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Creative Plate Displays

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Creative Plate Displays

I am sure most of you have seen this incredible wall of cascading china on Pinterest. It was one of my first inspirations to write about when I first began blogging.

Most of us have beautiful china that we have inherited or received as wedding gifts that are never seen except maybe once or twice a year on special occasions. What a shame to not display these works of art that have meaning to us!

A collage of plates is more visually pleasing than spreading them throughout your home in different places. If you choose to hang your plates on the wall, get creative with the design! Here are some fabulous examples of collages well done!

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When hanging plates, make templates with cardboard and play with the design before you commit! Here are two great products you can use to hang plates without making holes in your walls! They can be found at craft stores.

In addition to china cabinets, hutches, open shelves, and cabinets with glass doors, plate display racks are a wonderful and inexpensive way to display china. Plate display racks can be purchased or even built yourself if you are a DIYer.

You could even use a pallet to make a display rack!

Photo Source: Wood Pallet Projects

I couldn’t resist including this wonderful vintage display of plates and silverware! What a fabulous idea!

Source: Knick of Time Interiors

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