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How to Ensure Safety When Doing Woodworks

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How to Ensure Safety When Doing Woodworks

Woodworking can be a fun and worthwhile hobby or profession. But unlike other hobbies, this one requires the use of power tools and machinery that can cut a person. Below are some of the tips to ensure safety when doing woodwork.


The first thing to be sure to be safe is to know what you are doing. This won’t always be possible because there will always be beginners. So if you are a newbie in the woodworking business make sure that a more experienced person is nearby to assist you in case you do not know what you are doing.

Knowledge regarding the tools of the trade, the proper body mechanics and how to use the machines is a key to staying safe. Even if you are a beginner, you can read or look up instructional videos on how to use certain tools, so you have an idea.

Safety Equipment

Another tip is to always wear protective gear. Even an experienced and professional carpenter still wears safety equipment, more so on the beginners. The most important gear is the safety glasses. Your eyes are important in this line of work, and you should be careful in always keeping them protected.

When working with wood, it is always a risk that a small piece would fly off and land in your eyes so, wearing safety goggles will ensure that your eyes are safe. Hearing protection is also important because working with machinery can get loud and you want to protect your eardrums. Similarly, the use of gloves is essential because working with wood can be rough.

Proper Attire

Another important thing is to wear appropriate clothes. Don’t wear loose clothes because they have a very high chance of snagging on something, and you might get dragged on to the machine and cut yourself or worse. A good heated jacket is also necessary for wearing off the heat. Also, wear closed shoes when you are in your workshop and avoid injury. Refer to this article for tips to buy a good pair of working shoes.

Stay Sober

This might be common sense, but it is always a good reminder to avoid alcohol and drugs when working with sharp and large objects. Woodworking and intoxication do not go hand in hand. If you are under the influence, make sure to avoid the workplace.

This is to keep yourself and your project safe. Stay out of woodworking even if you are not drunk but are hangover because there is still a chance that you will not be able to function properly and hurt yourself. Worse, you could ruin whatever woodwork you were doing.

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Changing Blades

In woodworking, you cannot avoid changing the blades on some of your tools, like the circular saws or block planes. Some of these tools do not need electricity to work, but for the power tools, be sure to unplug the wire before you change the blades.

Removing the cord from the electric source will ensure that you won’t accidentally turn on the power tool and use the blade on yourself. This will help keep your hands intact. Although you could just be wary and stay away from the power button, it is still the wisest to totally remove the tool from the power source.

Sharpen Blades

More on blades and sharp objects: Never use dull blades and bits. Not only will dull blades make your job harder, but it also poses a safety issue. You might think that a dull blade might not do damage, after all, it is dull, but you run the risk of your tool kicking-back and binding if they are not sharp enough. Blunt blades are not only a threat to your safety but also a risk to the outcome of your woodwork.

Stay Focused

Like any job in the world, staying focused is the key to staying safe. You should be aware of your surroundings and try to avoid distractions as much as possible. Turning on the radio might be a distraction you don’t need, so try not listen to music while doing woodwork.

Another is, talking with a coworker during working hours may also be a cause of distraction. If you want to be safe, then keep distractions to a minimum and focus solely on the job you are doing. This might not seem like much, but it can be the difference between saving a limb and hurting yourself when doing woodworks.

Turn Off Everything

Before the work day is done and you have to leave for home, be sure that all equipment, power tools, and machinery are turned off and unplugged. This will ensure that nobody will accidentally turn on the machines and make use of them inappropriately like cutting off an arm or a leg.

This will also help you save in electricity and being environmentally friendly is always a good thing. Follow all these tips and you can be sure that you are always safe in your working environment.

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