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Scroll Saw vs Band Saw

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croll Saw vs Band Saw

If you have some woodwork to do, you definitely need to have a power saw which will damage your wood. In this article, we will be looking at scroll saw vs band saw. It is usually difficult to determine which among the two specialty saws is perfect for your woodwork.

Scroll Saw vs Band Saw

Scroll saws and band saws have slight similarities. However, they are not the same. Before buying a saw to use for cutting your wood, you will need to know exactly what you would use the saw for. This is because each saw is unique in its own way and it is the intended use of the same that will guide you into concluding which saw is the best for you.

Why Use a Scroll Saw?

This saw is be considered as a specialty saw more than a band saw. This consideration is however subjective. Let’s look at its qualities and at the end of it all you will make a conclusion whether it is the power saw you would like to purchase or not.

One stunning thing with scroll saw is the wide range of capabilities it has. It also stands out with the perplexing and clean cuts it makes.

A good video showing you scroll saw in actionঃ

These saws are made for serious woodworkers and this is the reason why they have often used in wood workshops in schools and other woodworker workshops who know what they are doing as far as woodwork is concerned.

Scroll saws are often used in intricate craft items as they enable you to create amazing jigsaw puzzles and the small sculptures you commonly see in craft stores. They are however not limited to this capability only as they come with a wide range of capabilities.

When we compare scroll saw vs band saw, the former will stand out because it is handy enough to allow you as a woodworker to make accurate cuts in your whitewood. You don’t have to sand your wood as the cut is stunningly clean.

Most types of scroll saws have the capability of using a foot pedal to operate the motor. This allows your hands to handle the material you are cutting freely. This is extremely important especially when you are making very small cuts that require explicit accuracy.

Learn more about scroll saw in this in-depth buying guide.

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Why Use a Band Saw?

These specialty saws are mostly bought by earnest woodworkers or shop hobbyists who don’t take their work for granted.

These multi-purpose saws have the capacity of dealing with most common as well as specialty cuts on your wood. They give the option of cutting much larger materials than you can use ordinary saws. This is because they can be adjusted vertically.

A good video on Band Saw in action:

Frankly speaking, they cannot match scroll saws’ capabilities of cutting intricate patterns. However, their blades are in different tooth styles and widths which allow you to have a moderate amount of variations.

What should make you love band saws is the speed and accuracy they have when you are cutting your wood materials. The saws enable you to make lots of cuts in particular patterns. They are definitely the saws you should be keeping at your workshop as a serious woodworker.

Just like scroll saws, the band saws also give your hands freedom to handle the wood material you are cutting. This in turn enables you to make very accurate cuts. If you require to cut thick stocks like prepping large bowl blanks, a band saw is a perfect saw for you.


Now you know better. You will not keep on asking the questions concerning which saw is the best for you to use in your woodwork. We have analyzed the capabilities of the two specialty saws for you. Your task is now very simple: shop and buy your preferred saw.

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