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Jigsaw Vs Circular Saw – Which One to Choose?

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Jigsaw Vs Circular Saw

A power saw is an essential addition to your tool box, whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or a professional. But, what type of power saw should you buy – is it a jigsaw or circular saw? This question usually bothers the first-timers.

Keep in mind that the power saws, including the jigsaw and the circular saw, are mechanically-powered saws, comprising the other major classification of saws after the hand saws. Mechanically powered saws are powered by a direct wired electrical connection or batteries, or other sources like an internal combustion engine.

All About Jigsaw

Invented in Switzerland in 1946, the jigsaw was created by engineer Albert Kaufmann when he replaced his wife’s sewing machine’s needle with a saw blade. Today, this power tool consists of an electric motor combined with a reciprocating saw blade.

While a jigsaw falls under the category of reciprocating blade saws, it moves a blade back and forth so as to cut materials. Jigsaws can be attached to a fixed platform or can be handheld.

Features and Capabilities

The jigsaw, also known as saber saw, offers unlimited capabilities.

  • It can handle different types of cuts, usually curved cuts, once it’s equipped with the proper blade.
  • It can handle various materials, but mainly metal and wood.
  • It is a small, handheld unit with a narrow blade
  • It can easily cut 2x4s as well as other 2x boards with straightness
  • Allows you to cut shapes out of the middle of a workpiece, provided that you begin the cuts with purposefully drilled holes.
  • It will bounce all over, in spite a good guide setup, making curves and turns when cutting.
  • It can cut non-linear patterns, which have intricate cuts
  • It can create designs, which require the ability to pivot and bevel easily

Probable Projects

When it comes to the jigsaw vs circular saw contest, the jigsaw is capable of doing a variety of projects that the circular saw is not capable of doing. The following are just a few of the interesting and DIY projects that you can do at home.

  • Magazine rack
  • Dining room table DIY
  • Wooden cutting board DIY
  • Metal edge marquee
  • Plant chandelier
  • Speaker covers

All About Circular Saw

The circular saw was invented during the late 18th century. These tools were commonly seen and used in sawmills all around the United States by the mid 19th century. Through technological advancements, the modern circular saw has a single round blade, featuring sharp teeth, which spins at high speeds and is usually used for cutting wood.

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The most common type of circular saw offers a handheld style, making clean ad linear cuts. This power saw is perfect for those who are in search of a way in cutting large sheets of plywood without the need for a bigger table saw that is more expensive and requires bigger space.

Features and Capabilities

The circular saw offers a range of unique features and capabilities as opposed to the jigsaw.

  • When it comes to jigsaw vs circular saw, the former is referred to as a saber saw, while the latter is also known as a circular blade saw or buzzsaw.
  • It can be table-mounted or handheld
  • Primarily used for sawing logs and beams
  • Can be used with different blade styles and sizes
  • A circular saw vs jigsaw comparison would emphasize that the former unit is better for making long, straight cuts, either with or without a cutting guideline.
  • A wood cutting circular saw cannot use metal-cutting blades, but it works well with non-ferrous, plastic cutting blades, fine cutting blades, and plywood blades that result in super-smooth finishes.

Probable Projects

Talking about the reciprocating saw vs circular saw comparison, the circular saw is highly capable of accomplishing a wide variety of tasks and projects. The following are some suggestions and ideas you can create with a reliable circular saw.

  • DIY cabinets
  • Bird feeder plans
  • Classic wooden tool box
  • Plastic bag saver

Corded Versus Cordless Saw

While there is a dilemma on what to choose, whether a circular saw or jigsaw, there is also another – the corded or the cordless saw? This is also a famous question that most novice DIYers are asking about. For a better understanding and comparison between the varieties, it is sensible to continue reading this guideline.

A corded saw, regardless whether it is a circular saw or a jigsaw, will last for several years. The batteries in the cordless saw, on the other hand, might give out any time. But, the longevity of the battery life is now better due to the impressive features and high performance of the latest Lithium-ion technology, although all batteries should be replaced sooner or later.

For professionals who are looking for a particular tool on a daily basis, the cordless saw is a better way to go, but at least with specific tool categories. For the hobbyist, DIYer, or homeowner, the tool might only dust off as they could use their tools just a couple times in a year. So, a corded saw will give greater bang for the money. For the same bucks, those on a budget can often purchase a corded saw than a cordless variety.

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Over and above, the corded saw is more preferred by professionals in the field as it yields better bang for the money. Those going for the cordless or have already bought a cordless system should plan to expand and maintain their devices over time.

Indeed, a circular saw is perfect for cutting moldings and cutting shelves for a personalized closet storage. A jigsaw is ideal for repairing chairs with broken seats, putting laminate flooring down, and many other similar projects.

Each power saw is highly capable of accomplishing a wide variety of tasks and projects, handling different materials as well. Eventually, you might end up with both of the devices, but choosing whether to buy a jigsaw or circular saw first is a purchasing decision that depends on your current needs.

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