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Why Golf Rangefinders Are the Most Sought-After Tools for Modern Golfers?

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Why Golf Rangefinders Are the Most Sought

The Golf Laser Rangefinders are used to find the distance of a specific place from the source of the laser beam. It sends a safe laser beam to the target. The beam then bounces off the target and gets back to the range finder from where it was emitted. The time needed for this action is shown in seconds on a through-the-lens LCD display. So, let’s find out why golf rangefinders are the most popular tools for modern golfers.

What is a Golf Rangefinder?

Golf Range Finder is operated with a hand and it uses an eye-friendly laser beam to aim at the target. It helps the finder measure the distance more accurately. The construction of this device is similar to a telescope. You will see a viewfinder at one end of the golf rangefinder and the lens is placed at another corner. But there is a difference between a finder and a telescope. The difference is- in spite of having magnification capability; a finder aims to take an accurate measurement of the target it is aimed at.

An advanced circuitry is used to calculate the length of time it needs for the laser beam to reach its target and get back to its source. Thus, it becomes possible to measure the accurate distance. The effectiveness and exactness of the result will depend on the technology used by individual manufacturers. Many manufacturers produce good quality golf range finder including some world famous brands such as – Bushnell, Leupold, and Callaway (Nikon).

What are the Most Sought-after Features of a Golf Rangefinder?

Following are some of the features, which should be checked carefully to buy a decent Laser Range Finder.

  1. The Laser Rangefinder should contain a built-in technology to determine distances.
  2. It should have the capability to measure the distance to pin or objects on the course within +/- 1 meter.
  3. The golf range finder must have an easy-to-read, in-view LCD display to show the range in your choice of yards or meters.
  4. Most of them have at least 4x magnification and 20mm objective diameter. They range they offer lies between 5 to 1,000 yards.

How to Use a Golf Rangefinder Effectively?

Many manufacturers are working relentlessly to provide us with different design and styles to choose. Operating a golf range finder is straightforward because almost all of them are operated in a similar way. It is simple- turn on the golf range finder with a power button, take the reading of the distance and use the mode button to change the setting.

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Do not tee off before ensuring that the rangefinder is set up to your liking. At first, turn the rangefinder on and look through the viewfinder to locate the target. Then use the mode button to update the previous settings by switching among various options.

Most of the Golf Range Finders allow you to measure the distance in yards or meters ( as your preference) and some are equipped with extra facilities like lighting condition or reticle settings, etc. The settings should be based on your requirement and preference. It is necessary to adjust the eyepiece so that the targets remains focused and does not give you strain on the eyes during the operation.

If you are done with the settings, you will find that it is very easy. Just look through the viewfinder and aim at your target accurately. Once you take your target in the center of the crosshairs, turn on the rangefinder with the power button and take necessary measurements.

Nowadays, golf range finders are able to scan around the hole for a specific period and take a continuous reading of the target’s distance that you are scanning. The feature is activated by pressing down your finger on the power button. It provides you with a better idea of the hole and determines if you can carry or reach potential hazards like bunkers or lakes.


The golf rangefinders are effective in providing necessary distance measurements but the scoring needs to be more precise and improved. Yardage markers can be used for this purpose. They show distances to the center of the greens which is used to find out if the pin is located near the front, middle or back side of the green.

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