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How to Bend Rebar Effectively

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How to Bend Rebar

Rebar is a material that is very commonly used in the construction industry. Rebar is reinforced steel, and it is very strong and hardy. The manufacturers of this material ship it out in form of long rods. These rods have to be cut and shaped before being used for construction.

This material is also ideal for landscaping and art projects. This is because bent steel is very often required for in them. Contractors have to make use of special tools, skills and ingenuity to accomplish this. As a result, there are many ways to cut and bend rebar. Read on to learn the easiest way you can do this.

How to Bend Rebar Effectively?

Bend Rebar By Hand

Rebar that has a diameter of up to 1/2 inch can be cut and bent by hand. Larger sizes have to be bent using special equipment for example hydraulic shears. The first thing to do before bending rebar is wearing safety equipment.

Rebar is sharp and heavy. As such, it can easily graze you or hurt you if it falls on your foot or hand. As such, wear some protection for your eyes, shirts with long sleeves, gloves, full pants and boots with toe cap protection.

Bend Rebar By Hand
Bend Rebar By Hand

Leverage is all that you need when bending rebar. Place the piece of rebar on the ground. Ensure that you have placed it on a flat surface. Get a long metal pipe whose diameter is bigger than that of the rebar. Place the rebar into the hollow of the pipe. Stop at a point that is 6 inches away from your anticipated bend. After that, step on the rebar at a point that is 6 inches away from the point where you want the bend.

Once you have assumed this position, simply press on the rebar firmly with your foot and use your hands to raise the hollow pipe with the rebar inside. Lift it until the bar bends at an appropriate angle. If you are looking for an accurate and exact angle, you can bend the rebar just a bit each time. This will help you attain the angle you want.

Take a look at this video to visualize the process easily:

Bending Rebar by Vice and Blow torch

Another way to bend rebar is by using a vice and a blow torch. Simply use the vice to hold the piece of rebar firmly. Ensure that there is nothing else upon the work-bench around the vice. identify the spot where you want the bend and use the blow torch to heat it up.

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If the rebar is thicker than 1/2 inch, it will need a higher temperature for it to become malleable. Once the rebar is glowing red, insert one end in a pipe and use it to bend the rebar. Go about this slowly and evenly. You will be able to attain the angle that you desire. You can also use a manual rebar bender to do the job. It is a machine that assists you to bend rebar at any angle quicly and effectively.

The various tools used to cut rebar

Prior to bending it, the rebar has to be measured and cut. There are many tools and strategies that you can use to cut this material. One of the tools that are commonly used to cut rebar is a pair of bolt cutters. This is a tool that is normally used to cut through padlocks. However, it has a snapping force that is strong enough to cut through rebar too. A pair of well-maintained bolt cutters will slice through 1/2 inch rebar like a piece of butter. As such, you can use this tool to cut pieces of the rebar before you bend them.

Sometimes you want to cut many pieces of rebar quickly. To accomplish this, you can use a circular saw. This is a motorized machine that can slice through rebar in seconds. While using this tool, ensure that you fix a diamond blade to it. This keeps the cuts clean and neat.

Make sure you use a metal saw that has a sharp blade that will not get dull quickly. When using this tool, ensure that you maintain safety. The saw can slip and result in injury. As such, always wear gloves and goggles. Use a vice to hold the rebar firmly as you cut it. Also, ensure that your work-bench is clean and has no other tools or debris.

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