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Chain Saw: How to Install a Replacement Chain and Bar?

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How to Install a Replacement Chain and Bar

People who use chain saw are well aware of the fact that they might need to remove or replace the bar and chain frequently. They know the exact process of this task. With that in mind, the bar and chain also require numerous cleaning.

In fact, some manufacturers suggest the users turning over the bar regularly to stop wearing . And interestingly, every chain saw shares a common design and replacement procedure of the bar and chain. This is why it will not be a daunting task for the users. So, let’s find out how you would be able to replace the chain and bar of a chain saw.

Things to Consider before Starting

If you are thinking of replacing your current bar with a longer one, you must check the manufacturer’s specifications. The reason is you have to be 100% sure that the saw is capable of handling the longer bar. Usually, a longer bar enhances the functionality of the saw.

At the same time, it puts a pressure on the engine to work harder. And it can burn the motor as well (in case, your saw doesn’t have the power to exist with a longer bar). When you are replacing the chain of a saw, you should remember that a similar type of chain is needed with a correct length. You just can’t replace your existing chain with an entirely different chain like – replacing a safety chain with a skip chain.

Besides, you must know that working safely is an imperative issue for every user. It doesn’t matter if you are changing the bar and chain or just cleaning the entire tool; you have to be careful of what you are doing. So, before starting, always remove the spark plug boot and wire. It will let you stop any accidental startup. And you will be able to protect your hands if you wear a pair of protective leather gloves.

Taking out the Bar and Chain

If your chain saw has a multipurpose tool, you don’t other tools to complete this task. Now, when you unscrew the nuts and remove the sprocket cover though the multipurpose tool, the bar will slip off the mounting bolts. Also, don’t forget to separate the brake because the chain has to be turned on.

Otherwise, it will be challenging to replace the cover if the brake is still on. Besides, it will be a breeze for you to lift the chain from the bar and sprocket but you must loosen the tension while turning the tensioning screw counterclockwise. You will do this with a flat-head screwdriver or with the multipurpose tool.

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Placing the New Bar and Chain

Now that the bar and chain are removed, you can clean the lubrication port. And to do this, you will need to use a small piece of wire. By cleaning, you can remove the sawdust from the sprocket and bar with a rag as well. If you want to wind down the chain with minimum effort, you can easily loosen the tensioning screw.

Once you set the bar on top of the mounting bolts and thus, you position the hole in the bar above the tensioning pin, you will wind the chain in the region of the sprocket and bar. You will do with the top chain links, which are facing the nose.

After going through these procedures, you will now support the nose with just one hand. On the other hand, you will replace the cover and tighten the nuts.

Fine-tuning the Chain Tension

In order to adjust the chain tension, you will need to turn the tensioning screw clockwise. On the other hand, you will carry on supporting the bar with one hand. Note that the screw might be accessible by the sprocket cover because it may be found on the other side, close to the engine housing.

If you see that the chain doesn’t sag, then it is absolutely correct. If you lift it from the top, it will also remain in contact with the bar. Other than this, you will be able to rotate it frequently as well. When the tension is adjusted properly, you will have to tighten the mounting nuts by a multipurpose tool (you can also use a socket wrench) to finish the procedure.

Bottom Line

To conclude, a chain saw is a useful power tool. And if you handle with care, it will bring you positive results on board. This is why it is very significant to know replacement and changing procedure of the bar and chain of the saw. The reason is it will allow you to manage this tool properly. So, follow the above guidelines and change or replace the bar and chain effectively!

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