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OBD Scan Tool Manual

OBD Scan Tool Manual

We have compiled the OBD2 Scan Tool manuals for your easy reference. These manual contains important information on how your tool scanner works, what vehicles is compatible and how to best maintain the tool. Read through it carefully before using your newly bought scanner.

Do take a look at my in-depth guide for the best scanner tools on the market and how to use them properly.

Actron User Manual

Product NameManualOur Review
Actron CP9599 U-Scan OBD IIDownloadComing Soon
Actron CP9575 Auto ScannerDownloadComing Soon
Actron CP9580A Enhanced AutoScanner PlusDownloadComing Soon
Actron CP9190 Elite AutoScannerDownloadComing Soon
Actron CP9125 Pocket Scan for OBD2 VehiclesDownloadComing Soon
Actron CP9185 Elite Auto ScannerDownloadComing Soon
Actron CP9550 PocketScan PlusDownloadComing Soon

Innova User Manual

Product NameManualOur Review
INNOVA 3120 Diagnostic Scan Tool/Code ReaderDownloadComing Soon
INNOVA 3160 Diagnostic Scan ToolDownloadComing Soon
INNOVA 3150 Diagnostic Code ReaderDownloadComing Soon
INNOVA 3040 Diagnostic Scan Tool/Code ReaderDownloadComing Soon
Innova 31703 CarScan OBD2 + OBD1DownloadComing Soon
INNOVA 3123 GM Code ReaderDownloadComing Soon
INNOVA 3140 OBD2/OBD1 Scan ToolDownloadComing Soon
INNOVA 3145 Ford Digital Code ReaderDownloadComing Soon
INNOVA 3100 Diagnostic Scan Tool/Code ReaderDownloadComing Soon

Autel User Manual

Product NameManualOur Review
Autel AL301 OBDII/CAN Code ReaderDownloadComing Soon
Autel AutoLink AL619 OBD2 Scan ToolDownloadComing Soon
Autel DS708 Automotive DiagnosticDownloadComing Soon
Autel AL519 Color Screen OBDII/CAN Scan ToolDownloadComing Soon
Autel AL419 Color Screen OBDII/CAN Scan Tool with Code TipsDownloadComing Soon
Autel MD802 MaxiDiag Elite Scan ToolDownloadComing Soon

Launch Tech User Manual

Product NameManualOur Review
Launch Tech 301050116DownloadComing Soon
Launch CRP129 Diagnostic Scan ToolDownloadComing Soon

I hope you have find the OBD Scan Tool manual you need in this post. If you would like to include other manuals, drop me an email at In the mean time, check out our detailed review of the best OBD Scan Tool.

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