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Single Stage Air Compressor – A Quick Snapshot

Single Stage Air Compressor – A Quick Snapshot

Generally, the reciprocating air compressors are divided into two categories and they are-Single-Stage Compressor and Two-Stage Compressor. What’s more, most of the typical contractors prefer the two-stage compressors whereas the DIY users always prefer the single-stage compressors because they can handle the applications that entail compressed air equal to 125 PSI.

The single-stage compressors possess one piston that compresses as well as pumps the air to its storage tank. Additionally, this air would be sent directly to the integrated storage tank, which is unlike in the two-stage compressors. Besides, the air will be compressed by the final pressure in the single-piston stroke and then this compressed air would be working as the rotation power source in favor of pneumatic tools.

Single-stage reciprocating air compressor models have built-in tanks that are small and mid-sized. In addition to this, these compressors are produced with the highest score of below 150 PSI as well as they are tailor-made for applications that don’t need extreme pressure. Apart from these facts, the single-stage oil-less air compressors are powered by direct-drive eclectic motor.

Furthermore, you will see that some single-stage compressors have two cylinders with a similar diameter. However, the compressing process of air does not depend on the number of cylinders and the air will be compressed just once.

The Ingersoll Rand P1IU-A9 is a single-stage air compressor model that is blessed with electric power and it has four-gallon twin tanks as well. The model is completely portable and this hand-carry double stack compressor is equipped with 135 PSI highest release pressure as well as 2.0 horsepower motor.

The JC10 by Rolair (Single Stage Air Compressor) proclaim that it can generate a sound level of 60 dB and this compressor is a perfect match for noise-less users. Additionally, this single-stage consumer-grade model boasts built-in 2.5 gallons tank and it has no use to heavy-duty airflow. Besides, this product can offer 2.3 CFM at 90 PSI.

Lastly, I would say that you can find several models that have diverse features as well as possess different attributes. Additionally, small shops use single-stage reciprocating air compressors that have custom features for a single-person working tool to air compressors.

Besides, the top companies manufacture the best air compressor units that have 02 to 15 HP (Horse Power) range. Therefore, choose your preferred single-stage air compressor and enjoy the service.

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