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Best Tube Benders

If you are a fabricator mechanic working in the home or in a company needs to bend a tube or pipe, then you need a tube bender. A tube bending machine helps to bend a pipe in a particular angle. It makes joints and maintains the continuous flow of fluid or gas through the pipe.So finding the best tube benders is one of your prime concern for the job.

Few people try to bend a pipe/tube without any specialized tools which is very risky for the pipe. The pipe can be folded that may hinder the purpose of bending.

When you use a tube bender it will allow you to make the perfect angle every time as you need. And it will reduce the risk of damaging your pipe or tube that you are working with.

There are different types of tube benders. They have their particular use. After observing the popularity of tube benders among mechanics and engineers we have made a list of some best tubing benders that you are looking for.

Top Best Tube Bender Reviews

OTC 6515 3-in-1 180 Degree Heavy Duty Tubing Bender

This is a well-made hand bender works excellent on light steel and non-ferrous metal pipe. If you are looking for 1/4" 5/16" and 3/8" sizes of tubing, this OTC 6515 is perfect and capable of makes 180-degree bends in copper brass aluminum and steel tubing.

This tool is better suitable for bending gas line, water line, fuel pipeline or other general tubing. For bending auto brake lines this is a better choice out there. This tool is easy to use and will not mar your tubing.

This is a light bender, so if you want to work with heavier steel pipe this one does not serve you well. But for bending copper and aluminum tubing, you don’t need to be worried. It works fine with those materials.

Pros: Affordable Bender, Easy to use.

Cons: Handles are little short.

Torin T31202/TA1202 Pipe Bender

Torin T31202/TA31202 is one of the best hydraulic tubing bender that works up to 12 tons. If you need some serious piping this is a great choice comparatively low price for this type of tool.

As it is made for roughness environments, you do not need to be worried about when working. All the products are strong and well built.

You can easily adjust this bender for a large number of different angles. So you can able to work with a complex and large project with this.

Except for conduit, the tool can bend all types of pipe. It covers ½ inch to 2-inch diameter pipe up to 90-degree bends. It smoothly bends bicycle and exhaust tubing.This is one the best tubing bender for roll cages works. 

Pros: Affordable price for this types of tools. Shoes easily fit on the hydraulic ram.

Cons: A few people claim, sometimes it leaves an indentation on the pipe.

RIDGID 38048 Model 608 Heavy-Duty Pipe Bender

Rigid makes a high standard of quality, strength and endurance products. Rigid 38048, a heavy duty pipe bender is designed to offer high quality bending performance. This light weight bender works fine with stainless steel as well as other hard tubings like steel and titanium tubing.

The 2 stage designed allows you to bend from 90 degrees to 180 degrees without crossing handle. The only drawback is the bender is not made for multiple size bending. It has only ½ inch diameter capacity and it can bend 1-1/2-inch bend radius.

The product is fitted with extra-long 16inch handles which increase the leverage. Roll dies in the bending carriage helps to reduce the force that needs to bend. There is a vice clamp build into bending form adds more stability.

You can check other size Ridgid products here

Pros: Lifetime warranty, Quality products. Extra-large handle.

Cons: Fixed size tubing.

Imperial Tool 370FH Triple Header Tube Bender

The tool is USA made. It’s a good quality product. This tool allows you to work with steel tubing as well as aluminum and copper tubing. Each tubing size serves optimum bending radius and can make smoothly 180-degree bend.

The bender covers 1/16-inch,1/4-inch 3/8-inch, and ½-inch tubing. The handle is fitted with cushion grips which give you extreme comfort.

Pros: Quality product. Cushion grips for extra comfort.

Cos: Uncomforted feel while using confined area.

Hilmor 1839032 CBK Compact Bender Kit

The Hilmor compact size bender helps you to get your job done from start to finish. The product is designed for working in small space. The compact design allows the bender to fit where other tools can’t. The bender gives more power and control for smooth bends in less time.

It is featured with a ratcheting mechanism and innovative release lever which allow you to operate the bender in one hand. It comes with a briefcase shape case, everything disassembles and fits in the case and makes it easy to use.

The Bender is fitted with a universal crossbar and color-coded mandrels which allow identifying and changing the mandrel sizes easily and quickly. It covers bends of 1/4-inch, 5/16-ich, 3/8-inch,1/2-inch, 5/8-inch, 3/4-inch and 7/8-inch tubing up to 90-degrees.

Pros: Compact size, Lock system for the case. Ratcheting Mechanism with release lever.

Cons: Bit high price.

Which Bender Do You Need?

Oh yes before going to discuss this topic, we need to know that a tube bender and a pipe bender are same. You don’t need to worry about the difference.

There are different types of tube benders. Let’s look on the types usually use for tubing.

Manual benders or hand benders are the best pipe benders if you are an expert in tube or pipe bending. They work perfectly to do it yourself application, small productions run or entry level projects. When you pull the handles of the bender, you will get smooth bend you are looking for. Actually, the accuracy and the reliability of the angle depends on the operator.

If you work with a small pipe or thin pipe hand bender is perfect. But they are no suitable for large or thick wall pipe. That time pipes may be a kink.

Air Hydraulic Benders are powered by a combination of hydraulics and air. Air pressure vary from 90 PSI to 120 PSI. They have serious bending power. And they are hands-free bending. They can be auto stops and works accurately to about 0.5 degrees. In the large project, they are used frequently.

Electric hydraulic benders are powered by electric hydraulics pumps. They are faster than air hydraulic bender. You can fit them with auto stops.

Hydraulic benders (air and electric) are not usually suitable for home use. They are usually perfect for large projects. Hydraulic benders usually used for constructing roll cases and semi-structural pieces of steel.

There are another types of Bender known as spring benders. They are weakest benders and have limited use. But they are perfect with multiple bends within a short area.

Springs will take over the whole surface tension which allows you to bend the pipe to exact angle that you wish to make. For HAVC or plumbing jobs with relatively small and thin materials, spring benders are perfect tool that works for the best tube bending for you.

Choosing a bender depends on what you are looking to do as those tools do the same job but different types are used in different projects.

You need to look for two properties that a bender must have

  1. The bend tools should be able to withstand bend forces
  2. Bend tools should be designed such a shape, there is no interference between the bend tools and the part.

Bottom Line

Choose the best tube bender which is right for your application. Before going to buy a bender keep some critical information in your mind to avoid wrinkles, kinks and crushing. Those factors are material types of tube, wall thickness of the pipe, size and outside diameter of the bender.

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