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How to Use a Belt Sander for the First Time?

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How to Use a Belt Sander

Many people find it hard to use a belt sander in first the place. They even think that this tool is not for me because I don’t how to operate it effectively. Usually, a belt sander is a power tool that helps in shaping and finishing different wood and other materials.

Other than this is tool might have a very aggressive action on wood and this is why most people fear using it. Extending the issue, if you are a relatively new user, you should know the basics of using a belt sander. Otherwise, you might endanger yourself while using it. So, without a further ado, let’s find out the proper way to use a belt sander.

How to Use a Belt Sander?

Before using a belt sander to smooth surface, at first, you have to ensure that your clothes don’t get in the way of the tool. Typically, the tool has a sizeable amount of torque. And if you wear loose-fitting clothes, the chances are that it might push you towards to danger. As a result, avoid wearing loose-fitting clothes. Now, you will start operating the tool by turning on the sander.

And then, you will allow the motor to pick up its full speed. After that, you should use two hands (one hand on the trigger handle and the other for holding the forward handle to maintain stability) and take the sander down with a slight motion. Keep in mind that the rear roller must get in touch with the wood first. And you will also put the remaining sander face down onto the wood.

Furthermore, the belt of the tool is able to clutch the wood and at the same time, it will drive the sander forward. This is why you have to wait patiently. Aside from this, you will need to work with the sander and the grain of the wood more. And you can’t allow it to remain on only one place. Plus, you would be better by moving the sander because it can tear through a large amount of stock very quickly.

When your work is going in full swing, you will still need to stop and check the progress. Also, if you use light pressure on the sander, you have to work in small increments. It will tear through the wood properly. Ultimately, you will be able to complete your task at hand smoothly.

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Use of Belt Sander – Stationary Sanding

People use a belt sander to clamp the sander up and down on a work table. After that, they use it as a stationary sander. This is one of the popular usages of a belt sander. Usually, stationary sanding is great for sanding small pieces.

And you can also form shapes on the edges of the wood. But the latter use is somewhat an imprecise process of using a belt sander. So, you should just clamp the tool on the table and lock the trigger into ‘ON’ position. Then just hold the piece of wood against the spinning belt for making your intended shape.

How to Change the Belt of a Belt Sander?

Before changing the belt of the sander, make sure that you have dislodged the power cord. Usually, you will see a release lever on the side of the belt sander. This lever is used to release the tension between the front and back roller. After releasing the tension, you have to slide the sanding belt off to the roller. Now, to replace the old belt just put the new belt onto the roller and release the lever while plugging in the sander.

 A Word of Advice for the Intended Buyers of Belt Sander!

When you are trying to buy a belt sander, always consider three features. The first feature is the variable speed motor. It will allow you to control the sanding belt to rotate quickly. The second one is that a belt sander must be built solidly.

It means the belt sander must feel heavy at the hands. The final feature is that it should be equipped with a dust bag (the port of the bag can optionally be connected to a dust collection system). The reason is it will keep away the sawdust from the resulting operation.

Final Thoughts

To finish off, before you start using a belt sander, you must learn to use it properly. Most importantly, you should learn how to use it safely. Remember that using a belt sander efficiently takes a lot of practice. So, learn and use the tool often. Also, try to refine your technique and soon, you will learn using the belt sander efficiently.

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