequency charging delivers 3 stage charging, automatically switching from fast charge, to top-off, to trickle charge
  • Battery reconditioning feature helps extend battery life; 40 amp engine start helps start your vehicle in about 90 seconds
  • Equipped with reverse polarity protection; LCD screen displays charging status and battery status with easy to understand icons
  • Features a patented alternator check which indicates if the alternator is maintaining battery level; ETL Certified for performance and safety

The Black and Decker battery charger has been on the top of the industry for years and has yet again made one of the top battery chargers with its BC15BD 15 Amp car battery charger.

It is designed through a patented 40A Engine Start Timer technology that can help optimize the power of the battery in just about 8 minutes. This will make sure that the battery is charged at its highest charging capacity in just the shortest time possible.

The Black and Decker BC15BD is fully automated and has 3 built-in charging options, fast charge, the top off, and the trickle.

It also includes various patented features that make it one of the best in the market. It has an alternator and a check gauge for battery voltage which you can clearly view on the LCD monitoring screen.

The large LCD screen uses icons that are easy to understand with the displayed information such as the electrical charge of the alternator and battery. It can also send alerts for disconnected battery clamps.

With the Black and Decker BC15BD car battery charger, you don’t have to change settings like battery type and size. You can just easily plug in the charger and it will do all the work for you.

It is both safer with the CEC compliance and ETL certification and fast charging that are 40 percent faster than other conventional chargers. With this Black and Decker car battery charger, you get a worry-free charging.

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4. Stanley BC25BS Battery Charger

STANLEY BC25BS Smart 12V Battery Charger for Car/Marine Charging
  • Dependable and safe to use; In an emergency, the 75-amp engine start helps jump start your vehicle in about 90 seconds
  • Successfully maintains the battery on any AGM, GEL, or WET automotive or marine 12V battery with the push of a button
  • High-frequency smart charging technology keeps battery at an optimal charge and automatically switches from fast charge, to top-off, to trickle charge
  • Allows you to monitor and charge your battery in the quickest and safest way possible; Provides extended longevity
  • Front of battery charger features four different options; LCD screen displays battery status with understandable icons

The Stanley BC25BS bench battery charger is a great way to have for emergency purposes when you’re on a road trip. It has all the features you need for your car battery that needs maintenance and for cars that won’t start. It works easily as just connecting the battery charger clamps into the battery charger itself and pressing the charge button.

The Stanley BC25BS will automatically charge your battery for optimum performance. It is designed with a fast and high-frequency technology that can provide 3 stages of charging for specific purposes. It can automatically switch from the fast charge to top off or to the trickle charge.

The BC25BS can also charge for motor homes, lawn tractors, jet skis, and even generators.

Stanley BC25BS is one of the most advanced car battery chargers in the market with its digital LCD screen. You can easily view the charging status of your battery with its easy-to-understand icons.

This charger also features a patented alternator monitor to check for the battery voltage and to easily identify if the alternator maintains the battery level.

The Stanley BC25BS also comes with a patented Engine Start Timer to increase the battery level in no time. This is fully automatic that can charge 40 percent faster than other conventional car battery chargers. It also features a built-in cord, cable wrap, and clamp storage which makes it easier to use and to store this car battery charger.

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5. Beatit 600A Portable Car Jump Starter

The new Beatit 600A car jump starter is a must have for every car owner based on many 12v battery charger reviews. It can jump start a 4.0 liters diesel engine or a 5.5 liters gas engine about 30 times in a single charge compared to another conventional battery charger.

It also features a compass in the battery charger surface which is a great addition whenever you happen to be stranded in an unknown place. This also features a power indicator which will help you use the remaining power better.

This tool is designed to be both powerful and compact. With its rather large battery capacity of 14,000 mAh, you can jump start motorcycles, oil boat, a sleigh, and a passenger car of any size.

This car battery charger also features a smart IQC charging technology so you can also charge phones, camera, tablets, and other devices up to its 2.1 amps port. The Beatit 600A has a very compact design for easy storage; you can even put it inside your glove box.

The Beatit 600A is designed to be ultra-safe and mistake-proof along with its spark-proof technology and a reverse polarity protection.

It also features over current protection, overload protection, and a short circuit protection in its cables, circuit boards, and CPU. This best 12-volt battery charger makes it safe enough to connect to any type or size of the battery.

The Beatit 600A portable car jump starter includes a set with jump cable clamp, 12V car charger, 12V wall charger, cable, and a portable compressive case.

Types of Car Battery Charger

The car battery charger to use will depend on the type and size of the battery that is being charged. Some battery types can withstand overcharging while other types cannot. They require manual disconnection or the specific type of charger with voltage sensing circuits.

So, it is important to choose the right type of car battery charger suitable for the charger you are using.

1) Simple Charger – The simple type of car battery charger can simply supply a constant DC power source into the battery you are charging. It doesn’t alter the power output based on charge or time of charging which means it needs manual disconnection when the battery is fully charged to avoid overcharging.

This is the least expensive of all the car battery charger types; however, it often takes a longer time to charge a battery.

2) Trickle Charger – The best trickle chargers have low current battery charger of about 1 to 1500 mA. It is typically used for small capacity batteries from 2 to 30 Ah or batteries in cars, boats, and RV’s with less than 30 Ah.

3) Time-Based Battery Charger – The timer-based car battery charger is the most common among the high-capacity Ni-Cd cells. The power output of this type of battery charger is terminated after a certain time set.

4) Smart Battery Charger – A smart type of car battery charger can monitor the voltage of the battery, time, and temperature of the charge to identify the maximum charge current. The power output given by a smart car battery charger will depend on the battery’s state. It will automatically terminate the charging when the optimum charge is achieved.

This type of car battery charger is also much faster to charge batteries compared to the others but is often more expensive.

Buying Guide: Specs and Features to Look for in a Battery Charger

Aside from the charger type to consider when buying a car battery charger, there are also certain specifications and features you have to look for. This will make sure you get the best car battery charger, something dependable and can do what needs to be done efficiently and safely.

 Peak Amperes

The peak ampere specification is the measurement of the current draw per millisecond. You can find this information in every car battery charger. A number of peak amperes basically measure the component’s quality rather than the charging capability.

Just remember, the higher the peak ampere means the more current the car battery charger can provide without damaging itself.

Jump Start Amperage

Only about 75 amps minimum is required to start a car. However, this will also depend on the type of the car you are using and depending on the weather. Larger cars will need higher jump start amperage from the car battery charger. A cold weather climate also needs a battery charger with higher jump start amperage.

Average Charge Time 

Depending on the type of car battery charger you are using, the time of charging will also vary. The most basic car battery charger can take up about 2 to 10 hours of charging time. A smart type of car battery charger can give a much lesser charging time to achieve the battery’s optimum charging, however, this can be more expensive.

Ease of Use 

Another specification that is important in a car battery charger is its ease of use. You will probably want it to be easy to navigate. It should give a clear display of the charger status with controls that are simple and easy to understand.

A complete instruction manual upon the purchase of the car battery charger will help. This manual should include both the proper use of the charger and its safety considerations.

Charger Compatibility

The compatibility of the car battery charger will depend on the type of battery to be charged. This is one of the most important factors to consider in making sure you are buying the certain type of charge your battery needs.

The type of the car you have will also affect in choosing the car battery charger to use, especially for the type of cars that requires a special kind of battery.

Reverse Polarity Warning 

A reverse polarity warning is a special feature of a car battery charger. This will indicate if the cables are hooked correctly in its designated post. This is also a safety feature for every car battery charger.

Automatic Charging 

Different types of the charger can operate differently. A basic car battery charger is mostly operated manually and the smart ones are mostly automated.

Manual charger basically needs some manual tracking and monitoring of the charging process. This can be unsafe and dangerous when you forget all about it and the battery becomes overcharged.

Modern types of battery chargers are automatic which can automatically stop the charging process whenever the optimum charging capacity is achieved. Although this type of car battery charger can come as expensive, they are surely worth for safety and longer life for the batteries.

Alternator Tester

Basic car battery chargers provide normal reading but with the advanced type of chargers, there is an alternator tested feature. This can identify and provide the alternator voltage and the estimate of the output of the alternator.

Tips for Optimal Charging of Batteries

It takes at least 5 years for a battery to require a recharge, provided that it is taken good care of. You can just recharge a battery when the car refuses to start. However, when a car needs a frequent recharging, this means the car battery is already of poor quality and probably needs to be replaced.

A car battery doesn’t require to be charged as fast as possible. A slow battery charging is even better since it allows the battery to hold the charge for a much longer time. This makes the best trickle charger an excellent choice. To achieve the optimum charging of a car battery, it is important that they are in excellent condition.

The battery terminals should be clean before charging it. If there are whitish powder on the battery terminals, wipe it with sandpaper. This is a dried sulfuric acid and can burn skin, so avoid touching it with bare hands. When charging, make sure that before you attach the charger cables to the battery, the car is already turned off.

When the battery still doesn’t work even after recharging, you might need to get it replaced already.


There are certain factors to consider when choosing a battery charger for cars. The type of the car battery charger needs to be considered to be able to buy what is compatible with the battery of your car. The common and basic specifications are also important to consider so you can get a top-rated automotive battery charger.

Although modern and newer versions of best portable car charger can come a little bit expensive, they can offer certain features that make a charger the best one in the market.

A portable car battery charger cab is easy to transport and store in the car. On the other hand, a smart type of charger can give optimum charging capacity which also offers safety features like no other.

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