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Jump Starters vs. Battery Chargers: Which is Best for You?

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Jump Starters vs. Battery Chargers

If you are split between the choice of choosing a battery charger and a jump starter, you have to give consideration to your purpose. Do you need to carry the device in the car for emergencies? Or do you need to charge and keep a battery charger at your home or garage?

Almost all the perfect battery chargers plug into an AC outlet to work. As a result, you can’t carry them in a car for an emergency situation. So, to help you in making the perfect decision, here some useful tips to choose which device is the ideal choice for you.

Emergency Situation

One of the biggest nightmares for you would be stranded in an isolated parking area in a rainy night with a battery that won’t start the car. What you could do in that kind of situation is that you can carry jumper cables and hoping, someone will take pity on you and permit you to jump you car off their battery.

This will be good as long as you are carrying jumper cables and most importantly, if someone in the parking lot is willing to help you. However, if you prefer not to take that risk, a jump starter is a brilliant decision. In case, you have a low battery, they are truly the batteries with built-in cables with the ability to kick off your car at any time.

It works in the same manner as jump starting the car by utilizing cables at the same time, without needing another car to furnish the battery. So, a module battery charger will not come handy for jump starting the car.

Portable Power

A lot o jump starts are equipped with inverters to change over DC energy to AC power alongside AC outlets for tablets. And DC plugs for USB devices like cell phones and MP3 players. In case, you need to have this sort of ability a Jump Starter would be a viable option as it is the best way to go.

Besides, if you are not using a jump-started for emergency situations, you can still sue some power to power devices while traveling. To put it simply, a jump starter is a battery and you have to ensure that it is plugged in properly when you are out of home or hotel.

In this way, you can make sure that you are safe in emergency situations. Keep in mind that most of the cars have battery charges and they are not portable. So, in that case, it will not be a good option for portable power.<

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Air Supply

A few jump starters are made with a built-in compressor. This compressor is capable of expanding the tires when they are low on air. But this won’t work in an emergency as in the case of a slow leak problem, you have to buy enough time to go to a nearby garage or tire shop to repair them. However, the battery chargers don’t come with air compressors.

Battery Tending

if you want to maintain the garden tractor in a proper way in the offseason or if it is the ATV, RV or motorcycle, then a battery charger is always the best option. Typically, the current battery chargers are created in a way to charge and keep up batteries in different types of vehicles.

They connect to an AC outlet and give an enduring charging current to your battery and after that, when it fully charged they keep up a full charge on the battery.

Cold Weather

If you live in an extremely cold weather, it will have an impact on the battery. It is a fact that if the car battery loses the power to start a car, a jump starter for sure would be able to start it. The reason is it is more efficient and better for a battery to use battery chargers.

It will allow you to keep the battery fully functional and charged. However, a jump starter will not work as a charger and but it will keep the battery to ward off cold weather.

My Choice? Jump Starters

After examining the above tips and scenarios, I am going to choose my side and it ‘Jump Starters.’ Yes! You heard me right! The reason is simple as a jump starter is convenient for handling different situations.

It can offer you much-needed stability and long-term assistance. Despite my admiration for jump starters, I am explaining two major reasons of choosing jump starters over battery chargers. It will help you to make a good decision.


A jump starter is a great tool that offers convenience and safety. It uses two 12-vlt DC cigarette sockets to power a 12V accessory. As a result, you can rest assure of the fact you will not be stranded in an isolated parking area. Just plug in the mobile and use it to call for assistance. It is a great feature to have, especially since it will permit you to make and receive calls without worrying.

Reliability and Versatility

Usually, a lot of jump starters have solid construction and come with easy portability features. But not all the jump starters are made with these features. So, I will suggest you not look for safety features. Instead, you should look for the overall performance of the unit.

In short, you will try to figure out whether the jump starter you are buying is reliable or not. If you ask me about my experience, I will definitely say – Yes! Jump starters are reliable and versatile enough to make you happy!

Bottom Line

I want to wrap off by emphasizing on your buying decision. Always remember that quality performance is what you need and don’t compromise while buying any kind of tool. So, when buying a product, always go for the best as it will bring you to result on board!

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