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Best Car Covers Reviews (Updated)

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Best Car Covers

You need the best car covers in order to protect your vehicle while it is parked outdoors or even in your garage. Particularly, there are damaging effects coming from airborne particles when frequently in contact with your car’s exterior. Outside, your car may also be prone to damages due to animal scratches, acid rain, ultraviolet rays, bird droppings, and even unintended falling materials.

The choice of the product to buy is as sensitive as finding the right car paint to lengthen the lifespan of your fleet. A car cover may do more harm than good at times, particularly if it is not suited well for your vehicle. When a heavy wind strikes, it may flap against your car, leading to more serious scratches.

Best Car Cover Review

1. Leader Accessories Basic Guard 3 Layers

Leader Accessories Basic Guard Sedan Car Cover Breathable Indoor Use and Limited Outdoor Use Up to 200"
  • SIZE FITMENT- Cover Dimension 200'' L x 61''W x 50.5''H. Leader Accessories SedanCar Cover Fit Most Model, Adjustable Elastic Hem Around Cover's Bottoms For Snug Fit. Please Measure Your Car's Length First.
  • MATERIAL- 1.Leader Accessories Auto Cover Made Of Breathable Non-woven Fabric 2. Soft Material Protect Paint From Scratch
  • WINDPROOF DESIGN - Straps With Buckle At the Middle To Secure Car Cover In Heavy Wind From Blowing Off.
  • PROTECTION FUNCTION - Leader Accessories Car Cover Is Perfect For Indoor And Outdoor Use. Protects Your Vehicle From UV Rays, Dirt, Dust, Leaves, Bird Dropping.
  • STORAGE BAG included.

The car cover is made from the biodegradable and environment-friendly material. Leader Accessories has a 3 layer storage bag included in the package. Moreover, it has a one-year product warranty, specifically for craftsmanship and material damage.

The product has an elastic hem that is found at the bottom for a perfect fit. In case it does not fit suitably, you may ask the manufacturer for replacement without questions. Additionally, this is the best car cover for sun since it has ultraviolet protection and breathability feature.

Compared to other covers, Leader Accessories has more extras. Upon delivery, you will find it professionally packaged with a carrying bag you could use to store the cover in the trunk. Many have also commended the product for having two adhesive patches that are meant for antennas.

Although the car cover is thicker than its counterparts, it will never be difficult to fit in your car. Moreover, it is softer than its looks. Since its material is not as rough as others, it could keep your car’s finish or paint from being scratched.

If you want to protect your car from bird droppings, dents, dust, mildew, and scratches, this is a product to consider. In spite of not being described as a waterproof product, it is usable while raining.


  • Easy to take off
  • Prevents wind movement of cover
  • Comes with storage bag
  • Lasts long
  • May be an all-weather cover


  • Too small

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2. XCAR Car Cover Breathable Dust Prevention

XCAR Car Cover Breathable Dust Prevention -Fits Sedan Hatchback Up to 200 Inch in Length
  • Universal Fit: Fits most cars regardless of make and model.
  • Fabric: Features breathable, water repellent fabric that offers UV protection.
  • Double Stitch Seams and Elastic Hems: Provides a snug fit and ensures durability.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use: Protects your car from the elements, whether it's parked inside or outside.
  • Easy Installation: Quick and easy to install, making it convenient to use whenever needed.

This product is a considerable best waterproof car cover that is made of fabric with added ultraviolet protection. Though it is a highly robust product, XCAR car cover is breathable and easy to use. However, it was clarified by the manufacturer that it is best used indoors and limitedly outdoors.

The universal fit of the product is also enhanced with lock and free cable. It could fit perfectly with its elastic hems. Rest assured it will not tear up quickly due to its double stitch seams.

XCAR car cover is considered as one of the top rated car covers for it is very affordable compared to other products available. Apart from its UV and water resistance, you could also expect it to prevent debris, dust, and moisture from causing damage to your car’s finish. Since it has a snug fit design, there will be no loose areas when using it.

According to its manufacturer, you may use it for Jaguar XJ, Ford Taurus, BMW ALPINA B7, Audi A8, Chevrolet Impala, and Mercedes-Benz S-Class among others.


  • Has elastic material at the bottom
  • Slippery material to keep elements at bay
  • Comes with straps for wind movement control
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Affordable


  • Not easy to use

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3. OxGord 4-Layer Full Car Covers for Automobiles

OxGord 4-Layer Full Car Covers for Automobiles - Small Lightweight Indoor Full Cover with UV Protection Fabric - Universal Indoor and Outdoor Ready-Fit/Semi Glove Fit - Fits up to 168 Inches
  • PROTECTED: OxGord's car cover provides tough outdoor protection combined with unmatched softness. Five (5) layers
  • SECURE: Features breathable, durable, highly water-resistant with dual outer shell. Provides UV protection against the sun.
  • BREATHABLE: Reinforced seams with breathability. Comes with front and rear elastic hems to ensure fit
  • INCLUDED: Tie-down grommets for added security against high winds, a storage pouch and antenna patch.
  • Made by a trusted company OxGord

The newly designed product from OxGord that is perfect for outdoor parking. It features four layers of materials ideal for maximum car protection. It may be your best car cover for snow since it has a layer of microporous film and three layers of spun bond polypropylene.

The product is also called semi-custom since it is made to deliver a suitable fit with the use of hatchback silhouette and automatically increasing sizing. However, it does not include mirror pockets. It simply has drawn strings and elastic hems for the front and rear bumpers.

The superior breathability of the product is well recommended for outdoor use despite excess moisture in the air. It could also keep your vehicle from strong winds since it has tie-down parts for extra security. Besides, you may also use the antenna pouch if necessary.

Though OxGord 4-Layer Ready-Fit Car Cover could resist various harsh elements in the environment, its exterior remains smooth. Even its soft outer shell is perfected with UV protection, making it the best car cover for outdoor storage.


  • Fits without loose areas
  • All-season car cover
  • Usable for big jeeps
  • Solid material


  • May require two persons when fitting

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4. Motor Trend FlexCover Waterproof Car Cover for Rain Wind

Motor Trend FlexCover Waterproof Car Cover for Rain Wind All Weather L Fits up to 190 x 70 x 50 inches
  • Distinguished Brand – Motor Trend’s Very Own Multi-Layer Car Cover Engineered to Protect Your Vehicle
  • Single Blend Polyester Cover - Provides Basic Coverage for Snow Rain & Sun (UV Protection). Our breathable woven polyester prevents moisture build up and provides heat and cold resistance
  • Double Check your Measurements for Fit. For Lengths Bumper-to-Bumper up to 190"
  • Includes Compact Storage Bag. Manufacturer Backed 1 Year .
  • Includes Lock & Cable Set which Provides Security from Theft & Light-Medium Winds

The product is marketed as an all-weather outdoor cover. Motor Trend is made from durable material that will fit snugly for your vehicle. It is not simply developed out of thin material but from several layers of strong fabric. Apart from dust, it is best used to repel tree branches, ding, dents, and bird droppings from damaging your vehicle’s exterior.

Despite covering your car without loose parts, it has a breathability factor that will sustain the temperature stability in your vehicle. It also has added ultraviolet protection for car paint. It is one of the best-rated car covers that could work on cars, vans, SUVs, and pickup trucks.

Compared to other car covers, Motor Trend J is very easy to install. It also comes with a carrier you could use to store the cover in your trunk or at home. The car cover is portable since it is lightweight and even its bag is handy.

What makes the car cover more amazing is that it could work with 3,000 vehicles. This means that it is highly suitable for your car.


  • Repels water effectively
  • Keeps car dry
  • Easy to fit and remove
  • Lightweight
  • Looks well-made


  • Short for other cars

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5. YITAMOTOR Car Cover

YITAMOTOR car cover is a vehicle protectant that could resist the damages caused by ultraviolet rays, dust, dent, snow, and water, among others, making it one of the best-rated car covers. It is a universal fit material that is usable for cars up to 208 inches. It is available in dark blue color and polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA) material.

PEVA is a material made from vinyl and plastic. It is commonly used in sports padding, plastic wraps, and car covers due to its capacity to hold up effectively. The material is also 100 percent breathable, keeping moisture from developing between your car’s paint and fabric.

Aside from the weatherproof material found at the external part of the car cover, the inside is made of soft yet thick cloth. This interior layer protects the car finish from nicks, dust, and scratches. To keep the car cover in place despite the heavy wind, it has a clip-in found in the front and rear areas of the cover.

Keeping your vehicle from theft is also easier with the car cover due to its steel strings and password locker. YITAMOTOR is among the best indoor car covers and is ideal to use in protecting Cadillac XLR, BMW M3 or Z8, Dodge, and Chevrolet models, among others.


  • Keeps car clean
  • Long-lasting fabric quality
  • Remains dry through storms
  • Maintains temperature stability
  • Sturdy fabric


  • Not recommendable for outdoor use

Types of Car Cover

Before you jump to the car cover reviews, it is necessary that you also learn more about the product. Apart from what it could do, you should also be aware of its different types, which largely depend on the material it is made of.

1) Waterproof Car Covers – These are usually made from plastic-coated fabric or plastic material. Its main objective is to prevent your car from getting exposed to acid rain. It also gets rid of condensation developing between your car and its external protection. Paint is the primary component of your car that would get affected.

Compared to the damage caused by leaving your car uncovered, water condensation when it is covered is worse. This type of car cover is valuable if you are parking your vehicle in the garage during winter. Commonly, its outer layer is made of plastic, whereas the internal part is made of fabric.

2) Water-Resistant or Breathable Car Covers – These are car covers that are available in different types of cloth, made, and weight. From the name itself, it will rebuff water or moisture. However, it ensures that the air will still circulate to prevent condensation.

Most of water-resistant car covers have ultraviolet shield against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. This means that you could also use it in case you park your car under bright sunlight. The best car cover brand is made with several layers for water-resistant coverage using boat canvas, nylon, and synthetic fabric.

3) Cotton or Polyester-Made Car Covers – These are the car covers that you may find in regular or flannel style. Most car owners prefer 100 percent cotton material, especially now that polyester may also scratch the car paint. However, this type of car cover could not repel water and be used outdoors for a long time.

Apart from the varying types of car covers in terms of material, there are also categories based on external conditions. You could begin with the lightweight outdoor car cover. This is a type of car cover for convenient on and off and car owners who park their vehicles in driveways or quiet streets.

You also have the heavyweight outdoor car cover, which is described as a protector against more serious damages. This is best used by people who have no choice but to park their vehicles on busy places and crowded lots. This car cover is often made with extra cushion.

What to Look for When Buying

You would find the best outdoor car cover if you will also consider the most important factors in purchasing the product. There are people who simply buy a car cover for it has been marketed well by the sales person. This is not the case all the time for car conditions and parking area may vary.

1) Determine your intention in using it – You should determine the aim of using a car cover so that you can get the best car cover for the money. Remember, you are not only purchasing a car cover simply because you will park your vehicle on a busy street. You also have to consider buying one even if you will store the car in your sheltered garage.

There are also cases that you may mull over using the car covers for alternative applications, such as winter shelter for animals at the farm, boat slip protection, and additional space, among others. By determining its purposes, you could easily identify the made, size, and customization requirement of the car cover.

2) Understand the performance of the car cover –  There are various features that a car cover could have, beginning with breathability. This means that it could trap heat and dispel water condensation. It also has the function of letting air circulate properly through the fabrics.

There are also car covers made to block dust that may also result to damage on your car’s paint when left for long. It is a great feature that will sustain your car’s surface. Take note that your car’s paint is around 0.01524 cm thick only.

A car cover that has a finish pampering design is also considerable. This is important to provide added protection by putting a non-abrasive material against your vehicle’s paint when being covered. There are car covers made with silk or soft lining.

Moreover, there are car covers made to resist rot or mildew. Find out if you want a long-term, dependable service. You also need to look for the best car cover for winter if you are going to park your car outside during the cold months.

3) Consider the assembly – You also have to consider how complicated the assembly of the car cover is. There are those available with custom features that may take a lot of installation time. If you do not prefer this, you should purchase one that is easily placed and removed.

4) Protect the car from theft – Car covers may be made from fabric, but these could also serve as protection from theft. There are ones made with lock and cable, which will make it harder for a thief to steal your vehicle. Remember, time is crucial for these people.

5) Consider all-season car covers – If you have the budget, you should look for a car cover that could withstand different weather conditions. For instance, you should find a car cover that could resist the negative impact of rain, sunshine, and cold weather.

6) Choose the right color – It is not simply regarding the aesthetics of your car cover, but also about paint protection. You should select a lighter hue if you will store your vehicle outdoors during the summer. Moreover, if your car has a light shade, you could keep your paint maintained with a light colored cover.

Safety Tips

Car covers are made to protect your car when parked both indoors and outdoors. However, you should also consider learning how to use it carefully to get the best out of its advantages. Truthfully, there are those that cause more damage to the car cover due to incorrect fitting and improper use.

  • Do not use a one-size-fits-all cover – It is true that a one-size-fits-all car cover could be cheaper than other ones available on the market, but it will never provide the most appropriate fit. If your vehicle is not clean, scratches may develop out of the dust or dirt trapped between the fabric and car. Alternatively, you should look for a car cover that has a bottom locking system that prevents a sneak peek of your car or wind movement.
  • Always use a car cover when parking outdoors – You should not give thieves the chance to steal your car. Remember, if your car cover has a theft protection feature, take advantage of it. This is highly necessary if you will also leave valuable items in your car.
  • Follow the standard of covering a car – It could be considered customary to always cover both bumpers as the final step of fitting the fabric. In case there are mirror pockets included in the car cover, always put these first. Having an old car to cover means doing the windows and roof first.
  • Dry the car cover first – It is recommended that you dry the car cover prior to using it on your vehicle. There are cases where this is unnecessary when the fabric is breathable and lets moisture evaporate. This type of car cover will not cause damage, particularly when the temperature is high, causing it to dry quickly.
  • Wash the cover regularly – You should not be afraid of cleaning your car cover regularly. If you could see an accumulation of dirt, you should not compromise leaving it as is and causing fabric damage. Simply follow the instructions in washing the car cover for safety.
  • Do not store a car cover when wet – You should avoid keeping your car cover wet. Also, find an area where there is no spilled solvent or gasoline that may lead to degradation of the cover’s material.
  • Keep your vehicle cool when covered – To avoid the extreme temperature increase when the vehicle is covered, lower your side windows around a couple of inches. This will allow the circulation of air. On the other hand, you may consider looking for fabrics with extra heat insulation.


Keeping these things in mind will help you choose the right car cover for you. Do not be immediately convinced by good sales talk; rather, consider the circumstances of your car storage, the environmental conditions, and other requirements you might have.

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