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How to Maintain Your Sump Pump Perfectly?

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How to Maintain Sump Pump

If you want to keep your basement protected from water, use a sump pump. It is the first line of defense for this purpose and it also protects the foundation of your house and maintains its structural integrity.

The maintenance of a sump pump is very easy and needs less than 10 minutes only. Make sure your sump pump is working properly and it will be there for you at the time of your need.

How to Maintain your Sump Pump Perfectly?

In order to maintain your sump pump, you need to follow some step-by-step process. Keep in mind if you go through these process accurately, your sump pump will be in tip-top condition. So, here are the step-by-step process of maintaining a sump pump.

Maintain a Cover Over the Sump Basin

A cover works great to keep children and animal away from the pump and it protects the sump basin from the falling of any debris or insect into it. It is also used to reduce the rate of evaporation and the smell.

Check for Debris

Look for any debris in the pump and remove it immediately if found any. Check if before operating the pump. Debris or any kind of foreign material are not expected to enter into the sump pump and create a blockage. So, you must find out the debris and remove it before testing the pump.

Look into Pump Screens

The inlet screens of your sump pump should be free from debris and residue build up. If they block the passage, it will decrease the smoothness of operation. Thus, it will reduce the volume of water through the pump and the overall efficiency will be reduced.

Get a hose and wash down the external of the sump pump if necessary. Check for the presence of debris in the basin and if found any, remove it as quick as possible.

Electricity and Safety

As the pump deals with both electricity and water, you must take some precautions to avoid a serious accident. Make sure the sump pump has a ground fault indicator (GFI) to remain electrically protected.

It will trip the electricity as soon as it finds any kind of fault. Check the entire operation in case there is a test facility for this.

Cable Routing

Find out the correct cable routing and check out if the cable is in good condition. The cable is supposed to be away from water.

It must be connected to the pump securely. It could be lethal or have happened in some rare cases as well. So, must check the cable connection and make sure it is safe and secured.

Examine Your Discharge Pipes

A check valve needs to be fitted to the pump so that pumped water of the discharged pumped line does not return to the sump pump. It also prevents refilling the pump with water, which was pumped once.

A check valve allows water to flow in one direction, especially in the direction out of the sump. If the valve does not work properly, the sump will start re-filing causing the pump to run more frequently.

The discharge line should be checked to find any leakage or damage there. Everything including the pumping line should be intact in a sump pump. If it is possible to see the pumped line, make sure the end is free of debris or any kind of blockage so that water can pass through it properly.

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Water Test Your Pump

At first, slowly fill the pump with water and observe how the sump pump works. This is an effective way to observe the operation of the float switch. However, you must make sure the switch rises with the water level and moves freely and easily.

Investigate the Operation of the Float Switch

If you see the float rising to the switch on point, observe the sump pump running. Try to hear the pump as well! Actually, you need to listen to the connection of the float switch and see if the switch works continuously and runs the pump properly.

The float switch is considered as one of the weak points of a sump pump. So, you must check it during the test and make sure the switch is working properly.

In case you find the switch operating unusually, replace it with a new one. It will save the money needed for buying a new sump pump.

Work with the Pump Several Times

Run the pump several times to see if it is working efficiently. The sump pump should stop pumping water when the water level is pumped down to a certain level. Then the switch is supposed to return to a resting position.

Thus, the actual thing you are doing is, checking the complete cycle of a sump pump and observing how it works and what it needs.

Bottom Line

If you are satisfied with the operation of your sump pump and its construction, you must have checked all the parts and covers.

It is recommended to check the connections of a sump pump at a specific interval to maintain good health of this device and get the best output. Check out the reviews of the best sump pump here.

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