Best Welding Jackets For The Money – Reviews & Buyer Guide

best Welding Jackets Reviews

Safety First !

Safety is the most important part of any industrial or hazardous work. Welding involves with lot of hazards, the most dangerous is the fire due to the sparks generated by welding. So it is very important to keep safe all the flammable things as far away as possible from the welding work. While we work with welding machine we need to protect our clothes and the body.

Welding Jacket is one the most important protective equipment for a welder. Welding Jackets are designed to protect your body form the fire, sparks, heat and spatter from the welding. If you go for welding this mighty welding jacket will secure your arms and body from the heat and spatter due to welding.

To ensure maximum protection, the welding jackets must be made of sturdy materials which make the jacket fireproof and heat proof. It is very much tough to select an effective welding jacket which is protective without being hot and uncomfortable to wear for long periods.

If you are searching a top rated welding jackets, then you are in the right place. Stay with us, you will get a complete guide to get the best jacket.

Top Welding Jackets On The Market

1. Caiman Black Boarhide welding Jacket

Pigskin leather is very effective for welding apparel. As the Caiman black is made of high quality boarhide pigskin leather, it makes the jacket comfortable and flexible to use. Usually, most of the jacket is made from cowhide. As the jacket is made of Pigskin it is 10-15% lighter than cowhide jacket. The jacket allows moving easily while working.

The Jacket offers excellent protection. Stain lined shoulder and sleeves offer maximum mobility while the back region and underarms are vented to allow for air transfer for better comfort.

The jacket has large inside pocket which allows carrying necessary small things. Another plus point is, it has reinforced at its weakest points and stitched with Kevlar thread, which increases the strength and durability of the jacket.

After all, this is one of the cool and light weight jackets on the market.


  • The jacket is made of Boarhide Garment-grade, high quality pigskin leather.
  • 10-15% lighter than cowhide made jacket.
  • Large inside pocket.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Durable jacket.
  • Satin lined shoulders and sleeves offer maximum mobility.


  • Little bit high price.
  • Tight collar.

2. Miller Jacket Pigskin Leather

This miller jacket has a very good look and fits as well. Stain lining offers smooth movements which allow the jacket to put on and taking off easily.

The Jacket is made from premium grade pigskin which is stitched with Kevlar thread to provide a high level of strength and protection. The pigskin ensures the durability of the jacket.

The jacket is featured with a flame resistant cuff around the wrist and a stand-up collar in the neck area to protect your body. The jacket is comfortable for long periods of time.
As it is a Miller product so you won’t necessarily find any other cheaper models. 


  • Durable.
  • Light weight jacket.
  • Made of premium grade Pigskin.
  • Flame resistant cuff and stand up collar.
  • Good  for  overhead welding.


  • If  you keep anything in your pocket while overhead welding, they might be burn. Be aware from this.

3. Lincoln Electric K2989 Heavy Duty Leather Welding Jacket

If anyone who is working with welding profession, he should know about LincoIn . LincoIn provides quality welding machine and gear for a long time. If you are looking for quality welding jacket then LincoIn K2989 is one of the best shirts for welding in your choice list.

This jacket really provides in terms of strength and protection for welding. This jacket is made of heavy duty cowhide leather which gives the jacket ultimate protection from welding. Flip up velcro collar and the extra lined flap behind the jacket will give you extra protection.

The jacket provides fantastic protection in every sense of the word. As a result, the jacket is excellent value for money and anyone will definitely get your money’s worth from it. 


  • Durable.
  • Quality cowhide made jacket.
  • Flip up velcro collar and sleeves for extra protection.


  • Little bit Heavy

4. Steiner 1260 Jacket

Stainer is one of the remarkable manufacturers who supply quality welding products like gloves, protective clothing etc. The company is committed to produce quality products. The products are designed to provide ultimate safety.

Steiner 1260 is lighter, durable and less expensive like other full leather made jackets. The sleeves are made of cowhide. Cowhide leather ensures comfort, durability, efficient and abrasion resistance. Used cotton in Steiner is soft, breathable, lightweight and durable. Both cowhide leather sleeves and cotton body provide flame resistance and good durability.

The stainer 1260 is designed to provide the maximum level of safety and increased the work confidence in the workplace. 


  • Light weight.
  • Durable.
  • Cowhide sleeves for more protection.
  • Used cotton provide Flame resistance  feature.


  • No lining on the sleeves.

5. Revco Bsx Welding Jacket

For light duty welder, this Revco Bsx welding jacket is a good option to choose. The jacket is light and breezy to compared to most Jacket.

If any one wants to spend long periods for doing welding, It is not perfect but it remains one the best welding jacket for the money. If you are searching a best lightweight welding jacket this Revco Bsx will be in top of the list. 


  • Affordable Price.
  • Light weight jacket.
  • Flame resistant cotton made Jacket.
  • Comfortable to wear and gives effortless mobility for work.
  • Adjustable stand-up collar to protect higher up the neck.
  • Adjustable cuff and wrist straps for a better fit


  • The coat is thick – but it is too thick on occasion
  • Uncomfortable to wear during warm weather like summer.

6. Miller Welding Jacket, Navy, Cotton/Nylon, XL Welding Jacket

Miller is one of the prominent manufacturers of welding equipment along with plasma cutters and few other accessories. Miller also makes protective equipment like the protective jacket.

Miller welding jacket is one the cheapest welding jacket. The jacket is made of leather. The cotton used in the jacket is fire proof. The jacket has inner pockets. Pocket’s inside the jacket allow you to carry soapstone and other various items.The containing buttons are metal made which allows the jacket to wear and remove easily. 

If you are searching for best welding jacket for summer this might be a good choose for you. 


  • Affordable Price
  • Lightweight welding jacket.
  • Perfect jacket for small jobs.


  • Slag and heavy spatter can still sting/burn through.
  • In summer if job is small the jacket is perfect but for Heavy duty this is not recommended

Buying Guide For Welding Jacket

As welding is a hazardous work we need proper protection from it. Welding jacket is one the most important things for welder. Before going to buy a jacket we need a clear idea how to get a good welding jacket. We need to look after few features, in this section, you will get a clear guide of those features.

Lets go to look at bellow!


The quality of the welding jacket depends on the material which makes the jacket. The better the quality of the material the better the quality of the welding jacket.

Welding jackets are usually made of several types of materials. Usually, the jacket is made of cotton, denim, and leather. Cotton made jacket is light weight and less expensive than other jackets.

But the best quality jacket is made of leather. Leather jacket gives more protection but the jackets are a little bit expensive. Usually, cowhide and pigskin leather is used to make welding jacket. Pigskin leather is more protective and expensive than cowhide welding jacket.


Before going to buy a welding jacket check the size of the jacket which fits you very well. If you don’t check the size you will feel uncomfortable while working with Jacket. Check your chest and the get the good fit jacket.


As welding is a risk work, you need to select a good welding jacket for maximum protection. Consider buying a jacket from a good brand. Usually trusted brands makes better products than other.


The last thing is, think about your maximum budget for the welding jacket. Now choose the perfect budget welding jacket from the above five welding jacket.

TshirtProfessional offers equipment for quality custom designed welding jackets. Better to try your own design if you prefer to have it as fun!

Final Verdict

Welding jackets are available in different qualities and prices. Get the welding jacket as per your required jobs and budget. No matter what welding jacket you choose, remember what we said about important factors in our buying guide section.

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