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Why Every House Should Have a Fountain (and Where to Place Them)?

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Why Every House Should Have a Fountain

Indoor fountains are now being installed in the homes and offices not only for the purpose of beautification but also because of the countless benefits they offer. Some of the benefits these fountains offer include:

  • Adding to the resale value of the house
    Those who wish to revamp the look of their homes before selling it off to get better bargains can make use of the various types of the indoor fountains which add value to any premise. It will enhance the appeal of any house making it appear more welcoming and expensive.
  • Reducing expense related to noise insulation
    In some areas where the effects of noise pollution are dominant and cause health complications like increased stress levels etc. the family can invest in a good indoor fountain. Not only will it drown out the sound from outdoors but will also help one de-stress by looking at the flowing water and hearing its relaxing sound.
  • Works as a humidifier
    Those homes and workplaces that have to face the problem of dry air circulation can make the most use of the indoor fountains as they add just the right amount of moisture to the air that can be absorbed by the indoor plants as well and will promote their growth. Other than that installation of an indoor fountain will curb the risks of skin diseases related with dryness in humans.
Indoor Fountain

Where to install indoor Fountains

  • The home foyers are one of the best locations to install the indoor water fountains. This will make these entryways look welcoming to the guests from the moment they step into a house. Moreover, when installed here, they will work efficiently to curb the noise from outside the house.
  • Instead of storing hardly ever used stuff under the staircase, it can be used to install an indoor fountain. A standing water feature is an ideal option for this location. It looks striking and also drowns out the sound of anyone traversing the staircase.
  • The indoor fountains can also be installed in the dining rooms so that the entire family can enjoy dinner in an ambiance similar to a revered restaurant. This will also help in creating a focal point in the house that will add to its worth.
  • Other than homes the lobbies of the commercial buildings are a great place for installing the indoor fountains. This is the reason they are often also placed in the reception area of the doctors’ offices to keep the stress levels in control while the patients and their families wait for their appointment. The sight and sound of these fountains help them relax and keep themselves composed.

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The indoor fountains are a delightful addition to any premise and can be bought at lucrative rates from the

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