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Choosing Between Milwaukee & Dewalt

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DeWalt vs Milwaukee

This Milwaukee vs Dewalt comparison summarizes the similarities and differences of these top pick brands. While the entirety of this article is about constructive criticism, you have to keep in mind the advantages of one model over the other, giving you the best option when it comes to these power tools.

Specialty Brands

The DeWalt and Milwaukee are major brands that offer more expensive drill designs than other manufacturers like Black & Decker, Craftsman, and Porter-Cable. Both of these brands are also designing their tools and equipment that are geared towards the professionals and the serious DIYers.

All About DeWalt

There is no doubt that DeWalt is one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of cordless drills since its establishment until today. The brand’s designs are perfect for the contractor market. Most of their cordless drills also come in multiple voltages, sizes, and weights.

Among the brand’s top product lineup is the Heavy Duty and Compact, including the lineup of lithium-ion powered models. Dewalt cordless drills are readily available online, at home centers, and in hardware stores.

All About Milwaukee

The Milwaukee brand, on the other hand, is also an industry-leader when it comes to power tools, hand tools, and accessories for professional users. Since its establishment in 1924, the company has been committed to delivering durability and performance.

It has trade-specific solutions such as the addition of Lithium-ion technology in their systems for innovative and time-saving solutions that also offer an increased productivity. The brand’s cordless drills claim to help users work smarter and faster during real job site challenges.

Drill Driver

So, is it Milwaukee or DeWalt? When it comes to the drill driver, Dewalt is a better choice without a doubt. There is no thinking twice with the Dewalt DC720KA, which is an 18-volt drill driver, featuring a compact design that weighs at only 4.8 pounds. This model offers a 2-speed gearbox, ½-inch keyless chuck, 17 clutch settings, and a variable speed trigger for a complete control over the device.

However, the Milwaukee 2410-20 M12 cordless drill driver claims to run up to 35% faster than the 25% torque of other drills. It also features an all-metal locking chuck, while delivering 275 inch-pounds of torque. It is also lightweight and compact in design with only 2.5 pounds as its overall weight.

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Hammer Drill

In the category of Milwaukee vs Dewalt hammer drill contest, the Milwaukee garners more points. This is evident in many other customer reviews, and the same thing goes with this article. The Milwaukee 2604-22 cordless hammer drill provides the maximum power and versatility in drilling through almost anything.

It is the better pick because this powerful tool features more than 725-inch pounds of torque, and not to mention, a brushless motor. It also offers a durable case and an enhanced grip, unlike other designs. It boasts the M18 Fuel battery technology, providing up to 50% longer run time, which increases battery life simultaneously. The Milwaukee 2604-22 also features an all-metal chuck for durability and optimum bit retention.

Rotary Hammer

Choosing whether a Dewalt or Milwaukee rotary hammer is also an easy decision to make. Other reviews will also indicate similar answer – the Milwaukee brand. The M18 Cordless Rotary Hammer from Milwaukee features the longest run time on a single battery.

Its great versatility is attributed to the 3 function settings, including the rotary hammer, hammer, and rotation only modes through a 3-position switch. It also has an anti-vibration as well as mechanical clutch features, making it very comfortable and easy to use for extended periods. Hence, the M18 Cordless Rotary Hammer is perfect for professionals, requiring chiseling or drilling masonry surfaces.

Which Is Which?

The Dewalt vs Milwaukee contest surely confuses a lot of probable buyers. The Milwaukee cordless drill designs claim to be perfect for maintenance technicians, DIY folks, remodelers, and contractors, considering the portability and performance of these products. The majority of Milwaukee drills also comes with LED work light, plus an improved grip technology for less slippage.

Meanwhile, the Dewalt cordless drills are very powerful, despite their lightweight designs. These products are compact enough to fit in tight spaces, making them perfect for hard-to-reach areas. Dewalt drills are ideal for both drilling and fastening applications in a vast variety of materials.

Worth-considering Features

  • Batteries – Most of the average-priced drills come with 2 batteries, allowing you to use one, while the other battery is charging. Among the brands that allow you to use Lithium cells with a number of their nickel-cad tools are Ryobi, Craftsman, and Dewalt.
    Other brands let you purchase drills and other tools without chargers and batteries, allowing you to save money as the batteries and chargers can be shared among their multiple tools. With this feature in mind, the M18 Cordless Rotary Hammer from Milwaukee is worth considering with its claim on the longest run time, compared to other drills.
  • Battery-Charge Indicator – Some models from both brands have a meter indicator of the remaining charge. The battery-charge indicator is very helpful specifically with Li-ion batteries that can be damaged if allowed to run down fully prior to charging. In this regard, Milwaukee should be offering such feature in their systems as the brand has added the Lithium-ion technology in their designs.
  • Extra Handle – While the Milwaukee tools vs Dewalt designs continue to heat up, you should also remember to consider the extra handle each brand has to offer. Some models today offer a side or second handle, allowing you to hold the unit with two hands. This capability is very helpful for counteracting twisting force, while tightening or loosening.
  • Kits – Many of the manufacturers bundle their cordless drills with other tools in a kit, which usually includes flashlights, reciprocating and circular saws, and a carrying case. Both Milwaukee and Dewalt are no exemption to this. They also offer their drills through kits that usually include batteries, chargers, and bags or cases.

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Perhaps, Dewalt vs Milwaukee cordless drills is a healthy competition between the two leading brands. But, it is an overwhelming issue among potential users as they have their own favorites. Regardless the impressive features, performance, and other claims of each brand, the decision will always boil down to the need of the buyer, and perhaps on his available budget.

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