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How to Buy a Pocket Knife For The First Time?

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How to buy a pocket knife for the first time

A pocket knife is a useful tool to have. For a long time, people have carried pocket knife for doing the basic tasks. Though, in today’s time, carrying a pocket knife would take you to jail! But it is still a handy tool possess. In fact, many DIY lovers keep it in their toolkit. So, let’s read more and find out how you would be able to buy your first pocket knife.

What to Consider Before Buying a Pocket Knife?

Before buying a pocket knife, you should consider a few things. More specifically, you have to analyze the pros and cons of having a pocket knife. Here are a few things that you must consider before buying a pocket knife

At first, you should decide why you will need a pocket knife. If it is for cutting tags off clothing, trimming the fingernails, or for opening packages, then a small knife with one or two blades would be enough to see out these works.

But if you are a professional (like – an electrician or plumber) and want to carry a pocket knife for professional purposes, you should buy a bigger knife such as a multi-bladed pocket knife.

You would see that the most famous blade styles are – Spey, Clip, and Sheepsfoot. You can handle virtually any kind of job with these blades. As a word of advice, it would be better to choose a knife that ranges from medium to large. The reason is it will help you greatly at work. Besides, the ‘Stockman’ knife is an ideal knife for work as it contains three types of blades as well as it is a user-friendly knife.

One of the biggest considerations before buying a pocket knife would be to analyze the price. So, when you are choosing a pocket knife, check out the pricing. It would allow understand what you are getting at hand. Most of the time, a higher price doesn’t mean you will get high-quality performance. You can get a super quality performance at a cheaper rate as well.

Another important consideration is the built of the knife. You will find some knives that are not made with surgical stainless. I will suggest you to avoid them because these types of knives won’t take you anywhere. So, you should look for knives that are made with surgical stainless steel or at least built with good quality steel./p>

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Why Can You do With a Pocket Knife?

Now that we know the important considerations before buying a pocket knife, we shall move on to the next phase to know usability of a pocket knife. Here are some the things that you can do with a pocket knife


Cutting is the art of shaving off pieces of wood to make a design, instrument or shape. Now, it would be better to start with simple projects such as arrows for makeshift bows or cutting sticks into spears. When you are ready for bigger projects, you can try to make elaborate creations such as people or animals.


In order to repair or improve objects, a pocket knife can come as a handy tool. In fact, a pocket knife can easily scrape away paint, glue, rust, labels, etc. Also, it can remove burrs from metals (if it has good blades). With that in mind, a pocket knife is always a good replacement for tools that are not scissors or screwdrivers.


Building the contraptions is always a fun work to do with a pocket knife. It offers almost everything to finish this kind of project. You can do any kind of contraptions such as cutting a rope, smoothing wood, carving words or designs, sharpening sticks, etc. But you should always keep in mind that the blade must be good to do all this stuff.


In case of any accidents, a pocket knife can also come handy as a first-aid tool. For example – you can cut bandages or dresses, fashion sling, etc. With that said you can use a stainless steel pocket knife to mark a path in camping or just leave a message by carving a shape onto the soil. In fact, you can use it as a self-defense tool as well.


Aside from the above works, you can also use a pocket knife to make or prepare foods. People, who go to camping or hiking, use it to make food instantly. You can peel vegetables or foods and you can cut pieces of fish or slice cheeses or foods or breads.

To conclude, if you can buy a pocket knife properly, it can be a wonderful tool. So, make sure that you have considered all the above options before buying and use it properly to do all sorts of day-to-day work!

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