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Pressure Washer 101: Everything You Want to Know about Pressure Washer

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Pressure Washer 101

Homeowners face many problems to clean the sidewalks and driveways by their houses as they receive a lot of dirt, mud, leaves or other debris throughout a year. Their automobiles are the worst sufferers of mud, road salt, and oil. There must be a tool or something like that to clean them properly.

A garden hose can be a great monster if you transform it into a pressure washer. It will remove the dirt, mud, oil, debris and keep the surroundings clean. So, you can understand that a pressure washer will most likely help you get out of the trouble.

Let us have a peek at the article and find out why a pressure washer is a necessary tool at your home.

How do Different Pressure Washers Work?

Electric Pressure Washers

There are three different types of electrical pressure washers measured in pounds per square inch- light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty. Actually, the pressure washer pumps or washing equipment are almost same for both the electric and gas pressure washer. Rating on different pressure washer parts depends on their size. They are classified as good, better, and best.

Electric pressure washers
Electric pressure washers

Homeowners prefer electric pressure washers because they can do any kind of residential jobs. However, it has some limitations. For example, even if there is any problem in the outlet of an electric pressure washer available to the job, you have to complete it anyway.

Gas Pressure Washers

It is easy to carry the gas pressure washer, but they create a loud sound and emit harmful fumes while running. Storing the fuel in the gasoline tank is also bothersome. Gas pressure washers are also classified as light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty washers and come with powerful contractors’ model. 

Gas Pressure Washers
Gas Pressure Washers

Honda is considered as the highest-rated gas pressure washer and it has achieved better and best rating for mid-sized and large-sized capacity washers respectively.

It has all these categories in the contractor’s model. Residential users also like Ryobi pressure washer. It is a heavy-duty pressure washer (3000lbs/sq. inch is easily affordable) and provides satisfactory service.

Hot Water Pressures Washer

Hot water pressure washers are the most exciting innovation in this field. It works better than the previously mentioned washers do. It performs difficult job and clean out the dirt where nothing can do that. The heated water pressure washers are hard to find because they are still not available.

Honda is a portable and oil-fired hot water pressure washer with high capacity level. Mi-T-M has manufactured an electrically heated hot water pressure washer with high capacity on the scale.

Hot Water Pressures Washer
Hot Water Pressures Washer

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What are the major components of a pressure washer?

A high-pressure hose, an engine to drive water to the pump, a trigger gun like switch are the major components of a pressure washer. Gasoline and electricity are the main fuel for operating the engine.

The pump gets water from the connection it is connected to and the engine itself finds the pressure. The washer cannot use more than the current supply of source, so you must offer enough H2O. In case your pump is active but the water has run out, it will cause serious damage to different machine parts.

How to Repair a Pressure Washer Properly?

If you want your pressure washer work properly, the important parts of that washer must remain in good condition. When used, the dust and grime will be accumulated in different corners of a pressure washer. Keep the nozzle clean or the dirt will clog into it.

It causes more pressure than necessary and ruins the spray pattern. Parts, especially the major ones should be checked and replaced from time to time. However, do not repair it yourself and try to hire a hardware technician for this purpose.

If there is a minor problem, go to any hardware store and buy the necessary parts to start fixing. Browse on the internet and get your desired information. You will get the most effective solution to solve the problem with your pressure washer.

What Factors should you Consider Before Buying a Pressure Washer?

It is normal to get confused to choose the best pressure washer from thousands of them. It would be better to analyze the customer reviews. They will give you an idea of the best ones. Read the following points more carefully while reading the reviews online:

  • Noise: Gas motors create more noise than the electric power washers do. It is very annoying and causes auditory problems. So, check out the information on noise levels.
  • Price: The price varies depending on features and quality. It can be as high as $1000. Consider the expense of diesel and repair in case of gas pressure washers.
  • PSI: PSI can be of various types. It is dependent on your requirement. Paint stains are hard to remove. They are not as easy as cleaning a sofa!
  • Water level: You may find a term GPM while going through the customer reviews. It is the short form of Gallon per Minute. It defines the process of reaching a particular temperature by a pressure washer.

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Bottom Line

If you are thinking of buying a residential pressure system, notice if the merchant has a full line of pressure washer pumps and pressure washer parts. Check every possible part carefully to avoid unexpected repairing or replacement within few days.

It is very frustrating to get stuck at a certain point of work and wait for the replacement of that part. Read more detailed reviews of the best pressure washer here.

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