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How to Make Perfect Cuts with a Jigsaw?

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How to Make Perfect Cuts with a Jigsaw

We all know that power tools are very important for any kind of woodworking projects. You have to realize that every tool you use is different and therefore, you have to know how to use it correctly. Consequently, most people use the seven most important power tools in their woodworking projects. If anyone were able to use them correctly, he or she would be able to further the skills to an advanced level.

Besides, of these seven power tools, the jigsaw is the one that many people cannot use accurately. The reason for this is that it is a bit complex compared to other tools. In this post, we will discuss these seven power tools in brief and most importantly, we will help you in understanding the proper ways to make accurate cuts with a jigsaw. So, let us move forward and advance our skills on power tools.

The Most Used Power Tool for Woodworking Projects

Below are the seven most used power tools for woodworking projects –

  • Jigsaw – The jigsaws are a special type of power tool that is used in different woodworking projects. This tool will allow the beginners to cut curves easily.
  • Circular Saw – The circular saw is one of the most important power tools. A circular saw is a versatile tool that is used in most of the woodworking projects. The beginners need to practice working with circular saw regularly.
  • Power Drill – The power drill is probably the most used power tool. It comes with a wide range of styles. For example – you can get corded drills or cordless drills. You can get power drills with adjustable speed and different features.
  • Random Orbital Sander – Usually, a woodworking project will require you to sand down the pieces of wood for a fine finish. In order to make this task easier, you can use a random orbital sander. In truth, a random orbital sander makes the task of sanding easy and simple.
  • Table Saw – Apart from other power tools, the table saw is a costly tool to buy. The beginners don’t need to use it until they have become an expert user of power tools. In short, a table saw is an indispensable tool for every woodworking shops.
  • Compound Miter Saw – The compound miter saw helps in cutting compound angles easily. The beginners can get by without this tool until they need to make specific cuts easily and efficiently.
  • Router – A router is a valuable power tool that most project owners use. When you are choosing a router, you must be careful because it is hard to find a quality router for use.

How to Make Perfect Cuts with Jigsaw?

In order to make perfect cuts with a jigsaw, you need advanced skills. This advanced skills will not come straightway though as you have to work and practice to make accurate cuts. So, here is how you will make perfect cuts with a jigsaw.

1. Cutting Curves

For having a plane curve in wood, you have to start pressing the base plate strongly on the workpiece. Remember that the blade of the jigsaw must be away from the edge. Now, you will switch on and take the blade along the outer part of the cutting line.

It will allow the jigsaw to move from the starting position of the curve to the inner part. When the blades are working, you do not have to put pressure. Just make sure that the blades are staying in a vertical position. In case the blades are stuck, you will need a relief cut from the outer position to remove waste materials.

2. Straight Cuts

The jigsaws are suitable for straight, beveled, and compound cuts by timber. What you need to do is holding the workpiece strongly and take it to the saw in a steady way. While doing this, you have to avoid taking the blades into the bench top. In that case, you have to use rails to elevate the workpiece.

3. Miter Cuts

In order to have miter cuts with a jigsaw, you have to use the base place to swivel by 45 degrees to the left or right side. You will need to remove the blade. Then you will loosen the screw and then just slither base plate to the cable end.

Safety Measures for Using a Jigsaw

If you want to use the jigsaw in a safe way, you have to wear a mask, especially for M.D.F boards. Besides, you need to use a dust extraction vacuum or bag for safe disposal of dust. In any case, if your jigsaw does not work, you have to check fuses or wires for faulty wiring. It will help you to identify any blown away or loose wires.

Aside from these, your jigsaw would not work if the thermal cut out have malfunctioned. In that case, you should clear the air vents and keep it unused for 10 minutes. In addition, if you are not getting straight cuts, you should check whether the blade is straight.

Plus, if the blade support is not aligned correctly, the chances are that you will not have straight cuts. So, follow the above procedures for making perfect cuts with a jigsaw and maintain your jigsaw by the aforementioned safety measures.

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