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Why Jigsaws are the Most Versatile Power Tool?

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Jigsaws Versatile Power Tool

Jigsaws are used for cutting curves and patterns on different materials to give them nice shape and design. They can efficiently cut different materials such as oak, plywood, PVC, aluminum or concrete board. The operator must use the appropriate blade for each application.

Generally, a jigsaw eats through the material it cuts. Jigsaws are mainly used for creating aesthetic designs and curves, which a traditional saw cannot do. It can make delicate designs on a piece of material and most of them have a beveling capacity at 450 on the left or right side or on both the sides at a time.

What can You do with a Jigsaw?

You can cut the following things with a jigsaw:


Jigsaws can be used for cutting plain wood, stencil cutting, creating artistic decoration of timber, or making a curved line in the wood. Make sure you have used the right kind of blade for the jigsaw. Unfortunately, a jigsaw is hardly used in carpentry though it is highly efficient in providing a neat finish to the material.

Besides, you have to know basic things about operating a jigsaw before touching the wood because it may end in a total wastage of the wood. Generally, a jigsaw is light and portable. Therefore, you can carry it from one place to another easily.


Jigsaws also perform well in cutting metallic materials. A blade with 21 teeth is used for this purpose because it gives a finer cut with least irregularity of cutting. It can also be used for making a hole through which a pipe passes. However, a jigsaw cannot cut a straight line on metals.

So, do not use it for this purpose because it will never satisfy your requirement. Whenever you cut a thick metal, make sure the cutting blade is also thick. It is necessary to avoid bending or sliding out the required cutting angle.

Ceramic Tiles

With the right type of jigsaw, you can cut ceramic tiles. The carbide-grit jigsaw blade is used for this purpose. It cuts the ceramic tiles evenly and helps you to find a way out for your additional waterline. You will find different types of tile cutter on the market but none of them is as efficient as a jigsaw.


If you are bored with the countertop of your kitchen or your study table has an uneven and rough surface, you must be in need of a new countertop. Jigsaws are the most useful tool, in this case, comparing to other tools. You will need a jigsaw to drill holes on the new countertop, which is done with the special down-stroke jigsaw blade. This blade is specially designed to pass through hard surfaces.

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Useful Tips for Maintaining a Jigsaw Perfectly


Carpets need a great accuracy of level cutting the edges and a jigsaw is a perfect tool for this. A special type of soft material blade is used for this purpose, which aids more accurate and exact cut. You can use the same blade for cutting leather materials. Overall, jigsaws are the most suitable tool if you need perfect cutting off a carpet or leather product.


The action of a jigsaw lasts for a short period. The factory brushes are the most durable and they last over the lifetime of that tool. If you see the brushes tending to go out, remove the motor housing immediately to reach them.


Cleanliness is essential to improve a tool’s performance and its durability. So, you must keep your jigsaw clean so that it delivers better output. If you can keep the blade guide and clamp mechanisms clean (ideally after every use), it will save a lot of your time and money required for maintenance.

Dirt or any kind of debris can take the blade out of the alignment, which prohibits the accuracy of cutting and finishing. Use a toothbrush (of any tool of similar design) to get the best reach and advantage.

Shoe or Saw Base

Keep your shoe in like-new condition. If it bends anyhow, it will affect the angle of your cut and then accuracy will not be found. If your jigsaw has dropped down and bent a little, replace the shoe with a new one. The shoe of your jigsaw may get scratches or scrapes on its surface due to that reason.

You may notice the formation of protruding edges around the holes and the deformation of the cutting surfaces. Smooth over the surface and edges with a sandpaper or scouring pad, it will keep your jigsaw safe. Most of the shoes are covered with a plastic shoe cover, especially when it is used for soft or finished wood or plastic.


Any corded power tool needs regular checking for cracks, nuts, or breaks within its surface. If you see any sign of these defects, replace it with a new cord.

Bottom Line

Do not hurry while working with a jigsaw. Give it some time to activate the blade and start working. Pushing too hard or turning too quickly may cause damage to the material.

Try to cut on the bottom of your material if possible. Cutting on the bottom is better because a blade cuts on the upstroke. Thus, you will be able to reduce the visible tear-out to the workpiece and give it an authentic finish.

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Jigsaw is an awesome tool for cutting curves or designs and it is undoubtedly more efficient than any other tools of similar category. It gives high-quality output and precise aesthetic shape to the material and there is no better replacement of a jigsaw till now. See all the best jigsaw reviews here.

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