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25 DIY Gift Idea for Girlfriend

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DIY Gift Idea for Girlfriend

The Christmas season is the gift-giving season of the entire year, and it is fast approaching. Though you still have ample time to shop for gift items, you may want to try these creative, adorable, and DIY gifts for girlfriend. In fact, these homemade gift ideas are also perfect for birthdays and anniversaries.

Perhaps, these DIY gift ideas are the answers in bypassing those long lines in stores and malls as thousands of people are already on their crazed shopping routines. This article has compiled 25 special homemade gifts to make for your girlfriend. Have fun browsing!

1. Embellished Dishtowels

You may want to try making embellished dishtowels. These are cute things to get your girlfriend motivated, especially if she’s a ‘kitchen’ person. For the holidays, you can choose some reindeer, poinsettia, snowman, or a Christmas tree design. Otherwise, just embellish some dishtowels with her favorite flowers, colors, or patterns for a birthday gift.

2. Paint Swirl Vases

Make use of acrylic paint for this DIY gift for girlfriend project. Some types of nail polish will do well. Simply paint some existing vases or purchase a cheap one, and then start painting them with swirls of different colors that she’ll surely love. Black and white swirls will be perfect to fit any room in her house.

3. Homemade Hand Soap

Your girlfriend will surely appreciate you making some homemade hand soaps. She’ll feel very special as you took the time and effort in creating something that would pamper her. Simply browse the web for some easy and quick hand soap recipes, whether bar soaps or liquid.

4. DIY Bath Bombs

Another handmade gift for girlfriend are homemade bath bombs, which are absolutely adorable! You can use any color or consider your girlfriend’s personal preference. These bath bombs also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and scents too. Make sure to research well before making one, making it perfect and on time for her birthday or the holidays.

5. DIY Home Fragrances

DIY home fragrances are usually made from natural ingredients, ranging from fresh lemon to oranges, coconut, lavender, cinnamon, and more! Create one according to your girl’s personal taste or favorite scent. These fragrances can last for weeks as long as you do it right, and an amazing stuff to make for your girlfriend!

6. Reversible Apron

Does your girlfriend love to cook or bake? If so, then this is a cute gift for girlfriend. You can gather some old clothes or any available fabric at home, choosing her favorite color though.  You can choose a plain design on one side, and printed on the other. This will be very efficient for her as she takes time preparing some sumptuous meals for you!

7. Homemade Lip Balm

Lip balms could be self made gifts for girlfriend this upcoming Yuletide season. Your girl will surely appreciate these charming gift items, even your sister and mom will love to have one of these! Start your research work now and create your very own homemade lip balm.

8. Jar Lid Magnets

Yes, you can do jar lid magnets at home! With the right materials, you can create cute things to give to your girlfriend such as these. Photos are the most common design of these magnets, although you can choose from varieties of designs, such a Christmas theme, which is perfect for the season. You can also collect the best photos of you together, and turn them into cute jar lid magnets.

9. Homemade Laptop Clutch

Among the cute things to do for your girlfriend is a homemade laptop clutch. Surely, you can do this adorable gift item right in the comfort of your home. Just do a research work, and make sure of her laptop’s size to ensure a proper fit. An old cardigan is a cute material to use in this project.

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10. Creative Clip Board

Make clip boards more interesting, something that she’d never expect from you. So, start thinking of a certain theme, pattern, or design that she’ll surely appreciate. Others might think that clip boards are simple gift ideas for girlfriend, but by adding effort and passion to these personalized items, they will turn really fantastic on her walls!

11. Button Bookmarks

Bookmarks could come in handy and cute at the same time. By combining some colorful buttons, hairpins, paper clips, and ribbons, you can surely make your bookworm girlfriend happy. Whether for a text book, cook book, or a magazine, she’ll truly appreciate your extra effort and creativity.

12. Candy and Chocolate Bouquet

Homemade Christmas gift ideas for girlfriend also include a bouquet of candies and chocolates. Of course, you will need to buy some of her favorite sweets. Arrange them in a basket or bucket, embellished with your creative side.

13. DIY Photo Display

A DIY photo display is made of simple and cheap materials. In fact, you can gather some recyclable stuff for this project. You can also create a photo display on a board or on the wall, besides tabletop display. Make sure to put your best picture together, reminding her how much you love her.

14. Coffee Sugar Scrub

If your girlfriend is a ‘coffee’ person, then she will love to have a coffee sugar scrub! It has enticing aroma that will pamper her every bath, while thinking how romantic you were in making some scrub, especially for her. Without a doubt, scrubs are thoughtful homemade gifts, made from natural beautification ingredients.

15. DIY Lavender Candles

The smell of lavender is much-loved by every woman on Earth. Hence, there is no thinking twice if she’d love it or otherwise. Make some lavender candles at home through simple and quick recipes from the internet. You can make use of mason jars or any container of your choice!

16. Fabric Scrap Key chains

Fabric scrap key chains are adorable, despite made from mostly scrap materials. She’ll love these cute gifts and use it for many important things. These things to build for your girlfriend will serve as keepsake that she’ll cherish for a lifetime!

17. Quotes on Stones

Quotes on stones are simple, yet striking gift items. Make sure to pick the sweetest quotes on the net, or compose your own, representing your true feelings and sincerity. Gather all the stones and arrange them in a basket or any available container.

18. Wool Throw Blankets

Thoughtful gifts for your girlfriend include wool throw blankets. Be creative on this one as she might use it every night.

19. Heart-Shaped Potholders

For the Christmas season or her birthday, or your anniversary, why not make her some heart-shaped potholders? These items are amazing and useful at the same time. Show some love, even if she’s in the kitchen making you some good meals.

20. Confetti-Sprinkled Napkins

Confetti-sprinkled napkins are very cute, self made gifts for girlfriend. She can either keep them or let other people use them, boasting your romantic side to her guests. This could be the simplest, but the cutest thing that could happen to a napkin.

21. ‘Pamper Me’ in a Jar

Make her feel really special and loved by giving her a ‘Pamper Me’ in a jar gift set. Gather her most favorite beauty soaps, nail polish, lip liner, body scrub, and other beauty essentials, and arrange them in a huge jar. Although simple gift ideas for girlfriend, but will make her heart jump!

22. Golden Mugs

Mugs are very versatile items; used for beverages, pen holders, and so much more. This holidays, make your girl happy by creating some unique golden mugs made from plain white or black mugs, designed with golden dots, checkered pattern, or anything under the sun.

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23. Marbled Drinking Glasses

Marbles drinking glasses are unique, handmade gifts girlfriend for her birthday or the Christmas season. Bring out your creativity, while doing some of these cute gift items only for her.

24. Pin Cushion Jars

Pin cushion jars are very lovely, self made gifts for girlfriend. Old jars will do, but you can buy some cheap ones from second-hand or thrift shops. You can fill the jars with candies, buttons, or chocolates, giving her a multi-purpose gift item.

25. Paint-Splattered Umbrella

Among the DIY gift ideas for girlfriend is paint-splattered umbrella. While simple, it could be created with enthusiasm, and be appreciated by anyone. A black or white umbrella would be the best color to put some amazing designs and patterns.


The list of gift items is all homemade or handmade, allowing you to customize something for your girlfriend. Every item is ideal for the Christmas, her birthday, anniversary, or the Valentine’s Day, regardless the occasion may be.

DIY gift ideas for girlfriend are far more inexpensive and much-appreciated as you will spend your precious time making them. There is no need to spend on pricey jewellery sets or gadgets as you can stay romantic with some salvage items at home, turning them into lovely and useful gift ideas for all seasons.

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