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How to Pick a Perfect Power Nailer

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How to Pick a Perfect Power Nailer

Usually, a power nailer comes with a variety of types. Each of these types has different functions with diverse usability. This is why it is important to know which type works best for what type of materials. If you take a wrong nail gun, it can easily damage the material.

And it might be the end of your project or work. In fact, you can hurt yourself badly. On the other hand, a perfectly picked nailer can help you to complete the task at hand. The way it will work is neat, clean, and efficient. Besides, a reliable power nailer will permit the contractors to install loads of nails within a few hours.

With these things in mind, a power nailer is essential for bigger projects. The reason is they can be efficient and the contractors can do other work while installing nails (it only requires one hand to install a nail). Moreover, the nailers can help the contractors to install in tight spaces whereas hammers can’t install any nails.

As said before that the power nailers have a variety of types, these are for – basic work, chair rails, framing, woodworking, crafting, crown molding, interior trims, making a deck, roofing, other wooden outdoor work, and so on.

If you buy a pneumatic nail gun, it will cost you less, but bring more profitable outcome. Now, if you are looking for a basic power nailer, you have to consider a few things. At first, what is the purpose of buying a power nailer? How big or small the place of work will be?

Almost all the contractors possess a wide range of nailers because they need specialty versions for special work. This is why you should know the exact process of selecting a power nailer. So, let’s find out a few important things that you should consider before selecting a power nailer.

Power Nailers as Professional Tools

For construction jobs, there are actually two nail guns and they are – the stick-style nail guns and the coil-style nail guns. The first type of nail guns is formed into a stick. These are inserted into oblong nail magazine. The length of these guns may vary from 20-inch to 40-inch nails.

On the other hand, the coil-style nail guns employ wired nails into the long strings. These are then stored in a round nail magazine. After that, you can load several nails at once as the magazine will roll the string of nails.

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Other than the above two types, the pneumatic nail guns are the most widely used ones. They require a steady level of air pressure. Also, their pressure is measured in PSI or pounds per square inch. It requires a specific level of pressure for different operations.

Aside from these things, the pneumatic nail guns need a volume of air for operating and this is measured in CFM or cubic feet per minute. Before using this type of nail gun, you have to ensure that the air hose is not restricted. Plus, always go for the air compressor hose that has the right size. And that offers a perfect level of performance of the gun.

All these things will provide secure operation of the nail guns. Furthermore, you also need to ensure that the PSI and CFM levels perfectly match the particular requirements, at least at an equal amount or greater. If these levels don’t match the standard, it will not perform accordingly.


We know that every power nailer has some particular features with different capacities for use. For instance – for production work, a nailer will allow you to hold down the trigger and thus, it will tap the tool to the material for driving. As a result, you can control it seamlessly.

Besides, you will find some nailers that can be activated when they are touched. But, you have to practice a lot to manage them smoothly because they work very quickly. Opposite to these nailers, there are some that permit the users to fire nail one at a time like the staple guns.


You will see that some nailers are allowing you to pre-set the specifications of the nail for a particular setting. Now, investing on these nailers might be useful. But in the long run, they are not suitable as they are for some specific tasks. Apart from this issue, when you will select a power nailer, you will choose a nail gun with a built-in exhaust ports. It will allow you to remain safe as the debris and air will shoot away from the operator and the workplace.

To conclude, when you are choosing a power nailer for your project, always consider the above factors carefully. It will help you in making a perfect decision. Therefore, you will have a strong possibility of overseeing your project successfully.

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