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Plasma Cutter 101: Everything You Need to Know about a Plasma Cutter

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Everything You Need to Know about a Plasma Cutter

The plasma cutter is one of the great technological inventions in the world, especially in the cutting metals industry. Usually, this tool is utilized for cutting different electronic conductive metals. Most importantly, it can cut various types of metals. And this is why a plasma cutter is known to be a precise tool with a greater level of accuracy.

Now, if you want to use this tool, you don’t need any pre-requisite or pre-defined skill set. It uses compressed gas with a higher level of voltage electrical arc for functioning. To put it simply, a plasma cutter is just more than just an ordinary metallic tool. It is fast, accurate, and cost-effective.

It will allow you to cut a wide variety of metals without damaging anything. So, let’s give a nod of approval and read out more to know about plasma cutter in detail.

How does Plasma Cutter Work?

During the Second World War, the plasma cutter was invented for the purpose of cutting metals properly. This tool has a unique process of working. As said before, it uses high voltage electrical arc and compressed gas for cutting a wide range of metals.

Now, the compressed gas goes though a constricted opening. And the temperature of the gas will increase once it is dislodged by an opening. As a result, it will create plasma-the fourth state of matter.

While going through the opening with a high temperature, the gas will cut the liquidated metals into any shape. Besides, the melted area in the metal will be blown off though the high temperature of the plasma.

Aside from the functional attributes, a plasma cutter has different sizes. It ranges from small to large and it also offers efficient cutting works. In fact, there are small and portable plasma cutters on the market as well. Nowadays, the plasma cutters are entirely controlled through computers. This is why they are known CNC cutting machines.

Plasma Cutter – Different Applications

As we know that a plasma cutter is a hugely popular tool, it has several important uses. These uses are listed below

For Cutting Patterns and Designs

Using a plasma cutter, you can easily make drawn-out patterns and designs on the metals. This is why many artists use this tool to make neat and clean patterns. Besides, you can also create metallic templates (you can use it further for other works) with a plasma cutter.

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For Cutting Metal Blocks in Construction Sites

If you are working on construction sites, a plasma cutter will be hugely beneficial for you. You can cut big metal blocks on site. And you don’t need to carry these big metal blocks back to the industries. This is why a plasma cutter is a popular tool among contractors and workers alike.

For Cutting Pipes

In order to cut pipes smooth, a plasma cutter would be a better solution. When you are cutting pipes with a plasma cutter, it will leave smooth ends. As a result, fixing the pipes edges would be a breeze. Due to this benefit, almost all the plumbers love using the plasma cutters.

For Attaching to CNC Equipment

Aside from just cutting metals, you can attach a plasma cutter to the CNC equipment (Computer Numerically Controlled). In truth, using the metallic cutters is always a cost-effective solution. Consequently, different industries use the plasma cutters to save time and cost.

Benefits of Using Plasma Cutter

Following are the benefits of using a plasma cutter:

  1. Basically, almost all the plasma cutters have convenient shapes and sizes. Even there are portable plasma cutters available on the market. So, it’s no wonder why people like to use a plasma cutter for cutting projects.
  2. A plasma cutter will bring immaculate precision and accuracy. You can give almost any shape to a metal by using a plasma cutter. Also, this tool is integrated with CNC machines and this makes it a more efficient tool than the others.
  3. Compared to other types of metal cutters, the plasma cutter is renowned for using less power. It is one of the biggest advantages of using a plasma cutter.
  4. A plasma cutter is a versatile tool. It is used for cutting different materials such as metals, pipes. Besides, you can use it for the fabrication of metals or you can just use to give artistic shapes.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, a plasma cutter is a better cutting tool than other conventional torches. It is capable of cutting metals at a higher speed, precisely five times higher than other tools. So, for all the above benefits and usability, a plasma cutter will always be a go-to metal cutter for cutting projects.

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