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Best Coping Saw Reviews For Everyone

Best Coping Saw

Having a coping saw is a must-have for handymen, especially carpenters, hobbyists, or people in general who are enthusiasts in woodworks. This tool is very helpful in wood-cutting related work.

Essentially, a coping saw is a tool that is used for cutting intricate patterns and shapes on objects, especially on materials like wood moldings. This saw’s precision is a great choice for joint-cutting. The coping saw is made up of a slim, tough steel blade that is fastened on a C-shaped frame. This is commonly attached to wooden handles, depending on the brand. Changing the direction of the cuts is easy to do because of the blade’s thinness.

This article can assist you in selecting the coping saw that is best suited to your needs. Here is a review on the best coping saws that you can purchase on the market today. This article will also include a few tips on the correct and safe use of coping saws.

Best Coping Saw Reviews

1.  Olson Saw SF63510 Coping Saw Frame

OLSON SAW SF63510 Coping Saw Frame Deluxe Coping Frame/End Screw, Original
  • This is a sturdy, professional saw that allows standard pin end coping saw blades to be tensioned at both ends
  • Blades can be turned 360 to saw in any direction- push or pull stroke
  • Hard wood handle
  • Power source type: Hand Powered

The Olson Saw SF63510 Coping Saw is the top-rated hacksaw in this review. It has gathered a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars by satisfied customers. Reviews state that this coping saw is ideal for woodcraft jobs. Also, the tension in this tool is helpful in delivering quick, clean cuts. Moreover, the adjustability of the blade’s direction enables it to suitably create curves, shapes, and other patterns when working on wood.

It is a professional-grade, durable coping saw that uses the thumb screw and handle in placing tension on the standard pin end blades. These blades are secured on both ends of the sturdy frame. This provides cutting of detailed, complex, and asymmetrical shapes while having total control over the coping saw. Generally, this tool holds the blades securely in place and is comfortable to use.

Also, the SF63510 Coping Saw is equipped with a blade that has 15 teeth per inch and a handle that is made of hardwood. This coping saw’s blades are capable of being turned 360 degrees, which is convenient for sawing in many directions. This can be done by using a push stroke or a pull stroke. The depth at which it can cut through is up to 43/4 inches.

Overall, the Olson Saw SF63510 Coping Saw is a reliable, durable tool for woodworking and other cutting jobs that require fine cuts. This saw can be bought at an inexpensive price.

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2. Robert Larson 540-2000 Coping Saw

Coping Saw
  • Country of Origin:Germany
  • Package length:7.0"
  • Package width:16.0"
  • Package height:2.0"

Next on this list is the Robert Larson 540-2000 Coping Saw. With an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, this saw has good reviews about its performance. Customers are satisfied with the overall feel that this product gives.

They describe it as a well-built saw that is comfortable to use, has an exceptional blade, and is sufficient enough to deliver clean, defined cuts. They praised it as a great, quality coping saw that is suited for detailed crafting on wood or plastic, trimming jobs and other similar tasks.

This coping saw, which is made in Germany, is of high quality. It can be tweaked to varying angles, which provides an easier approach for finishing your work quickly. With proper handling and maintenance, this tool can last for years, thus saving you the trouble of constantly purchasing new coping saws now and then.

The blade is 6 inches long while the depth of its cut reaches up to 5 inches. Also, the 540-2000’s blade’s tension can be adjusted and tightened by simply turning the handle. This will secure the blades in position and produce fine and precise cuts.

On the one hand, the saw frame accommodates the standard pins end blades. The frame is designed not only to be lightweight but also to exhibit strength and durability. Bending is not an issue for this saw.

All in all, the Robert Larson 540-2000 Coping Saw is a dependable tool that can be purchased at a reasonable price.

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3. Stanley 15-106 Coping Saw

Stanley 15-106 6-3/8-Inch Length 6-3/4-Inch Frame Depth Coping Saw
  • Mpn: 15-106
  • Country of manufacture: China
  • Manufacturer: Stanley
  • Frame coping saw for professional applications
  • Hardened, tempered edge for clean, controllable cutting action

Another exceptional product included in this article is the Stanley 15-106 Coping Saw. It has been rated with an average of 4.0 out of 5 stars in total.

Stanley is one of the famous brands in the industry of home and garage tools, keeping a reputation of having quality tools from their company. Some users bought this coping saw because of existing loyalty with the brand. Others have purchased this because it is a great saw that comes with a great price.

The coping saw offers professional-grade construction that guarantees a quality product. The blade is made up of carbon steel, measuring 6–3/8 inches. Meanwhile, the depth length is 6–3/4 inches. It has a toughened edge and a high arch that offers neat and controllable action for any cutting job.

Its handle is made of hard wood. In addition, the handles are covered with rubberized, non-slip grips on them, making them more convenient to hold while working. This provides long lasting robustness and can be used with ease.

An extra perk of having this saw is that it is supported with a restricted lifetime warranty. The company gives product warranties to the buyers who may encounter factory deficiencies or workmanship problems.

In general, the Stanley 15-106 is a basic, dependable coping saw that you can trust when it comes to small crafting projects in your workshop or at home. It does the job with smoothness and precision. Plus, it can be bought for a cost-efficient price.

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4. IRWIN Tools ProTouch Coping Saw (2014400)

IRWIN Tools ProTouch Coping Saw (2014400), Blue & Yellow
  • High-speed steel coping saw blades cut through most materials with ease
  • A Flat-Bar frame and DuraSteel pins on this coping saw provide durable use
  • This coping saw has an ergonomic ProTouch handle to give added comfort
  • 17-pt. tooth count
  • 5-1/2" frame depth and 6-1/2" blade length

Finally, the IRWIN Tools ProTouch Coping Saw (2014400) is the last item to be reviewed in this article. Overall, it has received a 3.8 out of 5 stars rating from its buyers. Similar to Stanley, the Irwin Company is also a well-known brand and manufacturer when it comes to making tools for home and work improvement.

Patrons of this brand bought this coping saw because of the reputable brand name while other customers purchased this due to its superb qualities. A number of reviews claim that this tool is a reliable and handy tool for finishing works such as trim works. Also, users like the grip of the 2014400’s handle since it does not slip when being used.

This coping saw has a blade made of steel. This provides high-speed, precision cuts, thus getting jobs done in a breeze. The number of teeth per inch on this blade is 17 points. Moreover, the length of the 2014400’s blade is 6 ½ inches while the depth of its frame is 5 ½ inches. Also, it has pins that are DuraSteel. These pins are responsible for keeping the saw blade in its place.

Also, it is equipped with a ProTouch handle that is ergonomic and triangular in design. This design provides comfort for your hands and good control on the tool when being used. On the one hand, the frame has a flat-bar design. Irwin provides a lifetime warranty for this coping saw.

Altogether, the IRWIN Tools ProTouch Coping Saw (2014400) is a decent coping saw that can assist you to accomplish your cutting jobs with ease.

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Coping Saw Buying Guide

General Reminders When Using a Coping Saw

It is necessary to regularly check on your home improvement tools. This is to ensure that they are in top shape and can still perform their tasks well. With that, proper usage of tools such as the coping saw is needed to ensure its optimum performance when used at work. Here are some tips on the correct ways of using a coping saw.

Protect Yourself Against Blade Breakage

Since the blades are narrow in size, there is a big possibility that it may snap in the long run. Therefore, always wear protective gear such as work goggles for your eyes. Additionally, remember to distance your head from your work surface. As much as possible, do not lean in closer to check on the accuracy of your work. If you are having trouble seeing the progress of your work, it is recommended to have a garage or workspace that has adequate lighting. Using a headlamp is another alternative to get a proper view on what you are cutting.

Another tip to put in mind is to avoid adjusting the blade to the point where it is over tightened. This step will avoid blade breakage. As soon as the blade is tight enough, then, it you must stop making any further adjustments.

Securely Fasten Your Work

When handling any saw of any size, it is a general rule to keep your hands out of the way of where the saw is passing through. This must be emphasized especially when using smaller saws such as a coping saw. Supporting your work with your hand is dangerous because there is  certain likelihood that you might cut your fingers with the thin, fine blade of the coping saw.

This is why it is advised to lock your work securely in place. Essentially, wearing work gloves is also important because these will shield your hands from any injuries that may occur.

Avoid Placing Too Much Pressure on the Coping Saw

Controlling the pressure is not only applicable to a coping saw but also for other saws. Placing too much force on this tool not only jeopardizes the quality of your work, but it can also cause the coping saw to snap or break, which may lead to accidents. Therefore, only use the necessary force needed and let the coping saw do the rest of the work.

Put the majority of your strength on the blade when cutting in a back and forth movement, not just in the forward motion. Likewise, do not force the saw’s blade on sharp corners, particularly when cutting hard wood. It is best to create transitional cuts to be able to give room to the blade as it turns.

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Always Secure the Blade

Before engaging in any woodwork or other cutting projects, constantly check on the blade’s installation. You can always adjust the pins or screws on the frame to tighten the blade when needed. As mentioned earlier, do not over tighten the blade as it may cause breakage. Likewise, make sure that the blade is not loose since an unfastened blade will not be able to cut properly.

Consider the Materials Being Cut

Coping saws are designed for light to moderate cutting tasks only, such as trim work. Slicing objects, which are more than an inch in thickness, will only damage the coping saw for good. If you need to cut bulkier objects, find the appropriate saw for the job.

Conduct Regular Maintenance

It is important to take note that a coping saw is equipped with thin blades, which means that these may break eventually. This is more likely in situations when the saw is being used constantly. Also, there are instances that the blades get dull or rusty. These blades can do more harm than good when working. In these cases, it is best to have spare blades for replacement, in the event of having to change a snapped, damaged, or dull blade.

Coping saws have thin metal blades that can cut intricate details into objects like wood or plastic. These are the ideal tools to use when working on small projects such as crafting jobs, trim works, crown molding, and other woodworks. This is because these can cut detailed patterns and curves that you need.

If you are planning on acquiring your own coping saw, remember that it is best to invest your money on top rated coping saws. By doing so, you will be saving an ample amount of money since you do not need to constantly purchase a coping saw every now and then. Also, if good care and maintenance is practiced, your coping saw will last for a number of years to come.

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