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How to Cool Your Garage Without Spending Too Much?

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How to Cool Your Garage

With warm season posing a serious threat to the ventilation system of your garage, how to cool your garage has been one of the most challenging questions during this hot summer season.

Other houses use their garage as storage room for storing used paints, old furniture, used clothing kept in storage boxes, old appliances, and others. But when summer season comes and the temperature inside the house rises, your beloved belongings might get damaged.

If you want to keep the garage properly ventilated, here are some tips on how to cool your garage without throwing away a huge chunk of money.

Do-It-Yourself Tips on How to Cool Your Garage

  • The first thing to do is to install proper ventilation in your garage. You can have the door or any side of the garage that has access to the outside cut by slicing 2-3 rectangular holes and putting a vent on it depending on how big your garage is. Take the measurement of the hole you made and select a screen-type cover as a vent.
  • Another do-it-yourself tip on how to cool your garage is to install an exhaust fan. Slice a hole from the wall that has access from the air outside and put the exhaust fan on it. This way, warm air is being replaced by a much cooler air from outside.
  • An elevated position is the key. Wall fans or ceiling fans are proven to be most effective in exhausting warm air since hot air tends to rise up. By using wall fans or ceiling fans, the accumulated warm air near the ceiling will be replaced by a cooler air. That is why it is highly advisable to put a fan and air-conditioning units a bit higher and near the ceiling to ward off the warm air.
  • You can have an attic fan installed. This is mostly recommended for houses with big garage. Not only would it help lower down the humidity level inside your garage, it would also give you proper ventilation and air.
  • Improve the insulation system of your garage by adding easy to install thermal liners on the garage doors. Insulation can save you a lot of money on the energy bill by containing the cool air so you don’t have to use your air-conditioning unit all throughout the day. Although installing insulation is only recommended if you have a good ventilation system that keeps away warm air like air-conditioning units or air-coolers.
  • Use a medium-big sized industrial fan for big garage instead of buying air-conditioners. Industrial fans have better exhaust system than regular fans but they are cheaper in energy consumption compared to air conditioning units. Industrial fans have air circulation capacity that can keep the air cool and circulate stagnant air.
  • Get a confined space blower for additional proper ventilation especially if you are working inside a closed garage. This is most ideal for bigger garage when right ventilation is not achieved by a standard exhaust fan. Remember that proper air ventilation can help in lowering down humidity inside a garage since confine air can add up to the warm air that has accumulated inside.

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You can purchase items such as industrial fan and space blower from any Home Depot or hardware store. They are cheaper than air-conditioning units, costs less electricity consumption and its unit price is budget-friendly.

What are the Other Options on How to Cool Your Garage?

For a visual aid on Do-It-Yourself projects in installing vents on your garage, you might want to check this video by Rooster’s garage on YouTube site.

There are other lists of tips and method in which you can keep your garage cool. Most would recommend buying an air-conditioning unit for a quick fix of cooling your garage but it would also make your energy bill go up significantly. You might want to check this link to help you with what to consider in buying an air-conditioner.

To sum it all up, we have a lot of alternatives when it comes to cooling your garage, especially during summer season. Properly ventilated garage drives out the warm air and allows cool air in. Remember that the weather is seasonal and the humidity we are experiencing now changes so you might need to reconsider if it is a good investment to shell out a huge chunk of money on something that has a cheaper alternative.

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