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best Drill holster

The drill holster is one of the most useful construction garments anyone from hobbyists to professionals can buy. It keeps your most common drilling parts close while saving your back from the need to bend down repeatedly.On the other hand, a good drill holster allows you to organize your most common tools in a way that you need. Eventually, reaching for the tool you need will be very easy.

This article is for those who are in time limit, this article we will help them to choose the suitable drill holster on the market. To get the best one, we have considered the genuine value and the quality of the available popular products.

A lot of manufacturers like  DEWALT, CLC, Tough Built, Occidental,  Black Thorn and a couple of other companies produce and bring forth some the good drill holster tool belt in the market.

We need a definite buying guide to select the best products. First and foremost we will review the best selected products.  Then we will provide a buying guide why we have selected them as best.

Here are five drill  holster  you should consider.

5 Best Drill Holster Reviews

1. MagnoGrip 002-580 Magnetic Drill Holster

MagnoGrip is one of the leading manufacturers of magnetic tool storage gear. All of their products are designed to meet the stringent requirements of pro Tradesmen,  Home Craft Enthusiasts, General Contractors and DIYers. Their magnetic drill holster is built to provide fast access to your cordless drill.

The drill holster is made of durable ballistic polyester and embedded with strategically placed magnets. Magnet provides quick and easy access to tools. The holster provides a clever solution to the annoying problem of losing your drill bits and screws when you need it most!

You can keep your organized your drill bits in 8 slots.

Highlighted Features

  • Polyester made.
  • 1 large pocket and 8 slots for storing drill bits and fasteners.
  • Left & Right Handed Design.
  • Adjustable strap for holding power drill securely in place.

2. ToughBuilt - Drill Holster

The ToughBuilt Compact Drill Holster allows the professionals to carry their drill easiest way. The patented ClipTech Hub allows the holster to clip on and off any belt.

The holster has 5 pockets and loops, including drill bit pockets and carabiner attachments loops. The rugged construction and heavy-duty rivet reinforcement make it reliable for most the rough and tough working condition.  

The holster is perfect for any electrical, electrician, construction, contractor, carpenters, framers, plumbing professional.

Highlighted Features

  • Compact size.
  • Rugged 6-Layer Construction.
  • 5 pockets and loops.
  • ClipTech hub allows to on & off on any belt.
  • Carabiner attachments loops.

3. Blackthorn TuffTec Drill Holster

The holster is made of high-quality 600D polyester which provides you the strength and flexibility. This drill holder is waterproof and tear proof.

The holster is designed with an angled position which allows optimal comfort and balance. The holder comes with an adjustable strap. The quick release buckle keeps your drill secure.

Rugged design multiple pockets and elastic loop sleeves allow organizing your drill bits and other accessories.

Highlighted Features

  • High quality polyester made.
  • Water and tear proof.
  • Water and tear proof.
  • Quick release buckle for the safety of the tools.

4. Occidental Leather 8567​​​​​​​​​​

Occidental is an American company. Their aim is to provide quality products at the most affordable price. Occidental came in the market in 1980, so they few decades of experience in this sector.  There is no doubt you will get a premium quality drill holster.

This product comes with contractor grade construction that ensures to take the pressure of holding the drill.  As the product is high quality constructed you don’t need to worry about the weight. The holder is only 8 ounces weight.

The holster assures the durability. External leather pockets allow you to keep drill bits and other miscellaneous tools. There is a twist lock system that keeps the drill’s safety from falling out of the holster.

Highlighted Features

  • Hand made tool holster.
  • check-square-o
    This holster is for right handed people.
  • USA made product.
  • Contractor grade constructed product.
  • Weight is only .5 lbs.

5. Occidental Leather 8565 Clip-On Drill Holster

From 1980 Occidental is a prominent manufacturer in the tool industry. They usually provide quality tool bag, tool belt, tool fastener bags, holsters etc.

Occidental 8565  is a bit different than 8567. 8565 has an extra tool pouch than 8567. Pockets allow you to keep drill bit int. You can keep your other tools on the pouch.

The drill holder is made of quality construction. So you don’t need to be worried about the durability of the drill holster.

You will love the belt attachment system that provides a good balance to keep the power tool handy without weighing the user down or being awkwardly positioned on the side.

Highlighted Features

  • American made drill holder.
  • Contractor grade constructed product.
  • Durable product.
  • Bag size 12" x 6.5".
  • Weight is only .95 lbs

Buying Guide For Drill Holster

While drilling with your drilling machine you need to keep your drill in a convenient place from where you can take the machine easily and you can move hassle free with the tool. In that scenario, a drill holster comes forward to helping you easily. Before going to buy a holster you need a buying guide. These are the factors to consider while purchasing a drill holster.


You must move around or climb a ladder while working with a drill. Your tool holder needs to keep with you to store your power tools safely. A quality drill holster is a well-made construct. It ensures you don’t suddenly come apart while at work.

Durability is one the prime factors for buying a holster. Look a product that is sold with heavy duty construction. Make sure that all material used in the holster is of high quality and construction is not flimsy or hastily. Meanwhile, the tool holder must look neat and capable of doing its job with credibility. 

The attached belt holster must be strong to ensure the safety and protect the stored tools from the impacts or drops. 

Light Weight

Functionality is another important consideration factor. If you buy a holster that doesn’t meet your requirement, then that is a very worse scenario to you. So consider how the holster is functional to you.

The drill holster must be designed to provide better balance to easily carry your tools. You must be able to optimize your strength with your holder system.

Reaching for your tools must be easy and quick with your tool holster. This is an important matter.

An angled designed drill holster is very good for balance to keep your drill safely. The this helps you to move your hands-free while working. There must be some convenient pockets to hold the drill bits and other accessories.

Easily Usable

Drill holder system must be easy to use. Taking the drill and putting back the drill should be easy with the holder. If there is any complicated mechanism to keep out and put back the dill it will lose your work time and you will be bored with that holder.

In few models, there is a tightening system to keep your drill safely. A buckle type closure system helps the drill from falling down from the holster. The drill holder should be attached to any tool belt or with your waist belt.

Oh yes, there must be an adjustable strap to ensure a customized fit for holding different sizes drill.The pockets should provide the easy retrieval of stored objects.

Final Words

There are lots of online stores to get a varied range of these drill holster. We suggest you read our buying guide and user reviews to know which model is suitable for you.  A good drill holster allows you to perform work smoothly, safely and efficiently.  Whichever holster you choose from the above reviews, we assure that you have made a right decision for your need.

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