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How To Protect Your Eyes When Using Tools

Protect Your Eyes When Using Tools

There is definitely a certain satisfaction attained from completing a task yourself, rather than bringing in the professionals. When it comes to the DIY jobs at home, it is no different. However, many tales of disaster tend to accompany stories of home improvement or vehicle maintenance that went wrong when the necessary precautions were not taken.

Almost everybody has driven an axe onto their thumbnail instead of a nail at some point in their lives, perhaps while trying to put up something as simple as a picture frame. While that is undoubtedly painful, the chances are it is something you will be able to recover from easily.

Some aspects of home improvement carry more danger, however, especially when it involves more power than you can generate from a simple swing of the arm. Unless you are confident the hospital bill you incur for bodily damage will still work out cheaper than it would get a professional to do the job, it’s probably a good idea to take health and safety very seriously.

As you might expect, air tools can present a problem if measures are not taken to protect yourself, particularly your eyes. Air tools work by compressing air inside a storage tank, which is then directed out via a flexible line to power the tool. These air tools are particularly effective for removing wheel nuts when changing tires and to power pneumatic drilling and grinding tools.

Carrying out work with these tools safely is, of course, paramount. After all, what is the point in using such useful tools if you end up with permanent eye damage due to a lack of protective eyewear? Approved safety goggles are essential when using powerful tools like these because a sliver of metal flying into an eye can be very serious. For those who wear glasses each day, getting a pair of safety goggles to fit on top can prove a problem, however, larger versions to fit over spectacles are available.

Those that wear contact lenses should be aware they would afford little protection for the eyes if there were an accident. There is an alternative method of sight correction worth consideration that avoids the use of spectacles and contact lenses altogether. Lasik eye surgery corrects your sight and removes the need for anything else to be on your eyes apart from safety goggles.

Always ensure the working environment is light enough to see clearly what you are doing, and that you have enough free space to work in. DIY is meant to be a safe and enjoyable hobby so it is necessary to have a healthy respect for any type of powered tool. Take great care, wear the correct safety gear and you will avoid injury.

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