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Some Helpful Tips and the Best Way to Clean Car Windows

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Clean Car Windows

Cleaning your car especially its windows is a bit harder if you don’t really know the best way to clean car windows. It would be frustrating that after all your efforts in cleaning your windows, you can still see some streaks and water spots in them. If this ever happens to you, you really need to learn a few tips and tricks.

I am here to talk about some tips to get that ideal crystal clear window in your car after cleaning it. This is to preserve your car and to avoid accidents because of distracting stains. So, here we go.

You Must Know the Right Materials to Use


If you really want to get the best result after cleaning your car windows, use microfiber towels. Don’t ever use ordinary towels or old newspapers in wiping your windows. Car windows are delicate parts of the car. These traditional methods could leave scratches in your windows which cannot be later removed whatever cleaning you may do.

Microfibers on the other hand, can easily wipe clean stains in your car windows without leaving streaks or scratches. You should be careful however, for cheap microfiber towels can easily shed its fibers. You can read these tips from Behind the Detail website to learn what kind of microfiber towels to use for the best way to clean car windows.

Glass Cleaners

Water and lathered soap is not enough in cleaning your car windows. You must have a glass cleaner product to finish the job. Sometimes, stubborn stains may take more than just one glass cleaner. You would have to use several products to remove these stains depending on what exactly is in your window.

The number one concern about glass cleaner products is that they may contain ammonia. Although this ingredient in glass cleaner can remove greasy stains, it can however pose significant disadvantages to you and your car.

It can release unhealthy fumes and it can’t be used in tinted glasses. It can also cause the oiliness of the window when it is applied on the leather, vinyl, or rubber in the interior of your car. Read these tips from AutoGeek to learn more.

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So, be careful about these products and be sure to read the labels before actually applying them. You must also be careful about using household glass cleaners because they usually contain ammonia.

How to Properly Wipe Your Car Windows?

When it comes to doing the best way to clean car windows, having quality products are not enough to get your desired result. You must also learn how to properly wipe when washing your windows. Unmethodical wiping could form streaks in your windows.

Cleaning the Outside Window

Of course, cleaning your windows require you to wash your car first. This is to remove the excessive stains such as dirt and bugs in your windows. It would be easier to do this before you wipe your windows to avoid your microfiber towels from getting too dirty.

Spraying the right glass cleaner and using the appropriate microfiber towels, first, wipe your car windows in a vertical pattern. Carefully do an up-and-down motion and apply a little pressure when rubbing the towel to remove stubborn dirt. Then do a horizontal pattern when finishing.

Cleaning the Interior Window

This is just the same with cleaning your exterior window. Rather than doing a circular motion when wiping, it is better if you will do a vertical pattern first. Then, a side-to-side motion must be done to finish the job.

Cleaning the car Interior Window
Cleaning the car Interior Window

Always remember to clean the exterior part of the windows first when you are planning to clean your interior window especially the windshield. The common problem though, is the corners of the windshield inside the car. It’s hard to fit the cloth inside those tight spaces. The solution is to use a glass reach tool to clean those tight corners in front and back windshield. Watch CrisFix to learn more about car interior window cleaning.

How to clean water spots?

Normal glass cleaners cannot remove water spots. The solution is to use a quality glass polish product. In order to do the best way to clean car windows, you must clean your windows every now and then from water spot formations. This is to prevent the formation of future etch marks in the glass.

How about Cleaning Tinted Car Windows?

We are talking about a different business when you have to clean tinted windows. The film in these windows could be scratched easily. Again, never use glass cleaners with ammonia especially with tinted windows. You can use special polishing products or spray foam glass cleaner. Don’t scrub too hard to avoid scratches in the film. Read this tips from Your Mechanic to learn more.

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Take Good Care of Your Partner in the Road

A real driver doesn’t only care about road safety. You must also know how to properly take good care of your car. It’s the least you can do for your partner in the road. Don’t settle by traditional cleaning methods.

I hope that the tips mentioned above will help you achieve your desired results in cleaning your car windows.  Drive safe with crystal clear car windows by learning the best way to clean car windows.

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