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A Storage Box for Woodworking Newbies: An Easy Tutorial

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A Storage Box for Woodworking Newbies: An Easy Tutorial

When woodworking, you’d need a tool shed to store your stools. A simple storage box would also work, what better project to start with for a newbie than a storage box for your tools and equipment. Here are the instructions to do a storage box.

Step 1: Planning and Gathering

For a project to go smooth and easy, it is best to plan everything ahead. We know what we are going to do. This article will handle how to do it, now all we need are the materials and tools that we are going to use.

The wood you need will depend on what size of storage box you plan to do, but for this tutorial we will be making an 800 mm long, 380 mm wide and 450 mm tall sized storage box. The tools we will need are saws, hand sander, drill, wood glue, tape, pencils, screws, pins, clamps, some hinges and set squares.

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

Start the process by measuring your choice of wood with the help of the measurements given above. After the marks are placed, you can start cutting the wood. Make sure to follow the measurements precisely, so your storage box will come out looking nice and straight.

You can also sand the edges so there are no rough parts and to make the corners smooth. This will help glue the pieces together easier. When the pieces of wood are cut, we can now proceed to the next step and assemble the pieces.

Step 3: Joining the Front, Back and Sides

When all is cut and prepared, you should have six pieces of wood: two for the front and back, two for the sides, one for the bottom panel and one for the lid of the storage box.

First off, we need to use wood glue to hold together the front panel and the side one. We will start with one corner first.

Get some help to hold the two pieces together. When they are aligned correctly, you can now nail the two sides together.

Do this for the other side too. Let the front, back and side panels dry completely first. Use a piece of cord or rope to tie the box together, so it wouldn’t move while drying.

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Step 4: Measuring If It’s a Square

Before we proceed to the next steps, it is better to ensure that the box is going to be perfect. It is better to do it now, before base and the cover are placed.

Using a measuring tape, measure the diagonal length of the box from one corner to the next and make sure that the two diagonal measurements are equal. If they are not equal, then your box is lopsided and it won’t come out perfectly.

Depending on the measurements that you will get, this is the time to do some damage control and smooth or sand edges to be sure that everything is equal.

Step 5: Nailing in the Bottom

When everything is nice and dry and measured, it is time to put in the bottom part of the box. Get the piece of wood for the bottom panel and glue it to the edges of the box. When the bottom is aligned to box, you can now use your hammer and nail to join the pieces of wood better.

Remove the excess glue by wiping it down with a damp cloth. Let the box dry completely. You now have a box, what’s left is just the lid for it to be complete.

Step 6: Putting on Hinges and the Cover

Now the whole box is dry from the glue, we can now put in the lid. It wouldn’t be a storage box if there is no cover so this is an essential step. Get the last piece of wood, the electric drill and some screws.

Place the piece of wood on top of the box and placing the hinge on the sides, get your drill and start screwing the hinge to the side of the lid and the side of the back panel.

Measure about 80 mm from both edges and mark them. This will be where you will screw the hinges. Check if the lid opens and closes correctly and you are almost done.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

When the box is finished and everything is smoothened out using the sander, we can now paint it. This part depends on what you like, you can paint it however you like and with whatever color you desire.

Step 8: Using the Storage

The storage box is finished and everything is perfect. You can now use it store your woodworking tools or whatever you had in mind when you started the project. Or you can make more of this, so you can store everything that is lying around in your home.

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