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Circular Saw: A Short Guide to Using a Robust Tool

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circular saw using guide

We all know that a circular saw is a powerful tool. A circular saw has the ability to cut a wide range of materials such as sheet, wood, and timber materials accurately. With that said, you can equip a circular saw with different sharp blades to cut anything including bricks, wood, and concrete blocks.

In fact, you can order them in different sizes with a specific cutting depth (keep in mind that the cutting capacity is related to the blade diameter). So, you can understand that circular saw is what you need to DIY projects. Let us go through this short guide and explore how you will use a circular saw.

Different Types of Circular Saws

Worm Drive Saws

The worm drive saw possess a worm drive system with a spiral shaped design. The name of this drive owes a lot to this drive system. Likewise, every circular saw, the motor within the drive system is aligned with the blade. The weight of this drive is in between 12 pounds to 15 pounds.

Besides, the diameter of the drive ranges between six and a half inches to eight and a half inches. Typically, the motor drive of this saw features a superior power and torque. This power is enough to cut through concrete or carve up wet lumber. That is why worm drive saws are a perfect choice for renovation projects.

Furthermore, the worm drive saws are heavy compared to other types of saws. As a result, they a good choice for projects in which you do not need to hold the unit simultaneously. Additionally, the shape of the saws permits them to plunge and deep cuts in an effective manner.

This saw is equipped with a handle, which is to be found in the back position from the blade. So, the users can easily get kickback resistance and thus, they are able to control this heavy saw properly.

Sidewinder Circular Saws

The sidewinder circular saw’s motor is placed alongside the blade. This makes it a lighter option than the units do. You can maneuver and use it for longer periods as well. With that said, the size of the blade of a sidewinder circular saw ranges between five inches to ten inches or more in diameter.

Sidewinder Circular Saws
Sidewinder Circular Saws

The blade weighs in between six pounds to eleven pounds. Usually, the motor of sidewinder circular saw is positioned towards the left or right side of its blade. This is highly unlikely in worm drive saws where the motor is hidden behind the blade.

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As for the comfort level with sidewinder circular saws, you should focus more on the location of the blade. And, it is what dictates the comfort level of a sidewinder circular saw. For instance – the right-handed users must make sure that the blade is put on the left side. It the blade is on the right side (for left-handed users), it will not block the vision of the users. In short, a sidewinder circular saw is the right kind of lighter saw for cutting through concrete and plywood materials.

Trim Circular Saws

Trim circular saws are essentially suited to small-scale projects like finishing work or simple cutting works. These saws are better for cutting thin materials because they lightweight and easy-to-control. Their usual weight is between four pounds to eight pounds. The diameter of the blade ranges between 3-1/2″ to 4-1/2″.

Five Mistakes That You Must Avoid Using a Circular Saw

Most of the people commit these mistake while working a circular saw. So, you better be alert and avoid doing these mistakes –

Not Wearing the Safety attire While Working

When you are working with a circular saw, you have to wear goggles. In fact, it is mandatory for every user out there. Besides, many people wear loose clothes as they believe it will help them at work.

But, to be honest, this is one of the dumbest ideas ever. The reason is the saw can easily catch a loose cloth. In some cases, you need to take protection for your ears or respirator mask as well.

Using a not so Sharp Blade

People often use a dull blade on a circular saw, which is a big mistake. The reason is simple a dull saw puts unwanted strain on the saw as well as the operator. It might be dangerous because of the pressure that is put on it to cut through materials. Therefore, you should avoid using a dull blade on a circular saw.

Overstretching the Body

While working with a circular saw, you should not overstretch too much. The ideal scenario with a circular saw is to have a balance and stable positioning. Both of these things will allow the users to control and operate the saw properly.

Using a Wrong Blade for Different cutting surfaces

The circular saws have distinct blades for almost every cutting surface. For example – a ripping blade is perfect for cutting wood grains whereas a crosscutting blade is ideal for cutting against the grain. So, you must ensure that you are getting the right kind of blade for each cutting surface.

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Bottom Line

The bottom line is when you are using a circular saw; you should always look for the right type of circular saws. Along with this, the blade is important as it crucial to successful cutting.

If you are wrong at choosing or operating the blade of a saw, you might end up injuring yourself. So, use the above strategies and avoid making the mistakes that are stated in the article.

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