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How to cook rice in pressure cooker

How to cook rice in pressure cooker, Rice is the major food in Asia, especially in South Asian countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Burma and India, etc.Cooking rice in a pressure cooker is very straightforward. There are different types of rice like biryani, steamed rice, etc. you can find rice cooker in the market but […]

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  • Traci
  • Updated July 11, 2018

How to Cook Tender Beef in Pressure Cooker

Cooking with a pressure cooker give so may advantages that you will not be able to leave it if you are using one of the best pressure cookers available in the market. It saves a lot of energy, time and makes sure a flavorful and tasty dish. Beef is a very healthy food. There are very […]

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How to Cook Whole Chicken in Pressure Cooker

Using a pressure cooker to cook is not only time saving it produces food that has more nitration than regular cooked foods. When it comes to cooking chicken by a pressure cooker, then whole chicken is a very delicious item for any food lover. Also, if you buy a whole chicken rather than meat from […]

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Best Electric Pressure Cooker to Buy in 2018

It pays to think about what you would like your Pressure Cooker to do before you buy one.  So here I’ve put in information that might be useful for you to choose the right Pressure Cooker for yourself. I took the info from my experience while shopping for a good Pressure Cooker for Cooking.If you […]

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