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How To Use An Air Compressor?

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How To Use An Air Compressor?

If you have not use an air compressor before, you will have a lot to learn. Luckily, I’ve found a perfect video for a very basic instruction that you could refer to.

This is a beautiful 1:43min instruction video on How to use Air Compressor by the Howcast team. Simply sum up everything you need to know for your first time around an air compressor.

How to use an Air Compressor video

If you are unable to view the video, below is the re-cap:

  1. Always have a ready safety helmet when dealing with air tools.
  2. Assemble the air compressor. Link the water hose to the regulator device
  3. Check the oil level carefully and seriously. Check the oil stage and add oil if necessary.
  4. Supply energy and examine the comfort valve. Plug the air compressor into a three-pronged, based shop. Check to make sure the program comfort device is set properly.
  5. Turn on the air compressor to push up the container and then near the container strain device.
  6. Connect a device to the water hose. Modify the compressor’s stress to the tool’s requirements and the venture you will work with. Never surpass the stress suggested by the energy tool’s producer.
  7. Turn off the air compressor and remove it. Detach the device and then the water hose when you are completed.
  8. Lastly, start the strain device to strain the water from the container. Store your machine away from the components so it will be in ideal condition in the next time you need it.

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