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How The Handy Man Uses The Air Compressor

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How The Handy Man Uses The Air Compressor

Many individuals who own air compressors do not only use them necessarily for work purposes. Some use it for fun activities and hobbies. We have outlined the top ten uses of air compressors of which some may come as a surprise and they may drive you to acquire an air compressor when you get to realize how useful they are in our day-to-day activities. The top ten uses are:

Airbrush Painting

Airbrush Painting
Airbrush Painting

This is one of the most creative reasons why many people buy the air compressors. This is mainly for customizing your vehicle, motorbike, scooter or even helmet by air brushing. For these types of activities, a light weighted air compressor would be the most appropriate.

Paintball Guns

Paintball Guns

This is another fun activity application for the air compressors. It is a homemade sort of a gun that uses light weight air compressors just like that in the bicycle pumps to apply the pressure. When you are making your paint ball gun, it is good to be careful as the pressure that is exerted by these guns may actually cause fracture. In addition to the caution when making the guns, you should always make sure that you have your safety goggles on for these activities.


For the diving gas cylinders, air is compressed and filtered for the use of breathing. In this use, there are 2 types of air compressors which are the low pressure and the high pressure. The former is used for the surface supplied diving while the latter is used for the scuba diving.

In this industry, specialists air compressors are used because of the many components that are present needed for the divers’ safety. The specifications may include, but not limited to, gas blending, heat and pressure that is needed.

Inflating Tires

This is a task that ought to be carried out as often as possible to ensure the safety of the vehicle. In recent times, the UK manufacturers have not been providing spare wheels for the new cars as people won’t or can’t repair a tyre.

In this category of use, the sizes of the air compressors vary according to the size of the vehicles. That is, the larger air compressors for large vehicles and small ones i.e. pump for small ones such as bicycles.

Pressure Washers

This will definitely turn your washing task into so much fun. However, extra cautions need to be taken such as; you should not point t to other people or pets as the pressure may cause unintended harm. Also you should not use these washers on ladders as it may throw you off balance.

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Nail/Staple gun

Since the first use of a nail gun in the year 1950, which could nail up to 60 nails per minute, the use of these nail guns has increased over years. This is used to drive nails in both the timber and stone/concrete surfaces. However, they can be dangerous if not handled with care and hands and feet injuries are common when dealing with these guns.


In this use, the air pressure compressor removes imperfection on surfaces of both metal and wood. It is advisable to check with the manufacturers on which materials to use before you start using them.

Air blow gun

This is used for cleaning dusts on the working benches and machines. For this blow gun the pressure is not as high as that in the pressure washers as it would damage the item being cleaned. As the name suggests, it’s mainly used for blowing out dust and dirt in a targeted fashion.

Air Sanders

This is used for smoothing an object and they are more preferred than the electric sanders as the latter seems to heat up and may not be used for a long period of time.


Air compressor could be used for different purposes. Therefore, you must understand what you are planning to use the machine before proceed to choose a good compressor for your need.

Do read carefully various air compressor reviews from a trusted site, posing questions on various air compressor forums and ask around for your friends’ opinions. This is quite an investment, so do your due diligence!

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